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Ethiopia: ENTC expressed solidarity with hero scribe, urged policy rethink.

By Getahune Bekele
Abebe Gelaw’s heroics as expressed by A.Hailu of California, US.
Expressing its solidarity with firebrand Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gelaw, the Ethiopian National Transition Council has called up on the Obama administration to rethink its policy of friendship with the terrorist legions of TPLF warlords who are holding Ethiopia in thrall.
Praising the FBI for foiling the assassination plot on exiled free press hero Abebe Gelaw, the man who silenced the late fiend fuehrer Meles Zenawi in front of world leaders at the Reagan Building in Washington Dc, the transition council detailed the terrorist activities of TPLF in countries like Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti and Uganda; where Ethiopian refugees are regularly snatched from cities or camps by the regimes hirelings and herded to death in prisons back home.
Even before foolishly attempting to export terror to the United States in January 2013 by trying to kill a journalist in the land of liberty, the TPLF junta has a large repertoire of past terror crimes and it had been on the US terrorist list from 1975-1991, until it became a repressive regime.
Pointing out the peculiar terrorist nature of the TPLF junta which recently disseminated a 52 page hit list to all its embassies around the globe, the transition council vehemently urged all opposition groups and prominent Ethiopians to put pressure on the US government to thoroughly and broadly investigate the terrorist activities of the outdated clannish junta, and punish it accordingly.
“We remain cleave to our commitment, to totally eradicate this mercilessly brutal rule from our country in unison with thousands of Abebe Gelaw –like Ethiopians.” Reads the short and to-the-point statement released on 10 January 2013.
The Horn Times Newsletter-11 January 2013

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