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Ethiopians Celebrate 126th Anniversary Of Adwa Victory

Addis Ababa

Since early in the morning hundreds of thousands of residents of Addis Ababa have flocked to Emperor Menelik Square at Piasa to attend the celebration of the 126th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa.

Many took to streets dressed in traditional outfits and colorful T-Shirts painted with Emperor Menelik and the Empress Taitu and other many Ethiopian patriots who bravely fought against the Italian invaders at the battle of Adwa.

Debre Markos

Patriots, veterans, religious leaders, high level government officials, and members of the diplomatic community have attended the celebration in the vicinity of Menelik Square at the heart of the capital.


Equestrians,  youths and students from several schools from the capital staged traditional plays depicting the march of Ethiopians towards the battle of Adwa.

Bahir Dar

Major cities and towns throughout the country have also witnessed colorful celebration of the victory day.

The Victory that Ethiopians gained over Italian invaders on March 1, 1896 at the battle of Adwa served as an inspirational phenomenon that inspired Africans, Latin Americans and others who were under operation to start global movements against colonialism and ensure their independence and freedom.


1 thought on “Ethiopians Celebrate 126th Anniversary Of Adwa Victory”

  1. The Adwa victory was the greatest ethiopian and african victory against the brutal/criminal european colonialist. It is a proud date for all ethiopians, eritreans, all africans and all colonized countries all over the world. The ethiopian leaders of the time, foot soldiers and everyday ethiopians and some eritreans who joined the ethiopian side should get a great deal of credit.
    Fast forward to present day ethiopia. At the present time ethiopia’s impotent, prostitute, incompetent, coward, sissy government handed ethiopians, eritreans, tigray people and continent of africa the greatest defeat ever in human history. Prostitute play boy Abiy allowed his mentor/master TPLF to snatch victory from the mouth of defeat. Moreover, the coward, prostitute, brainless slave boy Abiy did everything his master nasty old Biden told him to do. I am sure Biden played carrot and stick with play boy Abiy. I will give billions of birr to your oromo people and lot more to come and if you don’t do what I say, I will send special forces and snatch you out of your country, freeze all yours and colleagues’ wealth. After what is PROSPERITY PARTY WITHOUT WEALTH.
    Abiy and all prosperity party members must resign immediately. They failed miserably. They should have gone to Tigray and eliminated TPLF and bring desperately needed aid to Trigray and neighboring region’s people.

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