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Ethiopia Offers Electricity in Exchange for Dialogue: Minister Osman

July 27, 2013

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea’s Foreign Minister, H.E. Osman Saleh disclosed that his country politely declined Ethiopia’s latest ploy to seduce Eritrea into negotiation with a 250MW free electric power offer.
In a seminar he conducted last week at the annual festival of Eritrean community members in London, Minister Saleh explained that Ethiopia tried very hard to sell the proposal through Russia, Qatar and Turkey.
Minister Osman, however, clarified that Eritrea’s one and only one condition to enter into dialogue or normalize relation is for Ethiopia willingly vacate its troops out of sovereign Eritrean territory including the town of Badme.
As President Afwerki made it clear through its envoy at the African Union on the January 28th AU summit, normalization of relation can start in the afternoon as long as Ethiopia withdrew from Eritrean territories including Badme in the morning hours.

Minister Saleh further underlined that the problem with Ethiopia has nothing to do with the issue of “political will” or “dialogue” and cannot be characterized as a deadlock as the border dispute between the two countries has been resolved through Final and Binding arbitration ten years ago. What is left now is to see the end of Ethiopia’s occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories as it cannot be justified legally or politically.
The minister finally concludes that the various ploys played by Ethiopia and its handlers to frustrate Eritrea into submission with sanctions and threats of sanctions has been futile in the past and won’t do so in the future.


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