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Ethiopia: Unity and Working Together Only Saves You!

by Muluken Gebeyew

Imagine approaching from far away galaxy, speeding towards our  solar system,  to the beautiful blue planet, Earth and pointing to the wonder of the world where  the mother of all humans, Lucy originated from.

A beautiful land  with Simiens mountains, and the active volcano of  Danakil, the low land of Ogaden, and beautiful gorges of Nile. There lived a wonderful people  who were never been subjected to foreign rule or domination, nor to colonization, who were  independent nation  for more than 3000 years. The ancient Egyptians chronicled about them; the Greeks, Romans, Persians  wrote about them. They were the earliest Christians, Muslims and Jews who lived in harmony  under different kingdom. Their monuments of Axum, Lalibela, Yeha, Harar wall, Fasildas castles  etc are the remain of their great civilization and reminders of their greatness. The great religious holy books (holy bible and Quran)  mentioned about them. They were  symbol of freedom and inspiration for peace loving oppressed people who were under the dark era  of colonization. Many wished to be part of them for their civilization, history, faith, decency, patriotism and kindness.

That  beautiful land and its wonderful people have been spoiled in recent eras. They lost their greatness and down spiralled  their history and civilization. The world has  came to know them  for the famine and drought, for the civil  war and dictatorship, for all evils  on earth. That wonderful people are still independent but under internal colonization by its own minority children which ignore all its history, civilization, unity, faiths, traditions  and greatness. Some of its children became selfish,  hostile and enemy to their brothers and sisters.  Their country  become land of woes and death. The young people are being murdered  and mothers  crying  bitterly.

Its children have  become intentionally deaf and blind to their past history and current reality. They  become narrow minded and selfish. They want to destroy each other. The love among them selves is disappearing. They are hoodwinked by their selfish endeavour and  historical enemies.

That great country is at cross road; Ethiopians  are on historical epoch  to define their future. Only their unity and partnership can bring them to their greatness. The stake is big; otherwise they  are to lose everything they had and have. They are to be stateless, homeless, landless and refuges.

Ethiopians of all nationalities, ethnicities and clans, open your eyes and ears! Think as human and Ethiopian. Narrow nationalism and chauvinism won’t help you. You are speeding towards the cliff edge. Only unity and working together can save you!

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