Ethiopia Anew: A Call to Amhara Ethnic People

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Zelalem Eshete, Ph.D.

This is a call to Amhara ethnic people from an Amhara ethnic individual. This is a about looking at ourselves inwardly first than looking at others outwardly. In doing so, it is my intention to demonstrate how we can put the problem of unity at the center and look at other ethnic people using different sets of eyeglasses thereby taking the unity dialogue to a new level in truth and love.

We, Amahra of today, need to take the responsibility on our own initiative and stand in the gap to be accountable to the ills of our forefathers. The brokenness of the marginalized, abused and neglected people begets that they are the soul of Ethiopia. This is because the new unity of Ethiopia is championed and realized first by those who are marginalized and abused.

To that end, we rise up and address the problem at hand with three-pronged solutions. How desperately we need to be part of the solution towards a national reconciliation for the transformation of Ethiopian history from marginal unity to authentic unity.

Confession: deal with the past

The Greek word for “confess” is homologeo which means: “to say the same thing” and then “agree, admit, acknowledge”. It is time we say the same thing as the truth. There is debt in the history books. It doesn’t matter if we personally do not have a prejudice against another ethnic group. The debt of past tragedy needs to be settled. It is real and grave. There is nothing more tragic than considering and treating another human being as sub-human because they are of a different ethnic group. We need to teach history to our kids so that they too stand in the gap and become a part of this historic healing process by acknowledging the shame.

The people who suffered a lot shouldn’t be burdened to convince us about what happened. We need to learn on our own and come to the realization that the flaw of a fallen humanity also tarnished the Ethiopia we admire. We need to be burdened by the gravity of the situation so much that our soul is sick of the mistakes made.

Repentance: deal with the present

The Greek word for repentance means: “think differently after” or “after a change of mind”. This is the second step we need to take. Unless we repent, confession is just a lip service with no value whatsoever. Real confession, a realization and acknowledgment of the mistakes done, brings us to repentance. This activity moves us from the past to the present. Repentance or change of thinking is the one that unstuck us and get us moving on the path to healing and reconciliation.

The new Ethiopia is built on this new thinking birthed out of confronting the reality as it is. Lack of repentance (change of thinking), forces us to perpetuate the ills of the past right into the future. It is inexcusable to march on the same or engage in reactive mode in the 21st century.

Discover: deal with the future

When we right the wrongs of the past through confession and repentance, then only we are free from the shackle of the past to envision the future together as a family of one. Together, we discover our new identity that unites us all in truth as never before. Remember that only love is meant to bind us together.

When we come to the light and experience genuine unity based on equality and nobility – we will know that our past unity is just a shadow crying out for the real one. As our identity crises exits and makes a way for the new identity to come forth defining Ethiopia anew – the whole world would witness the other face of Ethiopia: One Family under our Creator!

In conclusion, fulfilling our responsibility would pave the way for the healing process to begin. Unless we move ahead with a new wholesome identity, we relive the mistake of the past reformatted differently that even makes us a victim today.

I conclude by echoing the words of Nelson Mandela:

“Great anger and violence can never build a nation. We are striving to proceed in a manner and towards a result, which will ensure that all our people, both black and white, emerge as victors.”
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  1. Dear Dr. Eshete,

    Please write and ask pardon on your behalf and leave the Amharas alone. You can take responsibility if you had committed any crimes; but urging of other to take responsibility for unconfirmed and non-existent damages based on delusion is like fetching a dung where there was no cattle in the field.

  2. Frankly speaking I am not sure what the individual is talking. What do you want the Amhara people to do? Confess to what? What did our fathers do? What is wrong with keeping the nation independent and free? What is so wrong with keeping the nation united? Please do not belittle our nation builders!!!!

  3. Dear Zelalem,

    Since you say “We, Amhara people, …” I take it you are Amhara.

    Glad to know that there is at least one Amhara who is ready to repent about past sins. I admire your wisdom and courage. You really nailed it, what you said is all we need to turn our attention to build new Ethiopia. I hope more and more Amhara like you will eventually come out and declare their interest in leaving the past behind and “share Ethiopia” with the rest of us.

