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Ethiopian Foreign Minister fled the scene on foot after scuffle with opposition in a South African hotel

March 29, 2013

The Horn Times Breaking News 29 March 2013
(By Getahune Bekele, South Africa)

Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Warlord Tedros Adhanom’s 30 meters sprint to a waiting car after being separated from his body guards during scuffle with refugees must have been the most embarrassing moment of his life.
He lost his wallet, a note book and his glasses while sprinting like a cheetah.

The warlord was in South Africa to meet TPLF cadres and supporters at Hyatt hotel in Rose bank near Johannesburg when angry refugees and members of the Ethiopian community association gate crashed the gathering which was being attended by less than 50 TPLF cadres out of an estimated 3,000 belived to be living in South Africa.
The rest stayed away fearing the opposition and the reaction of the South African government which unknowingly offered them political asylum.
As the ruling minority junta continues to suffer total rejection by Ethiopians at home and abroad and as guerrilla activities flaring up in northern part of the country, Tedros Adhanom was trying to allay fears that the junta is collapsing when the sound of “freedom, freedom! Let our voice be heard! Death to the TPLF!” began to reverberate inside and outside of the hall.
Realizing the huge presence of the opposition the warlord then panicked and sneaked out through the back door and dashed towards the car with his driver sprinting after him but unable to catch up.
Few refugees gave a mock chase amid laughter and excitement enjoyed by South African on lookers, hotel security guards and staff members of the hotel.
“Your foreign Minister is fit but a coward.” A female hotel employee joked with the Horn Times reporter.
“Look how this decayed junta is scared of its own people. We didn’t come here to make a citizen’s arrest, we are here to confront the warlord about issues of human rights, absconding with his tail between his legs is what we got as an answer.” A refugee who cannot be named for fear of attack on his family back home told the Horn Times.
However, after the shameful exit of the warlord and his entourage a dramatic moment took place at the very same hotel.
The Ginbot-7, and Oromo People Liberation Front (OLF) members together with Muslim Ethiopians and members of the Ethiopian community held an emotional meeting, reaching agreement to stand as one people in the face of increased TPLF atrocities on Ethiopians back home.
The refreshments bought by the Ethiopian embassy for the warlords and TPLF members were consumed by the demonstrators and all TPLF flags and emblems including a huge picture of the dead cannibal Meles Zenawi were confiscated by the refugees.
The meeting was concluded late afternoon by driving past the Ethiopian embassy in Pretoria, about 75 kms away from Rose bank, denouncing the ongoing crack down on Muslim protesters and expressing solidarity with the most persecuted ethnic Amharas.
The terror smitten warlord was still inside the Ethiopian embassy with handful diehard TPLF supporters by the time of going to the press.

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