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Eskinder Nega Hits Back: Responding to the U.S. Ambassador’s Controversial Statement

May 22, 2024

Greetings to all.

It has been six years since the current Ethiopian regime came into power. During this time, individuals of Amhara descent have been targeted due to their ethnicity, facing discrimination, violence, displacement, and mass killings, primarily at the hands of the federal government rather than regional authorities.

Mind you, Amharas have been attacked by various ethnic based organizations on the basis of ethnicity for the past 50 years, that is, ever since the revolution in 1974, but what has changed in the past six years is the emergence of the government as a major actor in these ethnic-based attacks.

In view of the government’s involvements in these attacks, we as Amharas had no choice but to defend ourselves. We must learn from history. Only governments are capable of genocide, especially those that are ethnically charged as the Ethiopian government. We thus fight as a people against genocide in quest of our right to live, which is the foundation of all rights. That is why we insist our struggle is more than politics, though we recognize that the ultimate solution lies on politics itself.

We are also well aware that periodic negotiations are part of armed struggles, and to this end the US government is doing its best to facilitate a meeting between Fano, as representative of the Amhara people, and the Ethiopian federal government.

For this initiative to bear fruit, a pan-Amhara organization, with major Fano groups as its constituent parts, has to be established first. We need some time to complete this process. Only such an organization can speak authoritatively on behalf of Amharas.

We thank the American government, and the broader international community for that matter, for their efforts to fend off genocide in Ethiopia.

God be with all of us.

Eskinder Nega.

Amhara Fano People’s Force (AFPF)


  1. I am glad to know the armed group in Amhara region is open to a dialogue. Let’s all be peace mongers.

  2. We, APO, catagorically reject what FANO Eskindir Nega has responded, whereby “the US government is doing its best to facilitate a meeting between FANo and the Ethiopian Federal government”, is absolutely nonesense. In fact the US government and its West European alliance states are the creators and the patron of Bantustan apartheid regime ever since the end of the cold war. The Tigrean terrotist group, TPLF, and other so many ethnic entrepreneur of liberation fronts such as OLF, EPLF, etc. were and are their favoured stooges. On the other hand their animosity towards the Amhara people of Ethiopia is boundless since time immemorial. FANO will never negociate with a war criminal, a genocider Abiy Ahemed’s OLF /OPDO fascist junta With the help of the Us government and its vassals. Right after crushing this savage Amhara genocider, FANO gonna negociate with all Ethiopians who have no blood in their hands.
    FANO prevails!

  3. Who wrote this report? Where did Obbo Eskinder ‘hit back’ at the US Ambassador? He in stead welcome to call for a dialogue. He expressed his gratitude to USA in its unabated effort to find peaceful solutions to the problems that country is facing. It also tries to mock the US Ambassador for advising dialogues as if he made a policy speech. I don’t see an iota of imposition in the Ambassador’s speech. Why so much hatred for everything the USA tries to bring peace to that country and region? It all points to this stupid view that the current geopolitics is being dictated by unipolarity, meaning all power is consolidated in the hands of only one superpower. I had seen some individuals making fools of themselves saying that. Unipolar, multipolar? Get a life!!!

    But someone is having a ball by the news of war in Amhara regions young men and women losing their Allah blessed lives. They go, ‘war has resumed in Amhara region! Yay! They do that from their safe home here among us. I have said this to those young people who were bamboozled to take to the bushes by smart alecks and bigots both in Oromia and Amhara regions and I am gonna say it again. Drop your guns and go back to your loved ones. Your leaders will use you to yank away a territory and make it their personal fiefdom. They will never bring peace, stability and inviolable rights under the law of the land. They will make the law but they remain above the law. And I can tell you this with all certainty. Since the American War of Independence, there is never been a single armed group that brought democratic governance to a territory it ‘liberated’. Not one. I don’t have to prove it to you. All you have to do is just look around. I am not talking about those who fought dehumanizing colonialism. Even those from Africa never turned out to be any better than the colonizers.

    You have to recognize one common attribute of leaders of armed groups. They have this unquenchable thirst for political power. That is the reverse of what the character Tony Montana said in Scarface in which he told us to make money first and ‘you gotta apower’. No, that does not work for them. For these rifle-hugger-muggers, political power comes first and owning and controlling the economy will follow. That has been what happened in Africa from the shores of The Atlantic and to The Indian Ocean. It has been a revolving door from one bloodthirsty despot to another. I am not calling names but some of them seem to have anchored their feet at the palace with an irremovable concrete. They even are talking about dynasty. Again, I’m calling names but I’m just saying. Keep that in mind and remember what I’m telling you here now. Put pressure on your leaders for a dialogue and if they don’t oblige, just go back to your loved ones.

    I say this to everyone in charge of the government. You have proved the power of your muscle and enough with that. I am not that naïve enough to believe that the addiction of muscle toting that has swept the continent of Africa since 1952 has not reached/infected your quarter. That did not work for Mengistu with more than 3 billion dollars worth of the luster ammo from Moscow and more than a million man of hard drilled army. It did not work for those who think they the ‘Gold Race’ after him who had everything to themselves. It did not work for them either. They were tossed away like a used and worn out shoes just by the might of unarmed protesting civilians. They thought they had built their empire that will last for a thousand years but they were chased out of town in a heartbeat. Learn a hard lesson from your predecessors. Being armed to the teeth ain’t gonna work. Even in those dark ages it did not work for Genghis Khan, Attila The Hun, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Idi Amin, Jean-Bédel Bokassa and you name it. For Putin and the commies in Beijing, it will be just a matter of time. You know what happened to the commies in Kremlin in 1991 after 75 years in unchallenged power with sky high nuclear arsenal. Keep that in mind and go ballistic on dialogue. I commended you for betting and waging peace with those in leadership of the TPLF and you should do the same with those in Amhara and Oromia regions.

    Blessings to all of you and your families!

  4. Make that: That did not work for Mengistu with more than 3 billion dollars worth of the latest ammo from Moscow and more than a million man of hard drilled army. It did not work for those who think they are the ‘Gold Race’ after him who had everything to themselves.

  5. Such a dumb ass tribalist. It is sad he went to school in the USA. He contributed to nothing except Anger blame distraction misery stupidity lies. Such a waste. His hate for Muslims is unmatched. 1977 thousands of people slaughtered by Amhara groups in Dire Dawa. I can give him many examples. Amharas are not just the victims. They have their share of ethnic violence just like other tribes. Everyone has been killing each other. He is the worst tribalist. He wants tribe on tribe violence to go on forever.

  6. I just read another response to recent speech by the US ambassador to Ethiopia. It was issued by 4 other groups from 4 areas in Amhara region. So who was Obbo Eskinder talking on behalf of? Where is he and how is he doing now? I sense something here. What’s up doc?

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