    The utter lack of empathy among Amharas, particularly among the so called educated elites, has been puzzling me for quite long time. I have always asked myself things like “how come I am yet to find a single Amhara who would accept the truth”.

    Clearly, such a stubborn attitude has pushed Ethiopia to the verge of total disintegration. It is time that the truth is told; concerned citizens from all sections of the society, will need to anchor our vision on the future, leaving the past behind.

    God bless you!

  4. You talk shit. As a people we Amharas do nothing on the rest of the people. Who the hell made the rulers of the past Amharas’??? Is mengistu Amhara? Welde Ayana is the grand pa of mengistu. Is Hailesilassie Amhara? He was Oromo and Guragie. Menilik? The same shit! Oromo, Amhara and Guragie. The Islamophobe Yohannes, well absolutely TIGRE. By the way, what hurt us, the Amharas, is unlike other people we don’t wail for the past. Tell me who murdered in mass innocents in Gojam? The cold blooded killer of the Tigre monster, Yohannes. Who persecuted the Wollo Amhara Muslims and made them change their religion forcefully? The same jackshit Yohannes of Tigre. The good news is the same Muslim brothers take care of him and beheaded his bone head. Anyway, there is no historical record that could morally obliged us to confess nor repent.

  5. First and foremost there is nothing that the people of Amhara have done to confess or repent. Addressing past problems for reconcilation and building New Ethiopia are one thing, confession and repent is another thing. As to me, there is nothing that the people of Amhara confess or repent.

  6. This is a very substantive and progressive thinking;
    but I could never believe it could be from an amhara
    individual since they have no exception in their anachronistic
    chauvenist perspective. Amharan mind has been shackled by a wrong
    self conception and misguidedly construed history.

  7. First and for most, there is nothing that the people of Amhara have done to confess and repent. The people did no wrong. Addressing past problems for reconciliation and building New Ethiopia is one thing, Confession and repentance with no wrong doing is insane. As to me the above commentary is a honey coated poison.

  8. This is so rational and progressive thinking that one never
    expect from an amhara individual as they have no exception
    in thier anachronistic akaaki zeraaf politics.

    • What a lost man ever commented like this U. Try to grow up and widen your level of thought before pointing to Amharas.We are proud people from Nationalist and true Ethiopians forefathers who did a lot to you and your families to be alive and escape slavery of Colonialism. We are millions and though enough to challenge any. Viva Ethiopia! Zelalem and his funs are bunch of losers.

      • It is true-Amharas must admit their wrong doings, and deceptive history they wrote about. Most amharas until recently were told they are better but now they begun to realize this is a big deceptions. Indeed, almost all are much more back word and uncivilized.

  9. It appears that you believe that Amharas are responsible for all the bad things that happened in the past. You are entitled to your opinion, but that is not the truth. For example, Weyane , OLF etc.. portray the Military Derg regime as an Amhara regime, but the fact is that Amharas were the most massacred people under Derg. When Derg came to power, its slogan was the same i.e. removing the Amharas hegemony and freeing exploited nationalities. How could Derg end up being the regime it deposed following the weyane/olf logic?

    Again, the fact is that we have had Amharic speaking regimes, but not Amhara regimes. Amharas as people should not feel guilty for mistakes of the past regimes because it is not their own making. Those individuals and their accomplices are the only responsible people for the atrocities the various regimes committed. Weyane/OLF accuse the Amharas for mistakes of the past because they consider them as their biggest threat for the Amharas are firm believers of Ethiopian nationalism.

    OLF and Weyane have committed genocide against the Amharas and encouraged others to do the same because of their same wrong view of the world. I think the Amharas need to awaken to defend themselves and be assertive in seeking their right and other people’s right respected. That is what is missing so far, not repentance or guilt. Amharas cannot be guilty of the past as a people; Amharas suffered the most both under the previous and current Ethiopia regimes. What is different now is that the regime has officially declared Amharas to be their primary enemies, and craft policies to subjugate and annihilate the Amharas. What kind of repentance and guilt are you expecting from Amharas while this is going on?

