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Ethiopia: An Extraordinary Win In Its History of Athletics

Ethiopian Athletics team is celebrating its outstanding victory at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Oregon with residents of Addis Ababa by touring the streets of the capital.

The athletics team has been given a hero’s welcome upon arrival to Addis Ababa on Wednesday after a remarkable performance at the world athletics championships.

A national award and recognition ceremony is also expected to take place at the National Palace later today.

In his latest message, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that the shining victories the Ethiopian athletes have made at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Oregon, USA that Ethiopians have crowned and triumphed at the global sport stage resisting all the internal and external challenges.


Praising Ethiopian athletes for raising the national flag at the global stage, Abiy said β€œwe have plenty of reasons to be grateful as a nation.”

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian athletics team achieved historic results that attracted the eyes of the world at the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

Ethiopia had the most gold medals from among African countries and ranked second in the world by winning 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze at the championships.


2 thoughts on “Ethiopia: An Extraordinary Win In Its History of Athletics”

  1. Ok bigots! This heroic team of athletes has returned in one piece. Letesenbet, Gudaf and Gotytom, Tamrat, Workuha, Lemecha, Mosinet, Dawit and Mekides have thumbed their noses at your uncomely faces and gone back into the arms of their loving family of more than 120 million very happy people. You expected and allegedly made several phone calls to ask them to join you at your smelly and toxic speakeasies in Minnesota, LA and DC. If I were you that would be too much for me to bear and would run into the middle of a nearby interstate highway and stand in front of an incoming 18 wheeler just to take myself out of misery. Here is for you. Nanananananahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  2. I am resubmitting this demand to PM Abiy I made before and my demand must be answered positively soon without delay. I want Your Excellency Prime Minister to bestow the following ranks on our gallant athletic warriors.
    1) Letesenbet bint Giday – the rank of Major General of the Army
    2) Gudaf bint Tsegay – the rank of Major General of the Paramilitary
    3) Gotytom bint Gebreslase – the rank of Major General of Air Force
    4) Tamrat Tola – the rank of a Major General of the Anti-terrorist Taskforce
    5) Workuha bint Getachew – the rank of a Brigadier General of the Army
    6) Lemetcha bin Girma – the rank of a Brigadier General of the Police Force
    7) Mosinet bin Geremew – the rank of a Brigadier General of the Anti-terrorist Taskforce
    8) Dawit bint Seyaum – the rank of a Colonel of the Airforce
    9) Mekides bint Abebe – the rank of a Colonel of the Police Force
    10) All coaches to the rank of a Captain of the Army
    Derertu bint Tulu should made a 4-star General of the entire Armed Forces for her unprecedented leadership that produced such historical feats.
    This is not just a request or a proposal but a demand etched in stone. You must do it and do it now! Otherwise I will be all over your case like a cheap 3-piece suit that I bought from the blue light special at K-Mart preparing for my first job interview way back in the early 1970’s. I will twist and thrash every word that comes out of your mouth until you scream no more! Do it now!!!

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