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Ethiopia Needs Pragmatic Solutions, But Its Political Class is Stuck in an Emotional Entropy

November 25, 2023

Yonas Biru, PhD

SYFY, an American media group that focuses on science fiction and seemingly far-fetched scientific phenomena, just published an article titled “Scientists Identify the 14 Most Likely Ways Humanity Will Wipe Itself Out” https://www.yahoo.com/…/scientists-identify-14-most…

The article defines evolutionary trap as a phenomenon signifying the setback of the survival of the fittest doctrine. Simply put, organisms develop an instinctual behavior that undermines their fitness and probability of survival. “Initially beneficial behavior becomes detrimental or even fatal.” What is frightening is that overtime “the trapping mechanism becomes difficult to escape.”

The article notes scientists have identified 14 most likely ways humanity will wipe itself out. And warns “multiple large-scale problems are all acting at the same time, some of which reinforce one another.”

In a sort of a subversive way, Ethiopia seems to be trapped in a unique evolutionary trap. The spectacular implosion of the Tigryan political class is a cruel epitome of self-destruction in a spectacular fashion. TPLF had ample opportunity to lead a badly needed reform in 2015 and 2016. It chose to remain on a self-destructive path. In 2018, it failed to be a part of the reform effort led by an Oromo Prime Minister. This was its opportunity of last resort to save itself from self-destructive compulsion. It chose to self-destruct, launching a war that doomed it to exist in a zombified state of extinction. In every sense, TPLF is an extinct political animal. Only the mechanical clicking of the clock is yet to run its course to provide a timeframe for TPLF’s extinction that has unfolded in every sense except in a mechanical way. May it RIP.

With the Oromo political class, the problem is that it hates the Amhara more than it loves itself. Therefore, its political strategy is driven by what is bad for Amhara rather than by what is good for Oromo. Consequently, its politics is trapped in a lose-lose transaction. Oromo-PP is TPLF on steroids. Its self-destructive politics is in high gears, torpedoed by a highly combustible energy. This is further exacerbated by psychological trauma that the Oromo political tribe suffers.

In contrast, Amhara intellectuals are trapped in political orthodoxy of centuries past. As a result, it is unfit for the 21st century. The political class is paralyzed with a hermitized mindset at the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Stuck in a reverse gear, its political energy is wasted trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I cannot conclusively say the Amhara political class is more dangerous than the Oromo political class. One thing I can say with some level of certainty is that the hermitized class is more stupid than the tribalized Oromo political colony.

Ethiopia’s degenerative Oromo-Amhara political collision can be approximated by entropy of the second law of thermodynamics. The law signifies a natural tendency to degenerate into a self-destructive state of chaos. The degree of disorder is called entropy. Left to its own devices, the entropic process is irreversible.

The only solution to get out of the entropic አዙሪት (centrifugal compulsivity and carnality) is an injection of outside energy that is more powerful than the entropic energy the tribalized Oromo and hermitized Amhara political classes carry. This can come from an outside invasion, internal revolt outside of the Oromo, Amhara, and Tigray intellectual cabals, or from a divine intervention.

During the Tigray war, the US was preparing to send troops to Addis. Currently, with Oromo and Amhara in a deadlock, the IC seems to be an option of last resort to save Ethiopia from Amhara and Oromo entropic idiocy.

Ethiopians find solace from a time-old adage. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining is that the #NoMore idiocy has given way to a #YesMore sensibility. Pray for divine intervention in the form of international intervention, including IC boots on the ground. Ethiopia’s survival depends on it. Anyone who counts on the Amhara and Oromo intellectual class for a positive outcome is undermining the tenacity of their stupidity and their affinity for spectacular self-destruction.



  1. ዮናስ ብሩ

    በቃ አንተ ብቻ ነህ በስሜት የማትነዳና ብቁ ምሁር! የምታስቅም የምታሳዝንም ሰው ነህ፡፡

    ከኣንተ በላይ ደሞ የተደናበራና የወደፊቱን ማየት የማይችል ሰው አለ? ጭንቅላትህን በፈረንጅ ቋንቋና ባህል ሞልተህ ተአገርህ ባህል የራክና በአማርኛ መፃፍ የማትችል ከንቱ!

    ለዓመታት ለአብይ ካድሬ ሆነህ ያገለገልክ፣ ፋኖን የአማራ ሸኔ ብለህ ቅዱስና እርኩስ ያቀላቀልክና ዛሬም ሐፍረት የሚባል ያልፈጠረብህ

    እግዜር ይማርህ!

  2. “Anyone who counts on the Amhara and Oromo intellectual class for a positive outcome is undermining the tenacity of their stupidity and their affinity for spectacular self-destruction”

    I believe one of these “stupid and idiot” people is Dr. Yonas. You always consider yourself as an outsider and blame others for the ills of the country. Begin with self-criticism if you are an honest person.

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