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Ethiopia Transits to its New Year Riddled with Nazi-like Killings and Arrests

I wish I could say something positive about the Ethiopian New Year tomorrow. Each day, hundreds of Amhara, Gamo, Gurage and others are beaten and hauled into jails. Sadly, the regime hides the human tragedy by shutting the internet, by barring independent foreign¬†investigative¬†journalists from recording and conveying the truth¬†on the conditions of thousands of Amhara¬† political¬†prisoners—including children, girls, pregnant¬†women, mothers, fathers, the elderly—to the international community.

In addition to the regime’s state of siege and assaults of Amhara using drones, aircraft, tanks, mortars and other heavy weapons, the terrorist Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) continues to commit war crimes, crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing.and displacement.

On the positive side, this relentless, cruel, barbaric and Nazi-like atrocity singling out the Amhara has generated international outrage as depicted in Part I of the documentary I shared yesterday.
Please watch this video that complements Part I.
Tragically, the bloodletting¬†by Abiy Ahmed’s¬†regime will continue until and unless all grieved¬† Ethiopians join the Fano popular movement and usher in a new era of peace, stability, human security, freedom, inclusive governance and genuine democracy.

Despite tragic state and government led and initiated atrocities, I wish all of the Ethiopian people a Blessed New Year of justice, peace, stability, human security and unfettered inclusion.

Last but not least, I commend and applaud the Ethiopian people for the unmatched unity of purpose that resulted in the fourth filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Dr. Aklog Birara

1 thought on “Ethiopia Transits to its New Year Riddled with Nazi-like Killings and Arrests”

  1. Peace and harmony upon all ethiopians

    In 1900s, There was no Amhara in Wollo, Shoa and Gonder except KImant and Agew
    Borkena editors do post comments that hail and sanctify terrorists like Shaleka Dawit W/Giorgis and Amhara Fano, who are epitomes of genociders and robbers, but they always post comments that denigrade the TPLF, Tigray, Oromos, Gumuz, Kimant, etc.

    This website committed genocide and is still committing the same crimes against humanity by supporting all genociders against Tigray, Oromiyaa, and Kimant.
    Borkena editors, Ethio 360, Habtamu Ayalew,Andargachew Tisge, Messay Mekonen, Derje Habtewelde (Dere News), and his gang, Shaleka Dawit, are all terrorists.

    **There are rumors that Abiy Ahmed imported a bullet-proof multi-million-dollar car, and in this mesmerizing car, an astonishingly designed, tiny, clinder-shaped ceramic-built pot can be seen, in which Abiy Ahmed responds to nature’s call, especially when he is succumbing to a biological hazard.

    ‚ÄĒ‚ÄĒThe Borkena editors and Shaleka Dawit are all terrorists——

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