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Ethiopia: The vulture regime’s deception and our ignorance of the truth took a toll on our people

By Teshome Debalke

The truth is Woyane is illegitimate regime of Ethiopia, illegal representative of the people of Tigray and chronically corrupt entity. Let the truth set it free than the constant deception it perpetuate to stay alive. Those that choose to take the deception as truth are digging their own grave. If anyone has any doubts to that reality they must be part of the hoax, delusional or victims of the elaborate deception. That is the honest truth.

Every living and breathing Ethiopian or in new politically correct language of Woyane, Nation and Nationalities of Ethiopia should be ashamed of ourselves for not seeking the truth but noting but the truth about our people and country to stop vultures’ instigated conflicts and corruption. Our ignorance about ourselves, each other and what is happening around us open the door for vultures like Woyane, the one time self declared non Ethiopian insurgency to tell us who we are in the 21st century. To make matter worst, Berket Simon, an Eritrean national that was planted to represent the Amhara region is in charge of telling us about ourselves. Sadly, lots of us are going along with it; thanks for the vulture’s propaganda and our inability to get to the truth. The co-opted ‘journalists’ that make a living spinning the lies are not helping us to get to the truth either.

Before some out of control messengers of the vulture regime jump all over me and label me terrorist to throw me in jail or order for my stoning or hanging for telling the truth as they did to many brave Ethiopian truth seekers, let me explain what I mean. After all, am I not free to speak the truth and innocent until proven guilty? I wish.

Quite honestly, our problem isn’t the vulture Woyane or its mindless cadres that took the opportunity of our ignorance to do us harm but, the messengers of vultures and our inability to get to the truth are to blame. Woyane happen to be on the right place at the right time to exploit our differences and live-off on our ignorance about each other to end up where it is now.

As they say, we are what we eat, in this case the information we consume. Therefore, what we know about ourselves and each other matters. But, when we are at the mercy of vultures like Woyane for our daily information we are bound to be ignorant enough to do unforgivable crimes against our own people and country.

Count me out; I don’t have the taste or the propensity to entertain rubbish propaganda from vultures of any kind, especially from Woyane. I wouldn’t be caught dead making a self trashing decisions based on information the vulture regime provide against my own people just because… I leave that to the messengers of vultures and the scavengers that see the lack of knowledge and the misery of our people as an opportunity. In fact, they have no self respect to see themselves any other way beyond serving the vulture regime.

Noting proves the truthfulness of what I say than the latest deception against our people of the Muslim faith. The fiction titled Jihadawi Harekat was written, produced and directed by the notorious propaganda boss Berket Simon. The desperate dance against our own flesh and blood of Ethiopians of the Muslim faith is not a small matter to ignore. What is even worst was to witness how the messengers of the vulture regime are salivating to spin it beyond belief. It was indeed distasteful and insulting to the sensibility of Ethiopians.

However, let’s not blame only Woyane vulture to cover up for other vultures that working hand and glove with the regime against our people. There are quite a few religious, ethnic, economic vultures out there. It is sickening to witness how low they are reduced to capitalize on our differences, poverty and vulnerability.

That said; there is no question Woyane is on the top of the vultures’ list in our modern history. But, the worst of our predicament is our collective silence and apathy when vultures tear us apart and institutionalize treachery and falsehood as a means to their end.

Short of explanation for our behavior, I think we are afraid to stand up for the truth and left it for the Almighty to sort it out. Unfortunately, the vultures are interfering in our relationship to the Almighty too. After all, our Mosques and Churches are infested with idiotic and Godless cadres as we are witnessing everyday.

Vultures are not new and are present in every society. It shouldn’t surprise us to have them in our own society. Like every society the problem are the massagers of vultures; co-opted through bribe, propaganda… to sustain their enablers. These weak links in society must be feed massive dosage of truth to see themselves other than being butlers of tyranny. Since their minds and souls are contaminated with falsehood they can’t rationalize the truth to see straight.

With that note, the intellectual messengers of vultures that setup the stage for perpetual deception to take roots in society are on of the top of the pyramid. Their effort to institutionalize deception makes them a classic case of the living dead. Their muted counterparts that closed their eyes and ears are not far behind. They don’t have the back bone to stand up for the truth. Both must take the responsibility for allowing deception to take roots.

That is why we need independent institutions and Medias to tell us the truth, sooner than later. That is why Medias like Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio are critically needed to transmit the truth to counter the deception and neutralize the propaganda machinery of the vulture regime. If we can’t see the merit of supporting such institutions we can talk all we want but we are no better than the messenger of vulture.

Deception is the hallmark of the Woyane. Therefore, deceiving its rank and file long enough to recruit trigger happy cadres that execute shoot-to-kill order shouldn’t amuse us. And, keeping the rest of us ignorant long enough is the only way vulture regimes survives in the human experience. The challenge for all of us is to support institutions that execute truth telling in order to chase the vulture[s] where they belong, in jail or in the wonderland.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. Often, the cadres of vulture regimes believe the rubbish they have been feed is the truth. But, contrary to what they believe it clogged up their mind and turned them in to walking cannon. If truth must be told as it always should, they need to be rescued from self dilution and distraction. An average Woyane cadre today is a mindless potential terrorist ready to discharge the order of ethnic tyranny against the people of Ethiopia.

Dalai Lama, the Tibet spiritual leader puts it short and simple ‘Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace’. Indeed, ignorance is our master as the moving target regime’s behavior showed in the last 22 years. We should be honest to admit it is good at it.

Finally, Frederick Douglass, the 19th century American social reformer, orator, writer and statesman summed up our present dilemma, “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” Well, what can one say, it describe the Woyane regime perfectly in the 21 century.

