ESFNA Atlant 2019: Ethiopian Day Celebration

ESFNA Atlant 2019: Ethiopian Day Celebration

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  1. Tigaru now identify Amara as the ones that brought illness , famine , war , wicked religion cultures and lies on themselves for decades from now on.

    The future is full of misery for Amara, all tigaru can do for Amara from now on is to sit back and watch Amara suffer while they pay for their Amara hodam nature’s as seen in 2018 2019 zefen eskista with ABIY . Baladera cannot stop these suffering ,noone can, It is too late for that, Amara lives for food alcohol zefen and eskista which led them into a future of misery and sorrow for decades from now on , if not for centuries from now on.

    Eskista zefen silu ke Abiy gar Abiy did penetrate them from behind like a biach, Abiy did chase the Derg soldiers out as a teenager fighting for EPRDF. Now Abiy is not chasing them, he got them right where he wanted them, under his feet penetrating their behind turn by turn.

    • That is contrary to the hard fact. Amhara fed fellow tigrians through out the every hard time Tigrai faced although I do not see reciprocity.

      When I was a junior-high student, school was canceled for a week and all students were sent to the countryside to collect food aid to the famine victims in Tigrai. We did it to demonstrate our humanity and brotherhood and above all with the moto of the sufferings of tigrai people are my suffering.

      These are amharas; do not misread them

  2. Tigrai’s soccer team named Mekele Seba Enderta had won Ethiopia’s premier league championship 2019 , because the volunteer slave , Abiy’s regime is mass arresting other ethnicities.

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