    Weyane annihilated Amharas
    Derg annihilated Amharas
    OLF massacred many of them
    Oromo invasion annihilated millions of them
    Gragne Mohammed massacred millions of them

    Wake up Amhara before you become extinct. Every body is unjustly targeting you because of the actions of others and for believing in Ethiopian unity and sovereignty. Self defense is a natural response to any enemy action. You need to save yourself…. Otherwise, they will continue to uproot and erase you from the face of the earth. Simply watch the atrocities of Weyane, OLF and Derg perpetrated against you. There are lots of plans for more atrocity against you. Save yourself.

    • @ Nahomi
      Here we go again. This is exactly what the Dr. is saying about. I sincerely respect his view and his analysis. But for people like you light of the day is not yet out. You and yours likes are still denying the truth. and focusing on the symptom of the bad deeds of your grandfathers and fathers. I am not defending the TPLF. This fascist organization had a golden opportunity to fix the problem. But it preferred to go on the line of your grandfathers to exercise shameful type of forceful governing as new principals and subordinating the others who are not Tigreans.

      The way you and your types are trying to ridicule the victims instead of acknowledging what has happened to the other groups until 1991, specially until the end of your king Teferi, there is no peace on that land. TPLF can not bring peace. The new Amhara radicals definitely will not get even closer to peace even as the TPLF tried it at first and then aborted it. if at all peace could come to the land, it can be only after the TPLF gets its outfit to the size of its base, the new Amhara radicals stop their limitless self-importance and representatives of all groups come together and accept the federal system with regional self rule under an umbrella democratically represented government. Otherwise, your act of denying the truth of history and trying to painting others with your dabtera “history” will make NO justice and solution to the land.

  10. I am an proud Amara, I do not share your propaganda.

    This article must be written by anti-Ethiopian propagandist who is on EGYPT’S payroll.

    Long Live ETHIOPIA !!!!!

  11. ጸሐፊው በጣም ታሳዝናለህ! ለማለት የፈለከውን እንኳን አላልከውም። ምክንያቱም ድፍረቱ የለህም። ድፍረቱን ያላገኘኸው ደግሞ የምትጽፈው ገለባና እውነትነት የሌለው መሆኑን አሳምረህ ስለምታውቀው ነው። አማራው ምን እየደረሰበት እንደሆነ እያወቅህ “ወደውስጥህ ተመልከትና ተናዘዝ፣ ንስኃ ግባ” የምትለው ምኑን እንዲናዘዝና በምኑ ንስኃ እንዲገባ እንደሆነ አልጻፍከውም። በዚህ በተወላገደ እንግሊዝኛህ የአማራው አባቶችና አያቶች ምን እንደሠሩ ሳትነግረን አማራውን ኃላፊነት ውሰድ ትለዋለህ። ቀጥተኛም ባይሆን አዟዙረህ አማራውን ሌላውን “ዘር” ዝቅ አድርጎ እንደሚመለከትም ልትነግረን ሞክረሃል። ይህን ያህል ክስ እያቀረብክ አንድ ማስረጃ እንኳን በመጥቀስ ኃላፊነት ልትወስድ አልሞከርህም። ብዙ ደክመው ለማዕረግ የበቁትንና አሁንም አገራቸውን በእውቀታቸው በተለያየ መስክ እያገለገሉ ያሉትን ዶክተሮች የሚያሰድቡት እንዳንተ ዓይነቶቹ መሆን አለባቸው። በየክፍለዓለማቱ በሚገኙ የተለያዩ ነገዶችና ጎሳዎች መካከል ከነበረው የተለየ ዓይነት ግንኙነት በኢትዮጵያ ነበረ፤ አማራውም በዚህ ጊዜ በዚህ ቦታ በዘሩ ተደራጅቶ ሌላውን ጎሳና ነገድ ከፓለቲካ ሥልጣን፣ ከኢኮኖሚ ጥቅም፣ ከማኅበራዊ አገልግሎት ተጠቃሚ እንዳይሆን አድርጎት ነበር ብለህ እንደ እውነተኛ ጸሐፊ ማስረጃ አስደግፈህ ስትጽፍልን እኛ ደግሞ ያኔ መልስ እንሰጥሀለን። ትንሽ እውቀት አደገኛ ነው” የሚባለው ለአንተ ዓይነት ሰዎች መሆን አለበት። የጊዜው የጎሳ ፓለቲካ ጽንፈኞች እንኳን ያላሉትን መላውን የአማራ ሕዝብ “ተናዘዙ፣ ንስኃ ግቡ” እያልከው ነው። “አዲስ አማኝ ከጳጳሱ ይበልጣል” እንዲሉ እንደ አንተና አለምነው መኮንን ዓይነት በአማራው ስም የሚነግዱ አለቅላቂዎች ቀናቸው አጭር ነው። ማእበሉን የሚያቆመው የለም።

