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Ethiopia: Cartoon of the day – Welkait

Cartoon of the day welkait and tigrai

Ethiopia: Cartoon of the day – Welkait vs Tigrai

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  1. Be wubie zemen yedenekore indemibalew dinberachin key. Bahir new setil atnur mejeneria welkait tsegedien asmelis sile keye bahir behuala tasbaleh ahun yemejemeriawin shigir meftatyasfeligal

  2. the fascist and satanic tigre people liberation front has been fantasing for a long time to build a greater tigre republic by annexing lands from the Amhara and Afar regions.the land mass of tigre region is now almost 3 times as big as it was before.
    while annexing wolkayit-tegede-humera-telemt the fascist tplf thugs have also been donating parts of Gondar to sudan as a favour to sudan for not allowing opposition fighters on its soil. Gonder has been cut to pieces by the fascists.

    as if that is not enough the tplf thugs are inciting inter ethnic violence between quimant and amhara to destroy the region completely. the current battle is very much about the survival of the Gonder amhara. whatever it takes , we will confront the satanic tplf and restore honour and freedom and justice. there is no turning back.

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