By Alemayehu G. Mariam/ O May 1, 2022

Reboot! Biden administration’s conspiracy to restore the terrorist TPLF to power

May 1 is a day of multiple celebrations.

It is International Workers’ Day in many countries. It marks the arrival of springtime and rejuvenation of life. In other countries, May 1 is the “day of love”.

But for Ethiopians May 1, 2022, marks the 545th day Ethiopia has been held hostage by the Biden administration.

The Biden administration began holding Ethiopia hostage long before it was officially inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

The first day the Biden administration took Ethiopia hostage was November 3, 2020.

November 3, 2020, was American presidential election day.

November 3, 2020, was also a day that shall live in infamy in Ethiopian history.

On November 3, 2020, the internationally registered terrorist TPLF (“Tigray People’s Liberation Front) launched a deadly attack on the Ethiopian Northern Command in Tigray region killing tens of thousands of Ethiopian soldiers and civilians, maiming and internally displacing many thousands more.

I believe November 3, 2020, was chosen for the TPLF to attack the Northern Command in a secret conspiracy between certain TPLF leaders and Susan Rice and her kitchen cabinet at the time including Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Gayle Smith, Samantha Powers and others.

Susan Rice is an old and trusted friend of TPLF leaders.

Her funeral oration for the late TPLF thugmaster Meles Zenawi speaks volumes for her die-hard loyalty to the TPLF.

Susan Rice worshipped Zenawi. She often spoke of him with hagiographic (saintly) veneration.

Gayle Smith is a special “confidante particularly close to the Tigrayan leadership of Ethiopia. In 1982 she coauthored ‘The Hidden Revolution’, a highly complementary book about rebel administration in zones occupied by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the future leaders of Ethiopia.”

In early fall of 2020, Biden and the democrats were pretty sure they would win the presidential election at least in the electoral college (since American presidents are not elected by popular vote but an electoral college).

The cumulative poll data all consistently pointed to a high probability if not a clear Biden victory in the electoral college.

In the months leading up to election day, Trump’s disapproval ratings were nosediving consistently.

Two weeks before election date, polls were consistently showing Biden had a solid majority of 55% or more of college-educated White voters; a preponderant majority of around four-fifths of African Americans; and about two-fifths of Whites without college degrees.

It was also clear that Biden would clinch the presidency if he won the three battleground swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Biden at the time was making significant progress in these three states.

In the end, Biden got all three swing states and won by 51.3 percent of the popular vote and 306 electoral votes.

My own intelligence analysis of open-source information on how the TPLF mounted a “blitzkrieg” attack on the Northern Command

In the fall of 2020, key diaspora TPLF leaders and elites in coordination with TPLF leaders in Mekelle were secretly and informally meeting with Susan Rice and her kitchen cabinet.

During several meetings, Susan Rice and diaspora TPLF leaders discussed ways and means of eliminating the legitimate government of Ethiopia and restoring the TPLF to power.

During their secret meetings, the TPLF leaders, Rice and her kitchen cabinet plotted a TPLF military takeover of the government of Ethiopia.

The TPLF representatives, I am informed, including Berhane Gebrekristos, Tedros Adhanom, Seeye Abraha (who had been telegraphing the mother of all civil wars in Ethiopia months before the attack date), Debretsion Gebremichael, Tsadkan Gebretinsae and others assured and convinced Rice and her kitchen cabinet their military victory was foolproof because of several reasons:

Ethiopian society is so ethnically divided, it will crumble under swift TPLF blitzkrieg attack.

The Ethiopian military (ENDF) is ethnically divided and will breakdown into intertribal strife once the TPLF attack begins.

The Ethiopian Federal Government does not have capable military leadership at the top or middle levels because TPLF had dominated those ranks over the past quarter of a century and redeployed them in Tigray region. The ill-equipped and poorly trained ragtag Ethiopian army will disintegrate under a TPLF military onslaught.

The Ethiopian armed forces (ENDF) do not have the weaponry required to repel a TPLF invasion because the TPLF had long moved artillery, armor and missiles to Tigray region under the guise of defending against an Eritrean invasion. The Ethiopian Air Force exists in name only and presents no threat to TPLF military movements.