  12. The writer is definitely a woyane tribalist. He has very little understanding about Ethiopian history and the current mafia politics that uses ethnicity to hold on to power. I don’t know where he gets this “noble” idea of beating up the victim. Have you for a minute considered what has transpired against the Amhara in the last 23 years? Have you considered the Tigre or the Oromo to ask for forgiveness for all the inhumane treatment and killings against the Amhara? Even if you were a tplfite messenger, do you have the morale high ground to “write” what you wrote? Or are you trying to be Alemnew in English? If you are an Amhara, maybe you weren’t brought up as one. You are a disgrace and a shame, I highly doubt that you are an Amhara.

  13. From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
    Let us say, people agree with you. But, what are the ills of your forefathers that you are confessing here? You did not tell us what it is. I know why you do not want to tell us the ills of your forefathers faking yourself as Amhara. It is because, you are not one of them.

    To me you are faking yourself. You do not need to fake. We have debated with those who came openly –though they too have no coherent point to debate, at list they came out as OLF or TPLF.

    You too need to come out and say what you want to say. Do not act as the Weyane Tigray cults of Geza Tegaru cults or like the Minnesota ill informed youth who are completely drayed from the reality with no guidance to the real world. Tell us what are the ills of your forefathers that you are claiming in your delusional mind? If you do not tell us what you are talking about and what you want the people you are holding accountable at present time you want them to do without telling them your forefathers’ ills, how can they understand what you are asking them to do? At least, when one asks apology, the accuser should reveal the causes he is talking about. Then the accused will agree with his point or not. How silly! You are Doctor? Please get lost will you? You do not need to fake yourself. Come out openly we can debate you. How about try another fake game ? This kind of childish OLF/TLF game is already bankrupted a longtime ago. Where have you been? Are you a new comer to the internet? Please get mature, will you?
    GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    • @ Reda
      Unfortunately extremists like you are the ideologues of the ideologue mushrooming extremist and fanatic Amhara wing at the expense of the innocent Amhara peasants in Gojam and Gondar. You and your extremist followers are responsible for all denials of the degrading acts played by your grandfathers and fathers.

  14. My dear, Zelalem Estate.,would you please brief me what the ill of our forefathers was? Because our forefathers were not ethnic centered but nationalist and the current attack on us is based on a synthetic history, delusion…But, as a general idea, We Amhara people should Unify and start the long journey to our developed Ethiopia in general and Amharas full right in particular. Thank you!

  15. Wow!!! Thanks Sir,
    Of all articles written and scribbled on Ethiopian websites for the past decade, this is the one that thoughtfully written. This is the way the future Ethiopia (The Real Ethiopia) should be built from the ashes of ground zero.

    Confess, Repent, then Discover!
    Hello people! Any one listening?

  16. Dedeb. Anten bilo phD. Denkoro. Manin new silemindinew degmo confession repentance yemitzebarikew. Bel yelebesikewn yebeg koda awulikina betekulanetih tenkesakes. Bekere denkuren lemadenager atizelab. Moron. Begirna beferss sink quatrew wuhatimna rehab saybegirachewn netsanetin yakoyu jegnoch lekibrachew yisegedilachewal gebah. You are indeed subhuman. Wusha.

