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Ethiopian Muslims across the globe in full cry for freedom!

July 26, 2013

The Horn Times News 26 July 2013
By Getahune Bekele-South Africa

Allah Waa Akbar…release our leaders now! The voice of millions of Ethiopian Muslims Friday 26 July 2013-Addis Ababa.
Anticipating a massive turnout in the holy month’s biggest Ethiopian Muslims demonstration in Addis Ababa and all other major cities and towns, TPLF cadres distributed pamphlets on Thursday 25 July to discourage Ethiopians from joining the protest. When that failed they placed pro-TPLF Muslims and Sheik Nuru supporters in key areas to provoke the oppressed masses but according to eye witnesses, the peaceable protesters simply ignored them and marched past the heavily armed federal police commandos shouting Allah Waa Akbar, God is great.
“The fear barrier has been effectively broken and the cry for freedom is reverberating across the vast nation.” An exited protester told the Horn Times from Merkato district of the sprawling capital. Reporters on the ground even observed Muslims of Teklehaymanot district continuing with their colorful and well-organized protest till 4pm in the afternoon.
In Agaro, Woldia, and Werabe Oumr towns multitudes of protesters demanded the unconditional release of their venerated leaders and called for the restoration of their expelled imams.
“The ruling junta has no right to banish our beloved imams and replace them with TPLF cadres. That is a blatant interference in our religious affairs. We are also demanding pro TPLF fake sheiks to vacate our mosques which they have occupied by force. The patriotic sheikdom of Ethiopia will never accept them as genuine Muslims.” Yemer Shikur, 42, a school teacher from the town of Agaro told reporters after the protest there ended peacefully at the famous Hilal mosque of Agaro.
Across the globe, 26 July 2013 was earmarked as a day of protest for exiled Ethiopian Muslims who were joined by their Christian brothers and sisters in denouncing the flagrant human rights violations committed by the ruling minority junta.
In South Africa, the turnout was more than expected for a working day protest as hundreds gathered to voice their anger at the TPLF regime’s refusal of releasing jailed Muslim leaders, political prisoners and journalists.

Let our voices be heard. Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! July 26, 2013-Johannesburg.
“I am an orthodox Christian from the holy city of Addis Alem in Ethiopia. Currently am fasting Ramadan with my country’s Muslims. It is a tradition I inherited from my late mother. That is how unique Ethiopia is; Interfaith harmony at its best. Today we are here in solidarity with our beloved Muslims.” Daniel Haile 22, a young asylum seeker tearfully told the Horn Times.
Moreover, Similar protests are expected to take place in Canada, the US, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and various other European nations in the coming ours, according to our sources in the organizing committee.

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