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Melakam Gena,

Little Ethiopia DC is very grateful to all of you who have been supporting our  activities in the Washington Metropolitan  Area,  and those who have missed the opportunity to hear the  eloquent panel discussions  by several distinguished speakers in the last 3 months including those of  Dr. Mikael Wossen * at the Ethio-Mixer USA held at the African Heritage Dance Center that triggered the formation of the Ethiopian Genocide Committee,  and also those who missed  the former Ethiopian Ambassador Imiru Zeleke’s **  personal experience in the hands of the Fascist Italians in Somalia this Ethio-Mixer on Thursday at  UPTOWN  will be a great opportunity to gain more useful information about the  Fascist Italians War atrocities in Ethiopia from 1935-41. The Uptown Ethiopian Fusion Restaurant is easily accessible by Metro; it is 100 feet from Shaw Howard-University Metro Station.

We would like the Ethiopians in the Diaspora to get involved in protesting the memorialization of an International War Criminal Marshal Rodolfo Griaziani who was the viceroy of the Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini.  Graziani was personally responsible for ordering the massacre of 30,000 innocent Ethiopians in the span of 3 days in February 19th 1937 after an attempt was made on his life. He also  ordered the murder of  several monks and priests in the Debre Lebanos Gedam. An Italian city has put a Mausoleum and a Park in Graziani honor in Italy.

Remember also that GRAZIANI was targeting the ‚ÄúDIASPORAS‚ÄĚ and the “Ethiopian Orthodox Church

*   Dr. Wossen- grandfather’s decapitated head was paraded in Rome.

** Ambassador Zeleke was taken to a concentration camp as a prisoner when he was 12 years old to DANANE PRISON  in Rome.


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