  17. Thumps up brother! Yes, way to go if true reconciliation among nationalities and future progress are interested, especially amhara elites and debteras for falsifying the history and national events.

  18. First of all you are not Amhara and you don’t represent Amhara, i smell a woyane rat here. Amhara people have defended Ethiopia more than their fare share and they are proud of It.
    Blaming them for something they have never done is not going to be tolerated

    Please go some where and fool some one as you are not going to fool any one

  19. you must be a woyane doctor from “CIVIL SERVICE COLLEGE” Aka dingay mamrecha…… poor woyane cadre, the good news here is you are not fooling any one, such poisonous propoghanda is expected from uncivilized woyane reptile like you. so leave the Amhara people alone

  20. With the same line of thinking Tigryans shall do the same 4 weyane crimes and Oromos 4 OLF crime. How where u get ur PHD?

  21. The so called PHD holder, I wonder how stupid you are. How could you dare to write this? I am 100% sure, you are not Amhara or you are someone who has been brain washed or psychic. First of all, Amhara people are the most genuine people for their country and didn’t do anything wrong against any other people. You have yourself have been the victim of the fabricated history of khat/chat chewers which they wrote with the help of hallucination/mirkana. Something that irritated me is that your wrote your name and then telling us that you have PHD. We have never seen such a PHD holder who bend with the wind instead of the truth. For that matter, PHD is being sold at TPLF market in Ethiopia. I know so many people who don’t deserve it but having it purchasing from mother sellers.

  22. Well my amara forefathers in wollo were nearly starving to death back in the days. So you want me to apologize and feel guilty for that? What an idiot!

    Most of our leaders were shewan amaras or amharic speaking oromos and debuboch

    Maybe your forefathers committed crimes so go ahead and drown in guilty

  23. Dear Dr. Eshete,

    I read an article which was compiled by you and I was suspicious on who you are. Now, I just realized who you are and where you are going. Could you please list out what the Amhara’s did on the rest of ethic groups which is different from what the Tigrians or Oromo’s did?

    We can’t bring reconciliation by just accepting which was not true. Amhara did nothing. Period.

    • A lot has been said about who did what atrocity and where in the history of our country. it is difficult to say everything we write or read are factual. However, it does not get us anywhere to try to deny everything. If you are willing to open you eyes (and mind), there is plenty to see. For instance, a recent book in Amharic by Tabor Wami, entitled “Ye-Wugena Teretochna Ye-Tarik Iwunetawoch” provides a comprehensive documentation and covers a relatively long period of time. I highly recommend to you that you read this book. Someone with a fixated view on Ethiopian history may need huge doze of patience while reading this book sure enough you will get a good account of what has been happening in that country.

      Nothing is perfect in that country’s historical account, but we grew up listening to and hearing only one side of the story. If you really want to become an Ethiopian with a balanced viewpoint, then it is time that you update yourself with dearths of Ethiopian history which has so far been systematically and deliberately omitted. By the way, never mind about history, even in geography and environment, we Ethiopians have been cheated in the way we are brought up and the image we carry in our mind regarding out country. It is only after I traveled in the rest of the world that I realized that actually grasses and trees do actually grow in other countries too, and Ethiopia is not the only country which is green and “lemlem”. So, please wake up, help yourself and help Ethiopia by emerging out of the dense fog inEthiopian history.

