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Ethiopian Scientists in Rockville Maryland

December 14, 2022
 December 07, 202
A team of scientists from Sanaria Inc. in Rockville, Maryland published their findings on what is being named as the highest contribution to the fight against malaria. These team included two Ethiopian senior scientistsዮናስ አበበ (YONAS ABEBE)  and አለምታዬ አንዳርጌ ዮሴፍ (ALEMTAYE ANDARGE YOSSEF). Their research was published in a Journal named ‘Nature’.
Nature is a top and prestigious scientific Journal where only ground breaking result with prestigious academic merit get published. It has the highest impact score and is a life time dream for many scientists around the globe to get their work published there.
Sometimes we get caught up in Ethnic issues and forget to give spotlight to such incredible people who make an outstanding contribution and put our country name in the front lines and make history. I am honored to be an Ethiopian when I see such incredible talent and valuable contribution and we owe them a thank you and recognition.
Their findings has been named ground breaking in the fight against malaria. Malaria is responsible for more than 600,000 deaths per year, mostly in children in Africa, differentially adversely affects pregnant women on the continent, and is responsible for numerous hospitalizations and billions of dollars spent on Control and treatments.
To mention more about these two Ethiopians, ALEMTAYE has been recognized in the past February by Sanaria Inc. for her outstanding leadership and extra effort in securing research materials required for the study during covid time reaching out to various manufacturers in the country so this study is conducted without interruption. She has also been named very well organized and reliable person. YONAS also a dedicated scientist proving his contributions.
Publishing in the Nature Journal is as close as winning a noble peace prize for scientists.
Thank you and congratulations to both of them and us all Ethiopians as it is being talked around the globe. For your information and also confirmation.
Here are world class Institutions and publications talking about their research and it is sold $32 from Nature.
1. Ground News
Negusie from Maryland.


  1. Congratulations!
    It is extremely hard to get funding and support for antimalarial work. You deserve the highest accolade for your antimalarial work and accomplishments.

  2. Congratulations!!!
    I had to find and read the article as well as press release. It is an amazing work by the group and a valuable input to anti malaria research.

  3. Dear Yonas bin Abebe and Alemtaye bint Andarge,
    My family and I are madly proud of you. Now my grandchildren will have inspiring idols in you since I have told them about what you have achieved. Keep up the good work and continue making us so proud. You have proved those two bigots Satoshi Kanazawa & Richard J. Herrnstein how wrong and biased they have been about us black folks.
    Okay bigot Satoshi; read this story and eat your crow!!!

  4. Congra my fellow Ethiopians!!!
    I read the abstract. This research puts anti malaria work several steps forward and an immense contribution to the fight against malaria. Huge accomplishment! This paper deserves more spotlight and airtime.
    Fekede P. (PhD)

  5. Congratulations dear compatriots!
    I happen to know Yonas in person and he is not only an outstanding scientist but also a very humble and kind hearted person that every rational person would love to be with!
    I personally take special pride to have known you, and we as a community are grateful for your contributions not only in laboratory setting in the UD but also in the fields of Africa and Asia!
    Congratulations upon such well deserved recognition!
    Meta-Alem Sinishaw

  6. Thank you we are proud of you.It should be noted when Ethiopians are busy about ethnic politics there are some special people like you who worked hard for the betterment of mankind.

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