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Ethiopia: Can you trust the news media?

Baile Derseh Mihrete

A large number of people doubt what they read, what they see and hear in the news of EPRDF`s media. Governments want to convince the public to support of polices and their officials. Because the media draws on the content from the government.The media of Ethiopia is among the most strictly controlled in the world.

The media of Ethiopia is among the most strictly controlled in the world .The constitution notionally provides for freedom of speech and the press, however, the government prohibits the exercise of these rights in practice, unless it is in praise of government/EPRDF/.The government not only tightly control all information coming in and out, but seeks to mould information at its source.

A typical examples of this was the death of Meles Zenawi news of which was not divulged until many days after it occurred .It is no surprise that woyanne controlled medias are allowed to lie and distort the truth as much as they want ,even if they risk looking ridiculous. The Woyanne cadre journalists behind those terrorizing institution may be getting promotion for their act of deception and lie. I remember the woyanne officials who lied about bademe and the border demarcation some years ago and never retraction or show remorse until now for his deception.

Reporters without borders have consistently ranked Ethiopia near the bottom of its yearly press freedom index. The press is tightly controlled by the state; Article 19 of the Ethiopian constitution protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press. In practice, the government only allows speech supports it and the ruling party/tplf or EPRDF party/.Media report in Ethiopia are often one sided and exaggerated playing little or no role in gathering and disseminating vital information, true to facts and providing propaganda for the regime. The EPRDF/TPLF/media effectively paints the country and vision of the regime in a fake positive light and showing the Ethiopian public as to the outside world`s perception of the country.

Ethiopia has repeatedly drawn fire for the harsh treatment and lengthy jail terms it has given to bloggers who criticised the regime .like Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu,Woubeshete Taye…,The number of arrests and conventions has soared in year to year .I think the fact that Ethiopia`s government uses social media to spread propaganda and lies to the public is a great examples of how something that`s supposed to encourage free speech is doing the complete opposite. State administration of radio and television to make sure content promotes party /EPRDF/ doctrine. The Ethiopia government employs a diverse range of methods to induce journalists to censor themselves rather than risk punishment.

The Ethiopia medias called ERTA is now become officially the propaganda machine to the EPRDF party secrete agenda in Ethiopia brain washing and laying Ethiopians how EPRDF is good for the country. The Ethiopian Medias and the government journalists need to act as human and competent and have to stop doing a propaganda job for the EPRDF

Party, spreading their secret agenda to damage the nation, you will know when you are already damaged and there will be no turn back. There are millions of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians all over the world watching the situations very closely and seriously .Don`t be corrupted by them/EPRDF/.Find and trust them is the biggest challenge until their true being is seen with practical and use full actions, not taking one things sounds good while doing bad things which are accustomed to get from them for so long and this time to say enough is enough and stop it.


EPRDF should respect freedom of expression
– The government of Ethiopia /EPRDForTPLF/should take positive measures to stop the arrest and other forms of harassment of journalists.
– The right to freedom of expression and information cannot be restricted by the government.
– State owner ship of the press should be prohibited, and the independence of the media guaranteed.
– Should reflect the principles that the right to freedom of expression and information applies irrespective of boundaries.
– The offences of criminal defamation should be abolished
– Everyone has the right to freedom to freedom of opinion and expression, this right the right to hold opinions without interference.
– EPRDF/TPLF should stop inaccurate and inflammatory media reports
– Protection should be provided to all journalists working in the country and extended to media workers in general, such as editors publishers, photographers…,.
– The press should be encouraged to self-regulate rather than have rules imposed by the state/EPRDF/
Journalists and press out lets should be free to adopt and voluntarily follow professional standard of ethics.

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