The Ethiopian Federal Government has no capacity to mobilize troops fast enough to stop the TPLF military juggernaut or mount a counteroffensive.

PM Abiy Ahmed is a weak leader with an unstable government and will flee the country at the first sign of a TPLF attack.

PM Abiy and his government have little public support in the country and the TPLF can cut deal with regional warlords to create a united military front against PM Abiy’s government and swiftly topple him.

TPLF has made special deals with Oromo separatists, extremists and terrorists including Shene who will instantly align with TPLF and join the attack against Ethiopian forces.

The TPLF can quickly seize Addis Ababa and other major capitals by systematic propaganda and disinformation campaigns intended to strike fear in the heart of urban populations.

The TPLF can trigger simultaneous terrorist attacks throughout the country and create mass fear and hysteria. In the ensuing chaos, TPLF sleepers would rise up and take control of local institutions.

The TPLF could create mass distraction in the country by using and coordinating with the Shene terrorist group to launch attacks in various parts of the country and swiftly march on Addis Ababa.

TPLF sleepers in the military and others the TPLF has armed and prepared for just such an event could be ordered to mount a massive attack on the palace and main government institutions and effect a coup d’état against PM Abiy and regional leaders.

Peaceful resolution of TPLF grievances with the federal government is out of the question because military victory is absolutely certain.

The final decision to unleash a blitzkrieg attack on the Ethiopian Federal Northern Command in Tigray was made in consultation with and approval of Susan Rice and her kitchen cabinet.

The reason November 3, 2020 was selected as D Day was because the world transfixed with the melodrama of American presidential elections would not notice the TPLF military action; and by the time anyone notices, it would be too late because the TPLF will be sitting in the saddle of power.

The plans of TPLF mice and men went awry

Robert Burns penned the stanza:

The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!

The best laid plans of the TPLF to swiftly capture power in Ethiopia went awry when they realized their promised joy of taking power by a “blitzkrieg” attack on the garrisons of the Ethiopian National Defense Force on November 3, 2020, was a fool’s errand.

The braggadocio of a swift TPLF victory evaporated into thin air as the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) pushed forward at lightning speed and captured Mekelle, where the terrorist TPLF had established its stronghold, in less than three weeks.

Susan Rice’s and her kitchen cabinet’s role in the conspiracy to militarily overthrow the legitimate government of Ethiopia and restore the terrorist TPLF to power in Ethiopia became crystal when, out of the blue, Susan Rice began an S.O.S. twitter campaign for the TPLF.

On November 14, 11 days after the TPLF attack and swift TPLF retreat under the shock and awe counteroffensive of the ENDF, Rice issued her very first tweet by retweeting a tweet by Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08).

Vietor’s tweet appeared to be random since he had no prior involvement in Ethiopian affairs.

At the time, I found it quite curious why Rice was retweeting a manifestly random tweet by someone who has no involvement whatsoever in Ethiopian affairs.

But Vietor was no random tweet-erer.

Thomas Frederick Vietor IV (@TVietor08) was the former spokesperson for President Barack Obama and the U.S National Security Council.

Vietor worked closely with Rice when she became US National Security Advisor in July 2013.

Vietor has a popular podcast with over 600 thousand tweeter followers. He also owns and runs a website called (What an apt description of Susan Rice and her kitchen cabinet!)

Rice directed/arranged with Vietor to sound the alarm about the “civil war” in Ethiopia and tried to name and shame Secretary of State Mike Pompeo into taking action and “mediate” the Ethiopian  “civil war.”

But on November 5, 2020, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement making clear the U.S. position on the TPLF attack:

The United States is deeply concerned by reports that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front carried out attacks on Ethiopian National Defense Force bases in Ethiopia’s Tigray region on November 3.  We are saddened by the tragic loss of life and urge immediate action to restore the peace and de-escalate tensions.  The protection of civilian safety and security is essential.  We will continue to follow this situation closely.  The United States stands with the people of Ethiopia and will work with all who are committed to peace, prosperity, democracy, and the rule of law.

