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Ethiopia: Another False Prophet from the North?

February 23, 2013

The Horn Times opinion
by Getahune Bekele, South Africa

Is it Abune Matias or Abune Samuel?

“The church is Noah’s ark and he who is not found in it shall perish when the flood overwhelms all…”

(The Cappadocia fathers, 376 AD)

One of the first Christian nations with more than 60 references in the bible, a refined and purified church made up of

people united to their priest and the flock that cleaves to its shepherd; with unique theology, traditions and customs in the land of Prester John- Ethiopia, where priestly dignity transcends royal or political powers.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church is no ordinary church but those which the apostles themselves established and governed from the ancient imperial city of Alexandria.

However, since the internal colonization of Ethiopia began in May 1991, the very same church was handed over blind folded and hand cuffed to a man called Aba Pawlos, the supreme ruler of darkness who was dethroned by untimely death in 2012.

After his death, an ungodly warlord known as Abbay Tsehaye (pictured) took over, cutting up and destroying the most revered doctrine developed in accordance with the tradition of the gospel.

Currently, Abbay is running the circus of electing new Patriarch at his pleasure and on his authority. Either Abune Matias of Jerusalem or Abune Samuel (both Tigres) are expected to win with the ruling minority junta’s support.

But not a single soul in the land of Abyssinia accepts Aba Samuel or Abune Matias as disciples of the cross. To the faithful

all Tigre bishops are symbols of long standing feuds in the criminal TPLF run synod of Addis Ababa which is tearing to shreds the seamless robe of the lord. Millions want them to be excommunicated and debarred from communion for dragging the undefiled and immortal spiritual mother’s name through the mud for 21 years along with other members of Abbay Teshaye’s unholy synod.

Aba Samuel is a Pernicious evil that already immersed himself in TPLF’s demonic business of wickedly disguised breach of faith, extremely arrogant and proud, he is considered the high priest of the semi- pagan Tigray kingdom who by perfidy, robbery and murder continues to govern the church; striving to dominate Ethiopians with cupidity and intolerable presumption.

In the past 21 years the clannish Tigre priesthood used banishment and death as main weapons to force absolute obedience out of the non- Tigre clergy and the laity, showing no clemency to those who defy them. Ethiopians will never forget how the incomparable religious scholar Aleka Ayalew Tamiru was made to suffer great hardship and die destitute in captivity. Moreover, the violent arrest and torture of Adebabaye Iesuse’s spiritual warrior, Aba Amha Eyesus is still fresh in our memory.

And when all these grave crimes were committed by Patriarch-cum-gunman the late Aba Pawlos, all these Tigray fathers, Aba Samuel, Aba Lukas and Abune Matias were there.

ብጹእ አቡነ ማትያስ

Born in Tigray republic’s Shire Endasilassie area as Tekestebirhan Wolde-Samuel (now Abune Samuel) some 50 years ago, a dear friend of the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi and a trusted ally of sadist Tigray republic president Abbay Woldu, the replica of the dead fake patriarch Aba Pawlos of Tigre; another false prophet is about to become the 6th patriarch of the ancient faith against the most sacred laws of the fathers and the divine canon of the church.

Aba Samuel has already exposed himself to the assaults of the adversary through his unbounded lust for leadership. He suddenly began to rave in a kind of ecstatic trance, and to babble in a jargon, acting in a manner contrary to the custom of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church which had been handed down by tradition from the earliest times.

A well known backslider and compromiser who spearheaded the synod of scheming bishops to dismantle the historic Waldiba monastery, is Aba Samuel fit to lead the matured Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the oldest institution in the world at the age of just 50?

Some who heard his evil, demented, absurd and irresponsible utterances of saying “after five we say six, not four.” already rebuked

him as devil incarcerate, remembering the lord’s warning to guard vigilantly against the coming of false prophets.

By saying “after five we say six”, the irreverent behemoth was suggesting that after the death of the fifth patriarch electing the sixth is the only way to go. “Not four” represents the stance of the minority junta that the legally elected fourth patriarch, his holiness Abune Merkoreyos who was forced into exile 21 years ago won’t be allowed to make a triumphant return to the throne of St Markos.

And if Abune Samuel or Abune Matias succeeds to become the 6th patriarch, it means the wishes of those who were beseeching the fathers with tears to break the chains of the devil by wisely and sensitively restoring the church to unity will never come to fruition.

Carefully groomed for more than a decade by the lawless TPLF heathen, the throne vacated by the death of the late Aba Paulos has already been given to Abune Samuel or to Abune Matias. What is left for them to do is just go through sub-rosa election before the junta officially declares one of them ‘winner?’.

What then shall Ethiopia’s pious priesthood and the laity do when the canon of 318 holy fathers assembled at Nicaea and confirmed by 150 most esteemed bishops who in like manner met at Constantinople, being abused and violated by the minority junta for the second time in 21 years?

It is time to break the back bone of fear and confront the junta in the only language it understands.

The warlords and their fake clerics who vainly beguile themselves, not being at peace with God’s people, approach the church by stealth and by under hand means just to continue practicing their vile trade of slowly destroying both the historic nation and the historic faith must be smashed by popular uprising now.

If we Ethiopians still believe that our churches is the medicine of immortality and the antidote against death, then let’s stops grieving for eternity and remove the four-footed devil from its throne with utmost determination.

Our church is one and cannot be rent or sundered, but should assuredly be bound together and united by the glue of the clergy who are in great harmony with the almighty. Hence Ethiopians demand the return of the sole patriarch Abune Merkoreyos, a vigorous champion of Ethiopiawenet, to Addis Ababa.

Rise up Ethiopia!


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