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Ethiopian minister resigns to preserve moral values

Ms Abdullahi had been vocal about rape and sexual violence carried out during the Tigray war.

September 27, 2021

86E29679 BD0E 4D2E A427 A744D2222231Ethiopia’s Minister for Women, Children and Youth, Filsan Abdullahi, has resigned over circumstances she says could compromise her moral values.

Ms Abdullahi’s resignation was contained in an official statement released on Monday, where she mentioned vacating her position due to personal principles.

“Any situation that compromises my ethics is contrary to my convictions and values, and betraying those beliefs is a breach of trust to myself and our citizens,” Ms Abdullahi said.

Continuing, she said, “For reasons of a personal nature that weigh heavily on my conscience, I regretfully submit my letter of resignation effective immediately.”

Though no reason was specified, Ms Abdullahi had been vocal about rape and sexual violence carried out during the Tigray war.

Her resignation comes one week before Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is set to name a new government.

In April, Financial Times reported Ms Abdullahi as saying that a task force “unfortunately established rape had taken place conclusively and without a doubt.”

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The report stated she hoped the work of bringing justice to the victims would be hastened.

In August, a report by Amnesty International revealed that Ethiopian troops and allied Eritrean forces raped hundreds of women and girls in Tigray.

Reports on the war between government forces and rebels revealed multiple instances of rape and sexual violence carried out against women and children in the region.

Many survivors reported being gang-raped for days or weeks on end while being held captive.

Several women reported having nails and gravel inserted into their vaginal chambers, “causing lasting and possibly irreparable damage.”


  1. Good for her!!! What a courageous patriot!!! Rape is the cruelest crime that can be committed on a woman. She will carry a crushing emotional scar that will haunt her until the day she dies. I don’t endorse the death penalty but I strongly believe that the perpetrators should receive one and only one verdict: Life Imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

    • Yes, all amhara militia and Eritreans who enter Tigray should face life Imprisonment. TDF is doing something ridiculous when sending these criminals freely.

      Amhara elites like habtamu , gangs in ESAT , Abel Birhanu, Yoni magna , Henok alemayehu shokakaw, last but not least the ring leader Prof alemariam living in abroad should receive the same verdict.

  2. It is not clear if Filsan’s protest over sexual violence included Tplf’s activities in the past 27 years and presently against Tigrayan and Eritrean women. If her complaint is solely against Ethiopian soldiers (which the federal gov has admitted and promised to remedy it) then Filsan Abdullahi is being hypocritical and opportunist.

  3. Tplf did this , propaganda, they couldn’t fight so the got international help, they say anything that sticks. Yes wat doesn’t have flowers it does many harms. Show me one war that was fought without crimes? Tplf and Tigray people did this to themselves period. They thought they were brave . We were in mekele they cry foul and our arm forces trusted Tigray they are poison they ambushed them the world food program helped tplf. Tigray people living in many part of Ethiopians were instigating ethnic violent when the war started the rich tplf relatives over seas the Tigray people living in many part of Ethiopia helped tplf, we ejected them out they could not win the war, we remember what they did when they came to us they played their ethnic names and the same Ethnic game messed them up. So Tigray people tplf are the same period. We will never separate them. To win and preserve our country we must see them the same. Today tplf can’t move anywhere it is because we reject person like her. She’d tplf Sympathizer she don’t care about Ethiopia she read tplf made up history. We Ethiopians will win. We will burn everything tplf
    Made from
    Books to online fake histories . We are working on facial Recognition on our airports abs borders to find every tesadabeee tplf and others who are on social media insulting Ethiopia . When that happens Ethiopians will live in peace I personally will take the job I will never let them see Ethiopia. You can’t play enemy and show up in our country we will deport instigators tplf relatives sympathizers .until then we are saving photos and video with Identifications.

  4. To be fair, praise for her if she is referring to the wrongdoings of all sides including Eritreans plus the crimes committed by thecTPLF thugs in the last 28 years., If not, I wont say she is sympathizers to any particular party but I suspect she was carried away with simple emotions but she should have overcome and carried her duty by pursuing justice and lother legal instruments forvalleged victims. Besides. The process of these types of crimes takes for years and land multi players and technicalities. .

  5. I mean if Fllsan thought whatever human rights and social issues she studied and read in a peaceful Univrrsity compus in England are readily applicable in here and in other third world overnight she is seriously mistaken. Countless girls were violated and numerous families were victimized in the Somali Region by the Woyane and their minions of the likes of Abdi Ilay over decades. Where is preps and justice for these victims ? Go figure!

  6. Quitting is cowardly. Why didn’t she stay in office and be a champion in bringing the perpetrators to justice. Walking away from the platform and political power that she could use to bring the criminals to justice equates to walking away from the victims. A person of integrity and values shades light on all atrocities without being selective of one event over the other. Where has she been during the last 30 years of killings and rape of women and children by TPLF?

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