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Ethiopia’s is sliding towards a “civil war” under Abiy Ahmed – Aklog Birara (Dr)

April 2, 2023

I listened to Lemma Megersa’s hopeful  Interview with Barro Tube in 2019 and wondered
a), what happened in the translation since and b) why Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is incapable of uttering the same messages and mitigating risks at the most critical time in Ethiopia’s  political history. To his credit, Lemma Megersa, one of the most significant political leaders in Ethiopia today said the following:
“It is a crime to snatch lands in Addis Ababa.”
“Why not recognize that Ethiopia has other cities? It can  build other cities “
“It is a crime to change the demographics of Addis Ababa, a city of 5 million pepepe.”
“The path to justice is truth telling and equitable treatment of all citizens.”
“I do not want to witness perpetual bloodshed in the name of justice or to redress the past.”
“We have sown the seeds of hatred after hatred” and induced normalization of a culture of killing fields.”
The exact opposite is happening in Addis Ababa and the rest of Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s killing fields are expanding at an alarming rate. It has the largest IDP population in Africa. Ethiopia’s politics is more ethnically toxic today than it was before the Prime Minister took power five years ago.
Imagine what is unfolding in Ethiopia today.On April 2, 2023, a massive demonstration was held throughout the Amhara region denouncing the Prosperity Party condoned killings and ethnic cleansing of Amhara and demanding justice. This occurred on the fifth anniversary of Abiy Ahmed’s premiership.
To counter Amhara peaceful protest, the Oromo Prosperity Party organized protests in Oromia in support of the Prime Minister.
The implication is that the fight is between Amhara and Oromo..This is a most dangerous and unfortunate  development for Ethiopia that we all must combat. History will hold the Prime Minister accountable for inflaming the situation.
I do not know whether Lemma Megersa has a say in the matter. But I urge  him to come out of his shell and push more vigorously for common ground and for political sanity for which he is cited often.
 Prime Minister Abiy has a moral responsibility to understand that replacing TPLF hegemony with that of Oromo hegemony is a recipe for Ethiopia’s collapse. .
Ethiopia is in desperate need of statesmen and not tyrants.


  1. It saddens me to my heart and soul to see another stupid conflict instigated by totally stupid individuals may be in the offing. If I hear one young Amhara loses his/her Allah Blessed life for this utterly dumb reason cooked by hideous rabble rousers I’m gonna hold everyone of them(you) accountable. I mean one single Amhara young man/woman even if someone lands a soft blow on his shoulder you will be on the hook with me on that one. Those of you who send your children to schools or see your adult children working here among us but have the audacity preaching war in the old country, you must be ashamed of yourselves. What you are doing is irresponsible and savagely cruel. I will also hold the current prime minister and those around him equally responsible if they take the bait and let things go out of hand leading to another stupid and disastrous war. I urge them to start dissolving first the regional special forces right in front of them that have been proven to be a den of bigots. Then proceed to others. I ask them to stop blabbering with one inflammatory remark after another. Behave like leaders. Not only ordinary leaders but leaders of more than 120 million noble people. I repeat. I will hold the Prime Minister along with all decision making officials around him, officials of Oromia and Amhara regions and those Emperor Tewodros wannabes weaseling at some joints in the north equally responsible if a single young man/woman loses his/her Allah intricately created life in any totally avoidable conflict henceforth. I’m gonna be all over your case like a cheap 3 piece suit. I never did it but I will do it this time around by sending personal letter to the International Criminal Court at The Hague to drag your sorry asses to court. I will ask them to issue an international arrest warrant for everyone of you. I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m sick tired of you starting one destructive conflict after another. I’m sick of it!!! I am calling on my level head Amharas to join me in this and let’s call out all those who will be responsible for starting another stupid and destructive conflict. We have to remember the fact that, that gem of the colored we all call Ethiopia has references in both the Holy Scriptures of both religions as a blessed country, not only in one but in both. Some of you who claim it was referred only in one of them shows how you are irresponsible and reveals your total ignorance of the real history of that Blessed country and its noble people. So stifle for me on that one.

    • Here we go again, a rather disingenuous comment, as usual, by Ittu Aba Farda. Why don’t you call out the real culprits, the terrorists, and their leader, specifically, the phony, the criminal Prime Minister of the country, who has outed himself as tribal leader, representing or using the name of one tribe to advance and solidify his hunger for power?

      Instead of that you try to diffuse the blame, and write endless nonsense about dissolving the special forces and on, the international criminal court and so forth. You could do that right now, you have the man, Abiy Ahmed, who is directly responsible for the death and distractions of thousands upon thousands, what are you waiting for?

      In regard to the dissolution of the special forces, well, the first one that needs to be dissolved is the Oromia Special forces, where there an atmosphere of general criminality, heinous genocide and murders and total lawlessness are running rampant – all supported by the federal and regional government.

      Let is call a spade a spade, the disbanding of the special forces is nothing other than a new ploy to get the Amhara slaughtered, and their land given to the TPLF and more.

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