      Having said this, I really want to qualify one thing. It is my view that the vast majority of Amharas have nothing to do with the atrocities committed in their name. It is a small section of Amharas, the ruling elites, and their soldiers who settled in the south who are relevant in this affair. And I have noticed time and again, it is “intellectuals” who emerged from this small section of the Amhara population who shout the loudest, who see themselves more Ethiopians then the rest of us. It is these individuals who find it absolutely unacceptable to see themselves as equals with southerners, with whom they have grown up always looking down at them. They bitterly protest any change to the old system, yearning for the return of the feudal system, which was their “golden day”, but it certainly was a dark era for the rest of Ethiopians including the Amhara peasantry, who benefited nothing from the system, but on the contrary equally suffered with the rest of Ethiopian peasants. I really want to underline this point – IT IS VERY UNFAIR TO BUNDLE ALL AMHARAS TOGETHER AND ASK THEM TO REPENT. IT IS THE NEFTEGHANS, A SMALL FRACTION OF THE AMHARA POPULATION, WHO COMMITTED ALL KINDS OF ATROCITIES AND INJUSTICES IN ALL CORNERS OF PRESENT DAY ETHIOPIA. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO NEED TO REPENT AND COME OUT CLEAN.

      The Amharas of Gojjam, Gondar, or any other part of present day Amhara have nothing whatsoever to do with the crimes committed in the south. It is very unfortunate that blames have been squarely put on all Amharas with no qualifications, without distinguishing the neftegna sub-group who left the Amhara region long ago, with no link to their place of origin. This is fine but other people should not be blamed for the mess this small group have created over the years and the role they have played in creating animosity between the communities they settled in and the rest of Amharas.

  24. Zelalem, If you really are a Ph.D holder, please do me favor publish the name of the school you went for your Ph.D. So I DON’T want send my children to that school. I very much doubt you are an Amara; if you are, you are walking extra mile to please you paying master tplf. Otherwise you could have known how the life of Amara people in Ethiopia. Working from dawn to dusk with back breaking job on their farm field and feeding and raising people like you the future ph.ds. Please leave us alone. Don’t justify the current juntas abuse against our people.

  25. I think the guys has the right view but wrong target. The problem is not with Amhara as a people but the policy that favour certain group while bankrupting the locals. I think it is more complex than blaming the Amhara as a group.
    Example it starts with the party that are telling us Minilik did great while expanding for killing millions, the problem starts there and this has nothing to do with Amhara but it has something to do with denial. We will condemn all who praise the wrong doing and it doesn’t matter whether he is Amhara or not. May be if we are all open minded and understand why it happened and how to avoid it and learn from it. Doing the same thing more time and getting the same result.

  26. Mr Zelalam may be a fake Weyane agent first of I don’t believe an Amhara because I don’t know where you came because the Amhara people already paid large sacrifice to make change and bring democracy in Ethiopia without Amhara struggle there was no peasants land ownership. Also today Ethiopia Amhara people believe in one person one vote democracy and ready for it and will bring the change. So I believe you are barking on the wrong tree you message should be addressed to the minority tribalist Tigiran government that need change because in the last 23 years we didn’t see any protest from the governing tribalist tigre elites when people massacred , displaced and when our sisters raped and killed by barbarian arabs. So pleas advise you Tigre cousins stop raping the country and abusing the Ethiopia people.

  27. For me the basic question should be defining Amhara then after we can go for any argument. If some is born from Amhara and other ethnic group they are the other ethnic group not Amhara. So here comes the question who is Amhara? Do we need both the family to be Amhara for some one to be Amhara? If so if we go back to the ancestral line of most Ethiopian we would find non Amhara ethnic mixed background. So that we may come up with mixed personality then we may not be able to say most of the people Amhara. In my view we are considering being an Amhara as the base for Ethiopian and Ethiopianess. So who is Amhara let is define it then? specially Mr. author can you define it in my context since you said you are Amhara.

  28. What a very stupid monkey is self called Zelalem?
    First and foremost he is not an Amhara.
    Indeed he is a protestant to preach his diabolic act.
    Such persons have met a long time ago. Their pay master is TPLF.
    Before they have distributed also a videao message prepared from TPLF Embassy in Wahington.
    If I see and meet such a person I will deal with him.
    Hang him upside down. He is Lucifer.
    Viva Ethiopia
    God almighy bless Ethiopia!
    Hell with TPLF and OLF stooges
    Ethiopia will prevail!.

    the great
    Jolee Ethiopia!!