Obviously, Rice, as a dyed-in-the-wool TPLF supporter, could not on her own call attention to the “civil war” and demand “mediation” because that would be a dead giveaway and reveal her role in the TPLF conspiracy.

So, by using Vietor, with no track record of involvement with the TPLF and a large twitter following and an apparently neutral party, Rice could launch her propaganda campaign in support of the TPLF without anyone suspecting her role in the conspiracy.

On November 14, 2020, Rice retweeted Vietor:

Subsequently, Rice deleted that tweet.

Rice’s first tweet-by-retweet on behalf of the TPLF is a treasure trove of intelligence.

First, by November 14, Rice knew all the bluster about a blitzkrieg and swift takeover was simply fantasy. She had concluded the TPLF cause was lost before it even began.

Rice and her kitchen cabinet were stunned by the intensity and coordination of the Ethiopian federal government’s shock and awe mobilization which was unstoppable and totally crushed TPLF special forces and riff raff militia at lightning speed.

They also realized the TPLF’s attack of the Northern Command was a monumental military blunder.

Rice and her kitchen cabinet quickly moved to Plan B for a protracted (long game) military, diplomatic, political and economic campaign to restore the TPLF.

Rice in her first tweet kicked into Plan B, which was to set a narrative early on for the Western press-titute media to carry on and eventually force the Ethiopian government to negotiate with the TPLF.

Rice’s Plan B had at least five elements to it:

1) Immediately deploy the Western press-titute media to create an international narrative (using fake news, disinformation, etc.) favorable to the TPLF and TPLF cause.

2) Paint the TPLF attack on the Northern Command in the global media as a “civil war” burying any reference to the fact that the TPLF undertook a massive terrorist attack to overthrow the legitimate government of Ethiopia.

3) Deploy full-scale disinformation campaign using such words and phrases as “unfettered humanitarian access,” “genocide,” ethnic cleaning,” “civilian atrocities,” “targeted ethnic violence,” “protection of civilians,” “threat to regional peace/security” etc.

4) Demonize the Ethiopian government as brutal, genocidal and bloodthirsty.

5) Demand the Ethiopian government enter into immediate “mediation” and “negotiation” with the TPLF and end its law enforcement action in Tigray.

Rice proposed the idea of “mediation” (“principled leadership”) for TPLF on November 14, 2020, by trolling  Secretary Pompeo and mocking him for  “buttering autocrats” and planning a presidential run in 2024.

6) Use the United Nations Security Council to impose sanction on Ethiopia, just like Susan Rice did with Eritrea in 2009.

7) Use the African Union and specific African client states to pressure Ethiopia.

8) Support diaspora opposition in the U.S. against the Ethiopian government.

9) Lobby Congress for crippling economic sanctions against Ethiopia.

As a former National Security Adviser, by November 14, Rice understood a military victory and seizure of power was impossible for the TPLF.

If the TPLF can be routed in a less than three weeks with the elements of surprise and full armaments on their side, it was clear to Rice regime change can only happen by alternative ways, namely by information warfare (Infowars).

On November 18, Rice retweeted Antony Blinken, her former protégé and minion and soon-to-become Biden’s Secretary of State.

Blinken posted the tweet, but the words were crafted by Susan Rice.

In Blinken’s November 18, 2020 tweet Rice accented a different message to cover up the TPLF’s terrorist attack.

The new narrative which persists to the present day is a litany of cliches, platitudes, buzzwords and vapid expressions about “humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia,” “targeted violence “(code for genocide), “threat to regional peace and security,” “unhindered access,” “war crimes,” “civilian atrocities,” etc.

Susan Rice invented the nauseating mantra of “open (later changed to unhindered) humanitarian access” on November 18, 2020, in Blinken’s tweet.

On November 24, 2020, Susan Rice cooked up a new disinformation campaign using Jake Sullivan, later to become Biden’s National Security Adviser.

Sullivan tweeted:


In Sullivan’s tweet, Rice raised the issues of the Ethiopian government’s culpability for “war crimes,” “atrocities against civilians,” “humanitarian access” and “dialogue with TPLF facilitated by AU.”

