Must Watch an Interesting Story – ESAT Yesamintu Engida Ali Hussien

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Read Aloud:   Why is TPLF waging a proxy war on the Oromo through the Liyu Police?


  1. Wow! Is what came to my mind when I finished watching the interview. Let me say a line or two to you, Sisay, and will go back to the premise of the interview. Sisay, you continue to amuse me with your important and exposing interview skils and I learn everytime I run into your work, thank you. Mr Ali, there is this quote in English and It goes like this, “Love, hope, fear and faith- these makes humanity; these are its sign, note and character” by Robert Browing. When you said a human isn’t a language, color,sex or politics but rather just an other human like self in your interview with Sisay, it struck my heart instantly and gave me a great hope for a better tomorrow and fired a need to help others in anyway I can. Thank you.

  2. A wonderful person,a beautiful mind,Gashe Ali. I hope as many people will listen and watch this interview . It will be also a good opportunity if people can read your beautiful poems.

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