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Ethiopia: Absolute power corrupts absolutely


I believe absolute power corrupts absolutely because of the examples in history and our modern world .this can be seen in communist countries, Africa states and South America .All communists countries have been affected by corruption in one way or another .Famous examples include china, Russia, North Korea and Cuba. In Africa, corruption and absolute rule is wide spread in places such as: Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan,(…,).there was also corruption due to absolute power found in the Renaissance/colonial times. Today throughout the world`s developing countries, there are many examples of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

Absolute power and corruption are very common and famous enough in Ethiopia. Today in Ethiopia TPLF killed thousands of Ethiopian, destroyed much of their peoples’ culture, damaged the economy, restricts freedom of speech, cracks down on any who oppose their rule in order to stay in power and persecuted people base on their race, religion and political opinion.

TPLF`S desire for control over people and their acquisition of it hurt Ethiopia for years to come. The question is who is benefiting from the double digit economic growth? Poverty and hard ship has been worsening in Ethiopia while the economy was and is seemingly growing by huge double digit percentages they said. It is absurd!
If you check all those EFFORT /woyannie/companies are licensed with individual`s name which allows them have been complete grip of the finance and monopoly of every firm in the country. Each manager is allowed to deal with their companies in full authority to personalize their power and ever to level of putting their money abroad. So that an absolute corruption it cannot get any worse than this. It is a complete take over and absolute power and corruption in EPRDF. This day in Ethiopia , the majority are under extreme poverty line as we have seen a shocking photo, many Ethiopian people looks food at a city dump but few TPLF blood sucking parasite individuals /cliques are living life of riches and extravaganza, you may not see it with your eyes for now but trust me they are living lavish life style at the expense of you and me while our children, brother, sister, mother and fathers work slavishly and almost pay badly enough and zero Human Right while those parasites/TPLF/are living on the blood of you and me as a lavish life style.

There is no legal government in Ethiopia but legal mafia organization sucking the blood out from our nations. TPLF is living like the females mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes and TPLF are the most dangerous animals on earth just because they clam and put constitution on the surface of the table but pseudopodia constitution under the table and to be authority and dressed like authority but does not authority .simply because they have no legal bases to be authority they are simply bunch of parasitic criminals dressed in smart closing.
I believe absolute power corrupts absolutely in EPRDF because of all the examples those I mentioned on the above .in Ethiopia today leaders practiced ethnic cleansing, persecution, killed thousands of people (…,)and restricted Human Right to stay in power. The corruption of absolute power has been down fall of Ethiopia and has been created some of the most terrible events in our history.

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