Trojan Horse– Demands of the Biden Gang Hostage Takers

I knew what tricks Susan Rice had up her sleeve beginning on day 1, that is November 14, 2020, when she got Tommy Vietor to tweet about the “civil war” in Ethiopia.

The fact of the matter is that I knew exactly what the Biden administration would do to restore the TPLF to power or totally destroy Ethiopia on day 1 of Biden’s presidency.

This is no empty boast. It is a FACT. (See footnote 1 below for my commentaries detailing the five pillars of the Biden administration’s policy to destroy Ethiopia as a people and nation.)

The Biden administration’s policy, guided by the invisible hand of the Princess of Darkness Susan Rice, is and will always be the total destruction of Ethiopia as a people and nation.

Susan Rice will not sleep until she renders Ethiopia the Libya-Yemen-Syria of the Horn of Africa.

The new Biden administration narrative is that Ethiopia can avoid sanctions and obtain AGOA recertification if it meets certain demands.

On April 29, 2022, Blinken tweeted:

Ransom: Hostage negotiations with the Biden/Rice Gang of Ethiopia Hostage Takers

The Biden/Rice Gang of Ethiopia Hostage Takers have five ransom demands which must be met before they release Ethiopia from the bondage of economic sanctions, cut-off of economic aid, diplomatic isolation and blockage of access to multilateral loans.

Ransom Condition #1: “Unfettered humanitarian access” to areas controlled by the terrorist TPLF

The Biden/Rice Gang of Ethiopia Hostage Takers demand the Ethiopian government must provide “unfettered humanitarian access” to areas controlled by the terrorist TPLF.

But what does the Biden Gang mean by “unfettered humanitarian access”?

They don’t say.

In Resolution 1894 (S/RES/1894), the U.N. Security Council underscored the importance of upholding the humanitarian principles of neutrality, impartiality and independence in providing humanitarian access.

In GA resolution 46/182, the UN General Assembly incorporated two elements in humanitarian access: 1) humanitarian actors’ ability to reach populations in need, and 2) affected populations’ access to assistance and services.

The Biden administration’s concept of “unfettered/unhindered humanitarian access” (based on their previous statements) has nothing to do with the UN resolutions.

For the Biden administration “unfettered access” means uninspected, unchecked, unsupervised movement of trucks and other vehicles carrying whatever goods the terrorist TPLF wants into Tigray.

The Biden administration’s insistence on “unfettered humanitarian access” is for humanitarian purposes in name only. The real reason is to resupply the TPLF with weapons and other military equipment.

After all, the Biden administration has been providing up to date intelligence and satellite photos to the TPLF to attack Ethiopian forces. The TPLF does need weapons to hit Ethiopian targets guided by US intelligence operatives.

The fact remains that the Biden administration to the present day wants to arm and resupply the TPLF with weapons so that it can continue the war on Ethiopia and capture power.

In this Biden is continuing Obama’s policy of supporting terrorists in places like Syria.

The fact of the matter is that the Biden administration will not be satisfied if the Ethiopian government allows a million trucks to enter Tigray unless those trucks are off limits for Ethiopian government inspection.

To be sure, I have no objections to delivery of food, medicine and other vital humanitarian aid to Ethiopians who happen to live in Tigray under the oppressive and  cruel  rule of the TPLF.

But all aid and convoys entering Tigray must be inspected and measures taken to make sure the TPLF will not weaponize humanitarian aid to continue its war on Ethiopia.

Ransom Condition #2: “Pacification and stabilization of Ethiopia by controlling lawlessness”

The Biden/Rice Gang of Ethiopia Hostage Takers demand the Ethiopian government control lawlessness in the country and undertake a robust law enforcement campaign as a condition of release from sanctions bondage.

The Biden administration speaks with forked tongue.

When the Ethiopian government launched its law enforcement action against the TPLF, the Biden administration cried out bloody murder.

The Biden administration went ape***t when PM Abiy stated the military operations in Tigray were aimed at “restoring the rule of law and the constitutional order, and to safeguard the rights of Ethiopians to lead a peaceful life wherever they are in the country.”

