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California Passes Urgent Resolution Condemning Amhara Genocide and Calling for Immediate Action from Biden Administration in Ethiopia


West Hollywood, CA – February 17, 2024: In a unanimous decision, the City Council of West Hollywood has passed Ethiopia Resolution No. 24-006, condemning the targeted killings of Amhara civilians, state-sponsored violence, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. Titled “A RESOLUTION CONDEMNING THE CONFLICT IN ETHIOPIA AND STANDING IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA,” the resolution addresses the dire situation in Ethiopia, expressing profound concern over the Ethiopian government’s gross human rights violations and failure to provide basic services to much of northern Ethiopia, exacerbating a severe humanitarian disaster affecting millions.

Specifically focusing on the Amhara region, the resolution denounces state-sponsored violence against civilians initiated in August 2023 by the Ethiopian government under the pretext of a state of emergency. It emphasizes concerns regarding extrajudicial killings, sexual violence, mass incarceration, indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets, including drone bombings, and the shelling of historic towns with UNESCO-protected heritage sites.

This resolution carries significant weight, coming from Hollywood, a city that is not only a cultural icon for the United States but also for the world. The stance taken by the city underscores the universal value of human rights and the importance of global solidarity in times of crisis.

The resolution was spearheaded by Mayor Sepi Shyne, who is an Iranian-American currently running for Congress to represent the California Congressional District 30. Sepi Shyne is a fierce advocate of human rights and stood in solidarity with the Ethiopian community in the collective quest to end the Amhara Genocide in Ethiopia. On December 17, 2023, she stood with the Ethiopian community at the “#StopAmharaGenocideInEthiopia” protest held in the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame and made a pledge to stand with the community. [Here is a video of her speech: link to video.]

In addition to condemning these atrocities, the resolution highlights the theft of vital food aid due to government corruption schemes and the displacement of over 4.5 million Ethiopians. The resolution strongly opposes what has become the largest internal displacement crisis globally.

The resolution calls upon President Joe Biden and his administration to advocate internationally for an immediate cessation of hostilities and to ensure the accessibility of humanitarian aid, particularly for the embattled Amhara region.

This resolution serves as a powerful testament to West Hollywood’s unwavering commitment to human rights, justice, and solidarity with the Ethiopian people during these challenging times.


Click [here] for the full content of Ethiopia Resolution No. 24-006



1 thought on “California Passes Urgent Resolution Condemning Amhara Genocide and Calling for Immediate Action from Biden Administration in Ethiopia”

  1. Biden and Blinken may still have a chance to redeem themselves with respect to having intentionally ignored the Amhara genocide for over three years. In addition to the blatant massacres, bombings and burial in mass graves of innocent civilians including nurses and medical doctors, Abiy Ahmed has been instrumental in creating a man-made famine by invading the Amhara region and blockading access to fertilizers. More than one hundred thousand Amhara civilians have been thrown in desert concentration camps with no charges brought against them.

    We are very grateful for the Ethiopian activists and the American politicians involved in bringing this awareness and political action.

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