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Ethiopian Man drove through checkpoint, made threats

By CNN Newsource Staff
Tamirat Yehualawork, 36, is charged with using a vehicle as a weapon to intimidate, resist and impede federal police officers.(Source: CNN)

(CNN) – A man accused of driving through a Pentagon checkpoint and toward officers allegedly said he “hates America and was trying to kill people” as he was being apprehended.

Court documents say 36-year-old Tamirat Yehualawork was arrested after he drove an SUV through the checkpoint Friday evening and broke off the drop arm. An attempt to raise a secondary barrier reportedly failed because the vehicle was moving too fast.

Agents say Yehualawork then continued to drive toward the Pentagon. Officers eventually stopped him by using their cruisers to pin his SUV against a parked car.

Yehualawork is an Ethiopian national who entered the country on a visa. However, his current immigration status is unclear.

He’s charged with using a vehicle as a weapon to intimidate, resist and impede federal police officers.

A Pentagon spokesperson said there were no other passengers in the vehicle.

The incident remains under investigation.

2 thoughts on “Ethiopian Man drove through checkpoint, made threats”

  1. If he hates America so much why did he come here? He could have gone to Moscow and live with his master. May be this is an outcome of so much demonizing of Good Ole USA going on these days among the Diaspora. So much unfounded accusations have been thrown at this country. This is one of those cowards who get satisfied with killing innocent people just like what he was watching growing up. Apparently this is a man with a sick mind but in full control of his faculties. Lock him up and throw away the key. I am very glad that no innocent people were harmed by this demon. He is not an Ethiopian. Out of my sight!!!

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