When terrorist groups such as OLF Shene massacred thousands of innocent civilians in Ethiopia, the Biden administration was deaf mute.

Whenever the Ethiopian government takes firm action to deal with terrorism and control terrorist violence in the country, the Biden administration and its lackeys (Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International) are quick to side with the terrorists  and bloviate about human rights violations.

The fact of the matter is that the Biden administration’s policy is to promote instability, volatility and chaos in Ethiopia, not stability, peace and harmony!

Indeed, the entire purpose of the sanctions punishment against Ethiopia is to create a monumental economic crisis in Ethiopia that will cause the population to rise against its elected government and overthrow it.

I am for law and order.

That is why I became an American constitutional lawyer and devoted decades of my professional life defending, preserving, protecting and teaching the U.S. Constitution.

If the Biden administration is genuine about promoting law and order, the rule of law and due process in Ethiopia, they will not find a more determined and arguably better qualified partner than myself. Fortunately, I do not indulge in such fantasies.

Ransom Condition #3: “Accountability for human rights abuses by military, civilian and other combatants”

There are few things over which I agree with the Biden/Rice Gang of Ethiopia Hostage Takers. But I wholeheartedly agree with the ransom condition of accountability for human rights abuses in Ethiopia by anyone or any entity.

I jumped headlong into the Ethiopian struggle against TPLF rule because of the Meles Massacres following the 2005 parliamentary election.

It is unlikely I would have been involved in Ethiopian politics or affairs but for the Meles Massacres.

My position is crystal clear: Any and all persons and institutions suspected of human rights violations must be vigorously investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period!

The Biden administration does not think the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice or military tribunals are investigating and prosecuting human rights abuses as swiftly or as robustly as they should.

Interestingly, the US government with unlimited manpower and money in the Department of Justice could only prosecute a few dozen of thousands of insurrectionists that took over the Congress on January 6, 2021. So much for prosecutorial zeal and competence to bring wrongdoers to justice. The hypocrisy of the Biden administration!

They even say there is Ethiopian government foot dragging in bringing human rights offenders to trial.

They say the whole effort is ad hoc and disorganized.

The Biden administration is simply clueless about the Ethiopian judicial process.

I have talked to numerous Ethiopian federal judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys about the structural and process problems in the Ethiopian justice sector in general and specifically  about prosecuting suspected human rights violators.

The arrogance and hubris of the Biden administration is that they believe they can boss the Ethiopian justice sector into becoming an assembly line for human rights prosecutions.

I would wholeheartedly support the Biden administration if it decided to rapidly increase the capacity of the Ethiopian justice sector to deal with human rights abuses not only into events over the past 2 years but also going back to 1991 when the TPLF took power and remained in power by undertaking massive atrocities against civilians.

Indeed, I will break my lifelong vow to stand only for the defense by offering my services for free to prosecute human rights abuse suspects in Ethiopia as a “special prosecutor.”

Ransom Condition #4:  “Inclusive dialogue”

The Biden/Rice Gang of Ethiopia Hostage Takers insist on “inclusive dialogue.”

They never define what they mean by “inclusive dialogue.”

But it is clear what they have in mind is “dialogue” with the terrorist TPLF and the various terrorist organization it has created and finances throughout Ethiopia.

On November 10, 2020, 6 days after the TPLF launched its terrorist attack on the Northern Command, I made my position crystal clear in my commentary, “A Simple Question to All Who Seek To Exert Pressure on Ethiopia: D0 YOU NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS?”

On December 29, 2021, the House of People’s Representatives passed Proclamation 1265/2014 (Amharic version) “Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission”).

It is a Proclamation that aspires to achieve maximum public accountability, transparency, and institutional independence in the pursuit of Ethiopian peace through dialogue.

The Preamble to the Proclamation declares the Commission is established to help build national understanding and consensus by harmonizing the diversity of views and opinions in society and among political, civic, and other opinion leaders.

