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Ethiopia urges Africans to boycott controversial UN rights meeting on Tigray conflict

by Sudan Post
ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian government has urged all African countries represented at the United Nations Human Rights Council to boycott a session slated for Friday in which the UN diplomats are expected to discuss alleged atrocities in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region.

Ethiopia has been in a deadly conflict that has fitted the Ethiopian government against its regional adversary Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) since November last year when elements allied to the TPLF – that is designated as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian parliament – attacked a federal army base in Tigray.

The war has been marred by allegations of atrocities that world bodies – including the United Nations – have warned may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Both sides to the conflict have been accused of involvement in those atrocities.

But the Ethiopian government has accused Western powers led by the United States of working to undermine its sovereignty as alleged atrocities committed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in Amhara and Afar regions have gone without condemnation from the powerful countries.

The United Nations Human Rights Council is set to discuss Tigray war crimes in a session slated for Friday, but Ethiopia is now urging African countries to boycott the meeting which it has described as a political game by some Western countries that are opposed to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government.

“The call is politically motivated and ignores all the Ethiopian government’s commitment to applying the recommendations of the joint UN-EHRC investigative report on the alleged human rights abuses in Tigray,” Director-General of Neighboring Countries and IGAD Affairs at the Ethiopian foreign ministry, Amb. Fissaha Shawel, said Wednesday afternoon.

He made the call during a discussion with African Ambassadors today in Addis Ababa today.

Amb. Fissaha spoke at length to underscore “the wanton destruction of human lives and properties in the Amhara and Afar regions that were under the TPLF occupation” and added that “some countries and renowned mainstream media outlets have continued to misinform the public and tarnish the image of Ethiopia.”

The Ethiopian diplomat further reiterated the federal government’s allegations against the TPLF that unnamed “supporters of the terrorist group have attempted to delegitimize and undermine the government of Ethiopia.”

2 thoughts on “Ethiopia urges Africans to boycott controversial UN rights meeting on Tigray conflict”

  1. Yetesfa Chilanchile

    Top Urgent to world communities!!

    So what the message for us except that the world communities get more picture of what US & your group doing such a mess though unsuccessful and fail on dreaming. A great mistake by both of you though America mission is different.

    Take care of EU human right meeting in Geneva & US for your tireless meeting and sabotage deliberately doing on sovereignty of Ethiopian people, truth prevails and at one time a group of you “Toys” will be liable on international court for the worthless and rubbish meeting to make imposition in Ethiopia. Anyways truth prevails and those countries who struggle for truth and justice still will stand with the side of Ethiopian people. They belong to terrorist group who play the game on world politics.

    Long live to Ethiopia, victory to people of Ethiopia!!

  2. Editors,

    You are sand bagging my comments again. You are picking and then choosing even though none of them meant no harm. What makes me sad is you are letting others post their comments in which they insulted me. I know and understand this website is yours but I never expected to be discriminated. I am not giving up and will continue to make my opinion known to my dear countrymen/women on this and other websites. At this sunset part of my life, giving up is not an option. Keep on doing your thing and I will continue making my opinion known standing up for that gem of the colored that produced us all.

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