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Ethiopian security detain Gobeze Sisay from Djibouti

May 6, 2023

A Federal police vehicle at Bole International Airport in Addis Abeba. Photo: Federal Police

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Addis Abeba – Ethiopian Security and Intelligence taskforce says it has detained activist and journalist Gobeze Sisay, who was listed among a dozen “wanted” individuals who the government says were suspected of committing “terrorism” related offenses.

The government claims Gobeze was collaborating with “extremist forces to dismantle the constitutional order in the Amhara region.”

On Sunday, 30 April, the government said it had detained 47 individuals suspected of being “organized covertly and have committed terrorism-related offenses.”

Among the detainees were journalists who were already detained over the past few weeks. The taskforce claimed some of the detainees were “apprehended with several individual and group weapons, bombs and incendiary explosives as well as satellite communication devices and laptops” containing various information.

Gobeze’s name was listed 11 individuals wanted by the security, including opposition politician Lidetu Ayalew and a group of media personalities from the Youtube based Ethio-360 media, based in the US. The government said it was seeking cooperation from the Interpol and was working with governments of foreign countries where the individuals were said to be based at, and to have them extradited.

In a statement sent to state media tonight, the taskforce said Gobeze was detained after he has “escaped” Ethiopia and “was about to cross to another country after entering Djibouti.”

Gobeze Sisay had previously faced criminal charges on allegations of “spreading false rumor” and disclosing the federal army’s battlefield locations “to the enemy and the public” after appearing on a Twitter Space hosted by an account called “Amhara Perspective.” But he was released by the Federal Supreme Court, which had upheld a previous ruling by the federal high court to release him on bail.

He is now facing new allegations of collaborating with “extremist forces to dismantle the constitutional order in the Amhara region.



  1. If PM Abiy’s government is genuine and even handed about controlling “terrorism”, why do they allow the main source of the problem OLA/ Shene continue to commit barbaric atrocities to innocent Amharas? Not only that, as we witnessed recently, representatives of OLA/ Shene, like professor Mohammad Hassan, freely live and work in the USA. Why marshaling interpol only in this case?

  2. Does Ethiopia has constitutional order at all? Don’t they personalities at the helm or inpower and the ruling partiy twist, change and do things as they pleased everytime and whatever convenience for them at the moment? Because in oredet to remain and effective , constitutional order should outlast from one regime to next unless it amended and revised through a consent of all stakeholer and through legal and professional framework and done it by legal experts and knowledgeable people.

  3. Those of who have been moving your jaws inciting gullible individuals like this young man, this is what you did to him. You must be ashamed of yourselves. Violence always begets more violence and senseless/fruitless bloodshed. I have been saying this to other groups of individuals who have been spewing poison from their comfy homes in Minnesota, Europe and Oceania and inciting the gullible youth in my own Oromia to take it to the bushes steeped with runaway hatred toward others. Their labor has borne fruit in killing and displacing of innocent poor peasants from their domiciles where they lived in peace and harmony with their Oromo neighbors for decades. Shame on you all! There has been no letup in your mumbling and grumbling after all these killings and displacing. I have told you all this and am gonna tell it to you again. All the basic and critical facets of the so-called commie inspired ‘national’ question have been amicably answered since 1995. I can correctly guess what you are driving at. You have been deafening me and others that Oromia is full of natural resources which have been exploited by the ‘colonizers’. I know what you mean by that. I can go by what you have been doing all along. You have exploiting the raw emotion of the gullible here in the Diaspora and use that from the bottom of the deck to benefit yourselves. I hear things. I hear things about you. You never work for a living. You have been using your smart aleck skills(if you call that a skill) to scam thousands out of their hard money to finance the medium where you regurgitate your evil diatribes. You are able to get yourself comfy homes and luxury cars without getting up at 05:00 AM to go to work but you have been urging the youth back home to join those in the bushes and lose his/her life. I can see you doing what you are best at if your dreamt up ‘republic’ comes to fruition. You gonna turn into the worst thieves that ever descended on my Oromia. I ask you this question. When was the last time you were audited? When was the last time you even reported income to your state and IRS? When was the last time your association got properly audited by a third party accounting firm? Aha, aha! To my and the whole world’s knowledge there has never been an armed liberation front that became democratic since the American War of Independence. Not one for the last 250 years. Just look around. You will never fool me on that one. Take it somewhere else! Liars, liars, liars! Your pants on fire!!!!!

  4. This drama reminds me of how TPLF made a fake movie of the body of Meles Zenawi arriving at the Airport (when in reality, the month-long dead body of Meles was already buried and they were just making a film of an empty cask). The pilots that just arrived from another flight were asked to become part of the caricature and photo shoot but they refused – which led to their firing from their jobs. Of course, TPLF used another set of flight crew for its phony “Arrival of the Body of Meles” video.

    Abiy Ahmed is a cheap and poor imitation of Meles Zenawi. He cannot even fake right. A testimony of how the TPLF destroyed the nation. God forbid! I fear to see what sort of depraved human beings Abiy Ahmed is going to create.

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