The Proclamation is expressly intended to be inclusive with the mission of promoting and sustaining dialogue around fundamental national issues, build trust among competing stakeholders, facilitating close working relationships among diverse groups and resuscitating broken social values/principles.

The Proclamation prescribes the national dialogue to be led and coordinated by capable and independent individuals who will work to gain broad public legitimacy and acceptance for the Commission’s work through transparency and accountability.

The Biden/Rice Gang of Ethiopia Hostage Takers does not believe the dialogue commission created by the Ethiopian parliament is doing its job fast enough or has the competence to do an effective job.

The Biden Hostage Gang wants a pro forma, superficial dialogue commission that will give the TPLF the seat at the head of the table to the TPLF.

The Biden/Rice Gang wants to subvert the national dialogue commission as a vehicle to restore the TPLF to power.

I have no objections to the TPLF included in any dialogue provided it undertakes the 4 D’s: 1) Disarm, 2) Demilitarize, 3) Demobilize and 4) Depart from Afar and Amhara territories which it continues to occupy.

Dialogue with a fully armed, organized and hellbent TPLF is out of the question.

The TPLF on April 26, 2022, issued a statement endorsing inclusive dialogue with the bloodthirsty terrorist group Shene.

The TPLF has also made it clear that if it does not have it its way, it will take the highway to hell and continue fighting.

On April 20, 2022, Debretsion Gebremichael wrote to UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez warning,

If peaceful options are no longer viable, we will be forced to resort to other means to break the devastating blockade that has made Tigray hell on earth.

In other words, if the TPLF does not get everything it wants at the dialogue table, it will go back to waging war.

The fact is “Tigray is hell on earth because of the TPLF devils, and no one else!

Hell is run by Satanic Forces, and it is interesting that the Princess of Darkness herself, Susan Rice, should stand in the shadow watching over her TPLF brood doing the work of the Prince of Darkness.

Ransom Condition #4: “Investigation by UN Experts into human rights violations”

In December 2021, the Geneva-based Human Rights Council decided to establish an International Commission of Human Rights Experts to Investigate Allegations of Violations in Ethiopia.

The resolution was adopted by a vote of 21 in favor, 15 against and 11 abstentions.

All African countries opposed the resolution.

The Council, established for a period of one year, is renewable as necessary.

The investigators include two African and one American.

Fatou Bensouda (The Gambia)

One of the “investigators” is Fatou Bensouda (Gambia) who served as Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Bensouda is a chicken-hearted prosecutor who has a habit of cowering before US intimidation and pressure.

She has been with the ICC since 2004 and served as chief ICC prosecutor from 2012 to 2021.

During Bensuda’s tenure the ICC exercised jurisdiction over only 18 individuals, many of them fugitives, in pretrial or in the trial process.

The International Criminal Court has an annual budget of over $140m (£90m) and 766 staff.

Since its inception in 2002, $900m (£600m) has been spent on the ICC.

For $900 million, the ICC has secured one (1) conviction.

That is Bensouda’s record!

What is little known about Bensouda is the fact that she played a central role as Solicitor General and legal adviser to Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year rule in Gambia was marked by widespread abuses, including forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, and arbitrary detention.

Kaari Murungi (Kenya)

The second “UN expert” to investigate Ethiopia is the radical feminist Kaari Murungi.

Murungi declares, “I am sure that I was born feminist; I have never struggled with the logic of feminism.”

Her ideology is that men terrorize women and rape them. She advocates the radical feminist theory of  “toxic masculinity” which is invented to stigmatize and dehumanize men.

Steven Ratner (U.S)

The third “investigator” is Steven Ratner.

In 2010-2011, Ratner was a member of the UN’s three-person Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka, which advised Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on human rights violations related to the end of the Sri Lankan civil war.

The Ratner panel expert report was a total condemnation of the Sri Lankan government and supportive of the Tamil terrorists known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Ratner’s panel reported:

The Sri Lankan government rejected the report, accusing the panel of exceeding its mandate, of relying on LTTE sympathizers for its information, and of interfering with the work of the LLRC (Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission… Tamil groups [supporters of Tamil terrorists] within Sri Lanka and the diaspora generally greeted the report with support.

