Ethiopians formed ring of love and compassion while Muslims offer prayers at union buildings in Pretoria

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By Getahune Bekele-South Africa
The Horn Times Breaking News 10 May 2013

Ethiopians formed ring of love and compassion while Muslims offer prayers at union buildings in Pretoria. By Getahune Bekele-South Africa
“I have never seen something like this in my life where Christians forming a ring of love around Muslims. We understand that you are not just praying for Ethiopia but also for Africa. May God bless you all.” An emotional South African public order policing unit commander told the Horn Times reporters at the union buildings after tearfully watching Ethiopian Muslims conducting Friday prayers surrounded by Christians amid the shout of Allah Waa Akbar, God is great.
Hundreds of South African curious on lookers were also deeply touched to see Christians and Muslims praying in unison and their country’s flag being hoisted by beautiful Ethiopians, and some even suggested the South African government cut all ties with the ruling minority junta in solidarity with the long suffering people of Ethiopia.
“This must be a huge blow to the ruling minority junta which has been fantasizing sectarian strife for Ethiopians. Well, that will never happen in my Ethiopia. Last week during our Easter celebrations Ethiopian Muslims formed a human shield to protect us and today it is our turn to show love and compassion.” A female Christian activist said.
It was also very emotional to the protesting crowed to see the Ethiopian Orthodox church in exile represented by most venerated monk, Komos Aba Samuel, head of the Holy Trinity Orthodox church in Johannesburg.

“We Ethiopians are always capable of making history. Today we show the world that interfaith harmony has always been our identity. Sectarian violence hit nations like Nigeria and Egypt, Pakistan, Myanmar, Iraq and China must learn that love always concur hate. We love Each other as people of the most high; today it is open for everyone to see.” A Muslim protester told the Horn Times shortly after the completion of the historic prayer.
Furthermore, The Horn Times witnessed the South African police service members, security guards of the presidential palace and staff of the presidency patiently waiting for the prayer to be concluded after the expiry of the time originally allowed for the protesters to handover the memorandum and leave the compound.
“It is up to all Ethiopians to keep the momentum until freedom returns and the minority junta surrenders power.” An ecstatic Ethiopian community association spokesman remarked as the colorful crowed march to waiting buses singing and waving goodbyes to smiling South Africans. @infohorntimes

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  1. Yes! that is the Ethiopia I grew up!! Putting our neighbors and friends first!!! Protecting and sheltering them! I am so thankful that spirit is still alive and well !!!
    This venomous locust called Weyane from the north invaded the nation and did everything to break the spirit of the people, to degrade and reduce us to selfish greedy,citizens of the lowest moral standard!
    But our people said no!! millions of times no! They paid the sacrifice, and they are still paying day by day and moment by moment !!
    Ethiopia shall prevail !!

    The God of heaven and earth shall remove the curse (Weyane) and shall heal our nation !!!

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