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Ethiopia ready for greater cooperation with Trump government – PM

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, has stated that his country was looking to work with the new United States government particularly in the area of trade and investment.

He was speaking during a visit by a US delegation led by Republican Senator, Jim Inhofe, to Addis Ababa on Wednesday, the state-owned Ethiopia News Agency reports.

The Premier said despite cordial relations between Washington and Addis, there was the need to boost trade and investment cooperation in general and the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) in particular.

AGOA is a United States Trade Act, enacted seventeen years ago as Public Law 106 of the 200th Congress. The legislation significantly enhances market access to the US for qualifying Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. The pact has since been renewed to 2025.

The head of the delegation described Ethiopia as an ally of the US in the area of security in the Horn of Africa region. Addis Ababa enjoyed cordial relations with the immediate-past Obama administration and Senator Inhofe assures that relations will be further strengthened under Trump.

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Inhofe who serves on the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce Science, & Transportation and the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship said the US will continue to support peace and security efforts by Ethiopia particularly in Somalia and South Sudan.

Incidentally, the Premier returned from the swearing-in of the new Somali President Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed Farmajo in Mogadishu to enter the meeting.

PM Desalegn gave assurance to President Farmajo and to Somalians that Ethiopia was going to continue to support them in the fight against Al Shabaab insurgents.

The US in recent past has expressed worry over human rights situation in Ethiopia, with the former US envoy to the United Nations (UN) being at the forefront of calls for respect of rights and release of political opponents.

Ethiopia is currently under a six-month state of emergency imposed in October last year to help quell spreading anti-government protests in two main regions of Amhara and Oromia. Rights groups have said hundreds have been killed in the heavy security clampdown on protesters

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  1. The PM!!! The Republicans are more cooperative in any side to help your country. Just ask them!!! Especially, Federal Police equipments!!! Curriculum of the FBI materials and English Language Developments books for all Forces. It is absolutely free!!!

  2. President Donald Trump has zero tolerance for trouble makers. Arrogant toxic Ethiopian diaspora opposition politicians who doesn’t want political dialigue and promote fighting in Ethiopia would be in trouble. The Ethiopian government agreed to negotiate with legally registered opposition political parties. But the toxic political elites have openly launched a terrorist-like internet based campaign to finance and organize fighting that destablizes the country and destroy Ethiopia’s economy and peace.
    I belieive that US will take action to stop the violent propoganda machine and help Ethiopia to have a peaceful transition to a multi-party system.

  3. There is no way on planet earth that the Terrorist Ethiopian government is going to get an enhanced access to US market. It will not only be denied access to US market but also will be placed on a crippling economic and military sanction designed to cripple the economy and create a popular uprising which will lead to the end of the 26 years of mafia rule, looting, killing, jailing, raping, oppressing, starving and enslaving Ethiopians of all ethnic groups spearheaded by TPLF whose crime started in 1984 by stealing millions of dollar that was sent by world community to feed the starving people of Tigrai. This looting by TPLF led to the death of close to 1 million tigray people. TPLF threw under the bus and cannibalized the trigray people because it served the interest of TPLF elite. TPLF not only does not stand for the interest of tigray people but also to all other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. TPLF is Ethiopian cancer that has metastasized throughout horn of Africa region. Ethiopians and people of horn of africa must unite to destroy and eliminate the mother of all cancers, TPLF led Ethiopian government.
    The key is for all patriotic Ethiopians individuals, groups and associations all over the world especially those in USA to go to the White House Web Site. In the website there is we the people comment section. In the comment section write a letter to the we the people President BrotherTrump. Tell brother Trump that Ethiopian gov is the worst government on planet earth and few give examples of their evil deeds.

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