Ethiopian church-affiliated group urges action against gays

By: ELIAS MESERET, Associated Press



ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) – A group affiliated with Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church is condemning what it calls the government’s silence on homosexuality in the country.

Speaking at a conference Sunday in Addis Ababa, the capital, Dereje Negash of the Orthodox Church group dedicated to an Ethiopian saint, said the government’s indifference on the issue is helping the LGBT movement in the East African country.

“We are witnessing foreign elements that are trying to spread homosexuality in Ethiopia using aid, politics and technology. To this end, they are spending millions of dollars,” Dereje said in his presentation to hundreds of people inside a conference hall. “People of same sexes are secretly marrying here in Ethiopia. This should stop, and stop now.”

He urged authorities to enact strong laws against same-sex relations.

An event planned in 2014 to publicly denounce the LGBT community in Ethiopia was cancelled at the last minute for unknown reasons. Organizers of that event told The Associated Press at the time they feared aid groups and the international community influenced government officials.

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A local LGBT activist, who spoke on condition of anonymity told AP he fears for his safety, citing widespread misconceptions such as the belief that gays are rapists.

Ethiopia has a deeply religious society, with Christianity and Islam having many followers.

Under Ethiopian law, homosexual acts are punishable with jail terms of up to 15 years.

Same-sex relations are criminalized in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, where many regard homosexuality as imported from the West.


  1. Oromia’s churches or streets cannot sustain or support the millions of beggars Finfinne is in the process of deporting/ expelling from Finfinne.

    Oromia’s churches will not drain the limited resources just to support the beggars Finfinne is preparing to send our way.

    Dangerous journey of exile to foreign lands is not an option for most of the Finfinne maggets anymore, so the Finfinne officials are trying to dump the Finfinne maggets on Oromos, we will not accept.

  2. Supposedly the Addis Ababa’s beggars are going to be put in temporary rehabilitation centers before being released in the public since authorities in Addis Ababa are making moves to clean up the capital city, with rehabilitation centers and a possible ban on begging .

    In a city where over 90% of the population eat only one meal per day, all the people got the human right to beg for basic necessities. Criminalizing poverty should not be an option for people of Addis Ababa, since being poor is not a crime.On the contrary the middle income and the upper income people in Addis Ababa are full of criminals unlike the poor beggars people of Addis Ababa. If anyone need rehabilitation in Addis Ababa it is the rich and their diaspora returnee friends that need to get rehabilitated not the poor beggars of Addis Ababa.

    Let us keep in mind the beggars donot have anyone to file missing person report and look for them to see whether they are voluntarily or involuntarily commited to the rehabilitation centers, while atleast the upper income rich people usually got concerned people to inquire about them if at anytime the rich rehabilitated individuals decide to leave the rehabilitation centers mind you rehabilitation is not a prison sentence it is mostly a willingly partcipation by those that need rehabilitation since forced rehabilitation always backfires with the person going back to the old ways when finally released from the rehabilitauion since the person wasnot willing to give up the old ways to begin with but was commited unwillingly , just like the DERG SOLDIERS national service declaration backfired at DERG itself ..

    The real criminals are the corrupt EPRDF senior officials and their looting partners not the poor . If OPDO/ODP wants to really clean up Addis Ababa OPDO/ODP should criminalize looting not begging plus OPDO/ODP should start by cleaning up Quoshe, the artificial garbage mountain which keeps on landsliding and burrying people alive over and over again while spreading disease allover the city for decades . Quoshe is the ever growing disease breeding ground of Addis Ababa that is responsible for the death of thousands of people each year eventhough not given the attention it needed by “the Anti-Addis Ababa, federal and local government senior officials/EPRDF senior officials” for decades until now.

  3. Personally , I believe the real beggars are people are displacing , looting , killing innocent people. These are the ones who caused poverty,beggars and displacement . During derge regime, officails were stealing the alms, wheats and oil sent from western countries to the hunger-stricken regions.

    Many NGO workers were able to buy luxrious cars and maintain thier stable life while many are starving and engaged in robbery due to extreme poverty.

    The major reason for poverty and crime is the inequality in the distribution of resources among people and nations which is caused by corruption and maladminstration among others .You could esaily observe this in the church and secular areas.
    Labor exploitation for the excessive gain could also be considered the pivotal reason. People work for less than 1 dolar while the owners gain superflous profit.The ordinary empployees can not afford to meet thier needs.

  4. You can see some elites engaged in child traficking , selling national artifacts , robbery of public resouces while the ordinary people unable to keep the wolf from the door taking part in a heavy work load and chores with no access to health insurance.

    people selling religious artifacts are highly respected due to thier wealth.Beggars are considered like subhumans .

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