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ETHIOPIAN Woman leaves Amharic note before committing suicide

AN ETHIOPIAN housemaid left a handwritten note claiming she was sick and dying before hanging herself from a palm tree in Hamad Town.
Buzunesh Zarihun Tadesse was discovered by her sponsor at around 10pm on Monday.
Police later found the note in the 26-year-old’s room written in Amharic (an Ethiopian dialect).
“The maid hanged herself on a palm tree using a piece of cloth,” said Ethiopian community member G W Demmelash, who translated the note for the police.
“The incident took place at 10pm but her sponsor claims they tried to save her when they heard her screams.
“She came to Bahrain only two months ago to work as a housemaid for a Bahraini employer.”
Mr Demmelash said the note was addressed to Natu Zarihun Tadesse and said he could take whatever she had.

“We don’t know who this person is or why she wrote the name in the note,” he said.
“She is unmarried and we don’t know what her relation with the person is, but we have provided all the information to police.
“We checked her phone and she called her family a day before she killed herself.
“The reason is still unknown.”
Mr Demmelash said the maid’s family were in deep shock at her suicide and were not aware of any sickness she had before she travelled to Bahrain.
“It’s shocking to know she took an extreme step and killed herself,” he said.
“We don’t know what her problem was, but she could have spoken about it.
“Her employer is also surprised, as he didn’t expect this from her.
“He told us that she was a good worker and everyone in the family liked her.
“She was accepted in the family and used to mingle with the other maid.”
Interior Ministry officials could not be reached for comment but sources confirmed Ms Tadesse’s body had been taken to the Salmaniya Medical Complex mortuary.
Ms Tadessse is the 15th person to have committed suicide in Bahrain this year. The others include eight Indians, three Pakistanis, a Filipina, an Ethiopian and a Chinese woman.
A total of 51 people committed suicide last year.


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