The “UN expert” investigation on Ethiopia will be no different than the Ratner Sri Lanka report.

Just like the Sri Lankan government, the “UN experts” will produce a report that will damn and demonizes the Ethiopian government for all of the bull***t Susan Rice, Antony Blake, Jake Sullivan and Samantha Power have been blathering about since the TPLF launched its attack on the Ethiopian Northern Command.

The “UN expert” investigation of Ethiopia has one and only one purpose: Produce a report that will amount to a political hit job on Ethiopia.

Indeed, the report of the “UN experts” is already written by the State Department and the conclusions are as follows:

The Ethiopian government committed genocide.

The Ethiopian government committed war crimes.

The Ethiopian government committed gross human rights violations.

The Ethiopian government committed atrocities against civilians.

The Ethiopian government used starvation as a weapon of war.

The Ethiopian government committed crimes against humanity.

Blah, blah, blah…

Simply stated, the three so-called “UN experts” are nothing more than hired guns by the Biden Hostage Taking Gang to take down Ethiopia.

The fact of the matter is that on November 3, 2021, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC)/Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) issued  156-page report into alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian and refugee law committed by all parties.

That report determined the occurrence of human rights violations but ruled out the fact genocide had occurred.

The single purpose of the State Department-cum-UN expert investigation in Ethiopia is to issue a report that says, “The Ethiopian government has committed genocide.”

The Biden administration’s long game

The Biden administration’s long game in Ethiopia is the total destruction of Ethiopia as a nation and a people and restoration of  the TPLF to power!

Anyone who believes otherwise is a damned fool!

The Biden administration has left no stone unturned to accomplish the destruction of Ethiopia.

The Biden administration has given the TPLF material, political and diplomatic and military  support including satellite photos to attack Ethiopian positions.

The Biden administration has imposed sanctions on Ethiopia to hasten the downfall of the democratically elected Ethiopian government.

The Biden administration has waged information and disinformation wars on Ethiopia and sought to create fear and panic in the Ethiopian population by urging its citizens to leave Ethiopia.

The Biden administration has taken Ethiopia before the UN Security Council more than 10 times to get it sanctioned.

The Biden administration has sought to use the African Union and vassal client states to pressure Ethiopia to give into TPLF demands.

The Biden administration has coordinated with the European Union and certain Western states to bring Ethiopia to its knees.

There is nothing the Biden administration has not done to destroy Ethiopia over the past year and half.

Now, the Biden administration is changing its game plan.

The Biden administration is playing a long game of “frog in the pot.”

If you boil a pot of water and throw in a live frog that frog will hop right out, saving his life to croak another day.

If, on the other hand, you place a frog in a pot of cold water and turn the heat up slowly, that frog will stay in the pot. The frog will not jump out but slowly get used to the increasingly hot water until it boils to death.

That is exactly what the Biden administration will try to do. They will turn up the heat day by day until Ethiopia boils to death.

The Biden administration will lose its long game against Ethiopia.

Time, momentum and the Almighty are on Ethiopia’s side.

James Russell Lowell in his poem, “The Crisis” wrote:

Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne,—
Yet that scaffold sways the future, and, behind the dim unknown,
Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above his own.

So it is in the crisis imposed on Ethiopia by the Biden administration.

The Princess of Darkness will try to sway Ethiopia’s future standing in the darkest corners of hell, but Ethiopia shall prevail and rise victorious because “behind the dim unknown, 

Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above his own Ethiopia.”

 “Remember, remember the 8th of November 2022, DD Day- Drive Democ RATs and DemocraTICK Party Outta Congress Day.”

T- 6 months!