  29. Dr Zelzale, First of all Amharas do tend to emphasise more their national identity as Ethiopians and don’t brag like you and focus on their ‘Amharaness’. Even if they did, it is mainly because of the last few decades targeted attack on them rather than to use it to label fabricated lies on their own people. That is why I share those who doubted who you say you are in both your identities, both ethnic and PhD. In the unlikely scenario that you are who you are saying, I feel sorry for you as you have been deprived both in knowledge (useless PhD) and history by your ethnicist mentors. I am also saddened by Zehabesha, who allowed you to publish such cheap propoganda that only saws seeds of division among our people by reinforcing prejudist attitude and misperception about one of the major group of people who immensely contributed to the building of our nation.

  30. ዘሐበሻ (ሄኖክ)፦

    የዐማራዉን ተፃፃራሪ ጽሆፎችን ማዉጣትሕን በእጅጉ ተያይዘኸዋል። ያ ባይገርመኝም የዐማራዉን ዕዉነት የሚናገሩ ጽሁፎችን ማዉጣት ካቆምህ ቆየት አልክ። ለምሳሌ የሞረሽ ወገኔን መግለጫዎች ማዉጣት ካቆምህ ቆየህ። ይገባኛል ሚኒሶታ ካሉ የኦነግ ሰዎች ድጋፍ እንደምታገኝ። በዚህ ባሕሪህ ከቀጠልህ እኛ ደግሞ ላንተ ማስታወቂያ ከመስጠት እንቆጠባለን። ብዙ አማሮች እንደሚረዱህ ታዎቃለህ!

    እዉነቱን ለመናገር ድፍረቱ ይኑርሕ!

  31. Sorry to tell you this. You must avoid the prefix Dr. from your name. Even you can’t be rated as a human being as you luck most of the criteria that human must fulfill. You simply write what you don’t know. And you are writing in the name of the Amharas while you are not an Amhara. What you are writing is totally anti – amhara and quite similar with the anti – amharas TPLF.

  32. We need more Amhara politicians and opinion-setters to come out of their cocoon as did Waleligne Mekonnen, Alemnew Mekonnen and Zelalem Eshete. There was anothe one by the name Kifle. These are democrats who could see through the forest in order to bring light to the future of Ethiopia. Short of that the country will be facing a dangerous direction. Don’t believe a silent body of water.

  33. Mr Zelalem,

    First of all you are not an Amahara you’re weyanne TPLF cyber agent in disguise and I believe the Amahra people has no lack of repentance because they have contributed and sacrificed too much to bring change by doing that the amhara people sacrificed his children in the student movement to bring democracy and land reformation. Also thousands amhara people died in red terror campaign to bring democracy and still struggling the current minority ethnic apartheid system. So I believe you’re barking on the wrong tree because your message should be addressed to the current minority ethnic apartheid system leaders Tigrean elites who lacks repentance who has never show any repentance and protest against the minority facist government and kept silent for the last 23 years when people killed, displaced, and our sisters raped by Arab barbarians and our land sold for foreigners. So, you cann’t full us you’re Tigrean evil weyanne

  34. MOLLA yemibal godelo woyanne mindinew yimizebarikew. We know who you are, why are you shiting on yourself. Go get some therapy. Chinqilatih koshasha yetemola new!

  35. well, I have a question for who?
    1. whom are to say such kinds of sin words, for me you are not Amhara,
    2. what is your background? do you know the history of Ethiopia? for me to know the history ethiopia you don’t need to learn history.

  36. just some points about the so called Doctor:

    1. You are not Amhara even with a single root(gene)
    2. Your Phd if true 100% sure not an earned one but given from somewhere with a payment funded by your masters
    3. You dont know the ABC of both history and politics
    thus deserves no comment on your trash!!!!!!