That explains why Woyane and its messengers are frantically swinging wide and wild to save ethnic tyranny and its chronic corruption. They are hoping against all hope to burry the truth and continue business as usual. Little they know only the truth can set them free, noting else.

The truth is Woyane is illegitimate regime of Ethiopia, illegal representative of the people of Tigray and chronically corrupt entity. Those that choose to take Woyane deception as truth are digging their own grave. If anyone has any doubts to that reality they must be part of the hoax, delusional or victims of the elaborate deception. That is the honest truth.

The self imposed prison Woyane stooges put themselves in is the result of their own deceptive making. Since the truth doesn’t sit well on the sorry stooges as it is the case so far, the only thing left for them to do is to run faster than the truth and hope for miracle it wouldn’t catch up with them. Therefore, what we are witnessing at the moment is the messenger of the vulture regime are disoriented what to do when the rotten regime is falling apart of its own deception. Short of running for their lives, they are blaming anybody they can find. This time around, it happens Ethiopians of the Muslim faith were victim as many Ethiopians before them.

Woyane that fakes to represent the people of Tigray brought about shame and disgrace to the people. Its audacity to associate its atrocity and chronic corruption and thievery as a benefit to the people of Tigray is an insult of historical proportion. Ethiopians all over the world must document these historical crimes against the people and look forward to bring the offenders to justice. At the mean time the people must resist to be accessories to the crime in Woyane’s conspiracy to isolate and incriminate them. The ethnic formula implemented in the name of Tigray was intended to isolate, incriminate and subjugate Ethiopians. It is the Woyane way of implementing the Fascist formula that was tried and failed again and again.

The same goes with the puppet parties that fakes to represent the ‘Nation and Nationality’ of Ethiopia under Woyane order. They brought shame and disgrace on themselves, their families and the entire Ethiopians. As their enabler Woyane, they are involved in all kinds of crimes to preserve ethnic tyranny.

For instant, there is no way of verifying the ethnicity of Woyane or its puppet parties’ members that claim to represent their respective ethnic regions. The Eritrean national Berket Simon that represent the Amhara Region is a good example of the deception of Woyane and the puppets parties that go along with it. Ayalew Gobeze that supposedly leads the so called Amhara Region at present must be a fraud himself to accept an Eritrean national to represent the Amahra Region in violation of their own EPDRF’s constitution.

Apparently, Berekt Simon is one of the main instigators of most of the conflicts, atrocity and corruption in Ethiopia against the people in his ‘own region’ as well as the rest of Ethiopia. And, by some coincidence or design his closest adviser, financer and friend happen to be the Ethiopian born Saudi investor Sheikh Mohammed Hussen Alamudi with unknown ethnicity that claims to be a stanch supporter of Woyane. Any honest and sensible person would stay away from the deceptive and corrupt regime led by Bereket Simon and the like that forged their identity to represent regions they don’t belong. Thus, what would possibly be the motive of Alamudi to remain silent when his closest friend and top official of the regime makes a mockery of representation and our religions; labeling our people of the Muslim faith terrorists by producing Jihadawi Harekat ? What ethnic region the Sheikh belongs? How is he allowed to invest anywhere in the country when an average Ethiopian is confined to his region or being thrown out of the ethnic region ‘they don’t belong’ by Woyane and the EPDRF party? More question with no answer.

Likewise, the so called Woyane supporters and apologist must be either ignorant of the hoax to cheer on for the illegal regime or part of the conspiracy against the people of Ethiopia. They seem to be incapable of understanding the meaning of representation, federalism, rule of law, and development. Hoping to preserve a self declared minority ethnic tyranny they are dodging the question of legitimacy and subverting the truth.

The truths are the Courts are filled with mindless cadres wearing robes and pausing as judges. The Parliament is full of men and women on entitlement at the expenses of the people; rubber stamping Woyane’s order. Public institutions are filled with the regime’s henchmen to commit crimes of atrocity and corruption. Any meaningful businesses and investments today are filled with merciless and corrupt cadres and investors on expedition to robe a nation in the name of doing businesses, investment…

What we are witnessing in the hide-and-seek conspiracy of Woyane and it puppet parties are crimes against humanity, treason and corruption on the people of Ethiopia. Therefore, the messengers of the vulture regime would be better off to submit for the truth than helping the deceptive regime to no where.

At the meantime, the oppositions can no longer make up excuses not to work together to end the rule of the most intrusive, deceptive, corrupt and racist tyranny we have never seen in modern history of Ethiopia. Unless they have other agenda they are doing injustice to the people of Ethiopia. If they continue to doge the question of democracy verses their individual interest they have no moral authority to claim they have the best interest of people to deserve recognition. Their slash and burn behavior must be stopped now.

As it is the habit of painting all oppositions in the same brush instigated mostly by the ruling regime, there is a need for independent institutions to evaluate who among the oppositions have the ability and the will to advance the people’s cause beyond opposing the Woyane regime. The truth is; just because a party opposes Woyane doesn’t qualify it to stand for the rights and freedom of the people of Ethiopia.

The only medicine for Woyane tyranny that is a nuisance to the public interests is the truth. The more the truth is told the faster Woyane and its stooges run and the closer Ethiopians come together to end tyranny for good. There is no negotiation on the truth; the sooner Woyane and its apologists submit to the truth the sooner we will be free to live in peace and prosperity, there is no way out of it.

This article is dedicated to Ethiopian prisoners that are suffering in the dungeons of Woyane. Their bravery to be on the frontline of the struggle is a lesson to all Ethiopians. They are not alone; we are all with you for the good and the bad times until tyranny is no more.


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