  1. If you have proof of what you claim to know you should make it public. Otherwise your narrative is just a story you formed with your imagination. Half truths are worst than full lies. You are not doing any favour to your readers also. Ethiopia, it’s people
    and leadership should focus on what you can do to improve your own country and not shifting the blame or scapegoating agents and foreign power players. America is a super power, they didn’t achieve this status by being kind or by minding their own business. Are you genuinely surprised that they would support a regiment that even through use of excessive force was keeping the country peaceful? As for Europe, they just don’t want any more immigrants coming to their countries so they would support anyone who provides stability. Have you forgotten how supportive they were of Abyi Ahmed at the beginning of his presidency?
    I have observed that people have the tendency to blame others for their misfortunes and for their hard lives. Ethiopians blaming foreign powers for everything…sure but that is their game. The question is what do you do to improve the situation. When you focus your critique on the foreign players you deny responsibility and accountability from your own people. And how will your people improve themselves when they have no responsibility and no accountability for their actions? Ethiopians are strong and wise, they are not children that you should protect by blaming others. I plead with you, stop victimising the people they got nothing to win from that except becoming even more dependent. If you have the ability and energy start empowering them by providing guidance and solutions. The blame game is zero sum game.

  2. Really? Don’t you know that the innocent people of Ethiopia know and understand that the very root cause of the unbelievably devastating situation in their own country is first and foremost the so-called prime minister who is politically very infantile, morally bankrupt, pathological liar, disturbingly ruthless (heartless), hypocritic, conspirator? Don’t you know that the people know him for more than four years that he is a person of evil-minded and evil-guided political mentality who plays a very dirty and deadly political game even in the name God or religion? Don’t you feel some sort of cynicism if not guilt or shame when you attempt to undermine peoples’ basic knowledge and experience about the guy (“the prime minister”) whom you very disgracefully fall in love with? Are you trying to fool the people that Biden is the greater enemy of Ethiopia than the chronically criminal political system of OPDO/OLF/EPRDF/Prosperity led by the guy you terribly fall in love with? Don’t you have any sense of shame when you put the very meaning and vale or purpose of intellect and intellectualism terribly upside down? Is this not a very serios if not deeply painful abuse of academia? Is this not committing murder on the very essence and practical value of intellectualism? And is this not in its turn killing the very essence of reason and truth, and by doing so killing the very essence of the power of thinking and reasoning of the generation?

    Let me sum up by saying that being critical of foreign governments’ unproductive intervention is the right thing to do. Needless to say, putting the blame and condemnation squarely on Biden or any other external political figure but not on our own internal ruling circles who continued an extremely heinous political crime is not only political wrong, but it also an absolute idiocy of political thinking and of course political personality!!!
    Please, our intellectuals , try hard to search and research the very essence or soul of intettelctualism and help the people to make themselves free from a chronically ill political system of EPRDF/Prosperity!!!

  3. Easy Brother Al, easy!!! Things are not too bad with the Biden Administration. It is doling out hundreds of millions into the old country’s coffers to help those in dire straits. Ask those two bullies in Moscow and Beijing to top that. They are still sending tools of murder in millions. At least there is a lull in the northern part of the country and let’s hope that will continue to be the case. USA along with the AU has played a part in that.

  4. Ittu Aba Farda

    I hope Brother Al had the chance to watch an interview Dr. Susan Rice gave on PBS History With David Rubenstein and it was a rerun of the 2021 broadcast. But it was very revealing. The Benghazi horrific incidence in 2012 came up during the interview. She was very crafty in explaining how and what she said in her appearance on several Sunday morning news shows shortly after the attack. During the interview she seems to pass the buck/shift the blame on Hillary and other US officials at that time. She told the host that Hilary and everyone else turned down the interviews. Then she was asked to go on the rounds of the Sunday morning shows and explain how the siege took place. She told the host that she was committed to take her kids to Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio State football game when she was asked to go on the Sunday morning shows. She took the kids to game on that Saturday and did the interviews on Sunday against her mother’s best advice. She was not fully briefed and believed that the siege was not a pre planned terrorist attack. During my long career in manufacturing we used to call that CYA for the lower rank employees and CTA for those in managerial positions. Not me, it was the machine that made the rejects; not me, it was that manager who is no longer with our company! Yada, yada, yada!!!! CYA = Cover your $$$; CTA = Cover thy $$$. It was hilarious!!!!(Not that Hillary. I said hilarious). I was wondering if Brother Al had watched that interview. I could see him saying ‘I told you! I told you!!!’

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