  37. It is really sad to see someone like HENOK who left his country for the lack of freedom of expression and censorship doing the same censorship to appease only the MINISOTA OLFites, he stopped posting anything criticizing mad and SICK OLFites who are dreaming day and night about the genocide they are going to wage against the AMHARA people like their forefathers did to the AMHARAS, SIDAMAS, ENARYA, DAWRO, DAMOT people.
    HENOK i was one of the people who signed a petition while you were stranded in TURKEY for you to come to USA and exercise the freedom of expression you were denied back home now you became like the people you were accusing and start censoring our comments who are only against OLF you should be ashamed of yourself and have no moral authority to accuse TPLF anymore

  38. If the intention of the writer is to create unrest and steer patient Amharas, he has somewhat succeeded. The question is why did he do that? As a mechanical/agricultural engineer, his previous attempts by writing useless articles in topics he seems to know little, he could not attract the attention of readers. It seems he wrote this out of despair. I suggest to him to focus on his own field and use his precious time for more productive causes. He is not doing any favor to anyone by scribbling nonsense.

    As an Amhara, what do you really want me, my relatives and my fellow Amharas to do? You want me to confess and repent. But what for and to whom? What wrong did we do except suffer in good times and die during wars, drought and epidemics? As Semere put it right, what should the Woloye, Gojame, Gondere and Shewa farmers confess and to whom once again? How can you demand this from these people, the majority of whom know nothing other than their own little village?
    If there is anyone to confess and repent right now, it is you for the grave mistake you made. I advise you once again not to come with such a poisonous doodle. A university professor should be very careful of what he utters and of his conclusions. In a scientific world, drawing conclusions is not as simple as you did. For you told me that as a Wolloye or Gojama peasant Amhara that I committed a crime. Who is now the criminal? You or me? Where is your evidence, dude? Tinish tesats yasfeligihal…Maferia

  39. If the intention of the writer is to create unrest and steer patient Amharas, he has somewhat succeeded. The question is why did he do that? As a mechanical/agricultural engineer, his previous attempts by writing useless articles in topics he seems to know little, he could not attract the attention of readers. It seems he wrote this out of despair. I suggest to him to focus on his own field and use his precious time for more productive causes. He is not doing any favor to anyone by scribbling nonsense.

    As an Amhara, what do you really want me, my relatives and my fellow Amharas to do? You want me to confess and repent. But what for and to whom? What wrong did we do except suffer in good times and die during wars, drought and epidemics? As Semere put it right, what should the Woloye, Gojame, Gondere and Shewa farmers confess and to whom once again? How can you demand this from these people, the majority of whom know nothing other than their own little village?
    If there is anyone to confess and repent right now, it is you for the grave mistake you made. I advise you once again not to come with such a poisonous doodle. A university professor should be very careful of what he utters and of his conclusions. In a scientific world, drawing conclusions is not as simple as you did. For you told me that as a Wolloye or Gojama peasant Amhara that I committed a crime. Who is now the criminal? You or me? Where is your evidence, dude? Tinish tegsats yasfeligihal…Maferia

  40. zelalem, is a TPLF created character disguised as amhara. The fascist Tigre people liberation front is continuing its subtle campaign of genocide and persecution on the amhara by presenting themselves in different formats. TPLF come as amharas on web sites when they want to attack amharas, they come as oromo to persecute the oromo . etc

    It is a campaign the sons of bandas calling themselves liberators of tigre have been doing for over 40 years. Every body knows Tplf,s agenda and TpLF been persecuting, evicting, dispossessing and massacring the amhara population using its local cadres to carry out their dirty work without shame or remorse.

    The latest campaign is not different. we have to take note and prepare to defend ourselves and free our country from these blood sucker fascists

  41. The writer is not Amara. You would not write like this if you were Amara. If meles was alive , he would hire you as andm cadre. Do you know how many sins weyane is sinning in the past 23 years? Anuak genocide, oromo genocide, displacement, why don’t you advise weyane repentance and confession. How many Amara leaders were dead at 57? Whose separatist relatives are dying in the giant prison? Aren’t all these proof of wrath of God to repent and confess? The writer seems hired by weyane to over estimate weyane and cover the discouragement of weyane by telling Innocent and Godly Amaras to repent as God weren’t killing weyane for them. How did you get phd while being such an immoral?

  42. Dear Dr Zelalem, if you or your families committed crime on others you can do your own confession yourself. Leave alone the poor Amhara people who did not do any crime on others.

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