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Ethiopia: Tigraye republic in turmoil as EUFF rebels hit a notorious prison in Adigrat

Adigrat town, which is about 900 km north of Addis Ababa, has an estimated population of 150,000, according to “Adigrat Vision”
By Getahune Bekele

The ruling minority junta in Ethiopia has suffered the first real taste of what is to come, on Wednesday 31 October 2012 when a powerful explosion flattened a heavily guarded maximum security prison in the heart of the iron curtain province of Tigraye, the late genocidal tyrant, Meles Zenawi’s home province.

According to a report published on ethiomedia website, more than 40 political prisoners have escaped and the death toll currently stands at 14.

The town’s emergency service used bulldozers to pull out bodies from the debris. The number of the injured is still unknown.

Furthermore additional reports coming out of the devastated town revealed that all 18 wardens on duty have died in the explosion.

The Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF), a crack guerilla group which attacked the town of Metema last April 2012 have claimed responsibility.

The notorious Adigrat prison has been home to more than 1300 key political prisoners captured during the 2005 nationwide anti Zenawi uprising.

The dramatic EUFF attack also exposed the ruling junta’s tactic of holding political prisoners 900 kilometers away, where it reign supreme.

A university lecturer from the nearby town of Adwa told reporters by phone that the well coordinated and well timed hit has left the still grieving republic in state of ennui.

The office of PM Hailemariam Desalegn hasn’t issue any statement.

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