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ESAT Radio: Mar 21

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  1. ESAT,

    I would like to listen to your broadcast but at times I just can’t stand your tendency to sensetionalize issues. For instance, I am listening to your broadcast on “Water scarcity”. You state it as “43 million yahl hzb wuha ayagegnm”. What does this mean? It sounds odd to listen to this. Just report it the way it is – “43 million yahl hzb bekefitegna yewuha itret iyetechegere ynoral, ” and something like that. Otherwise, we know no one can stay alive without water. BUT what you say comes across as if these people live without any water. You may say, the listener roughly knows what we mean. Well, many others like me get a completely different message – that your tendency to sensetionalize things have made you twist even the ordinary meanings of Amharic expressions. It is a bad habit that you unconsciously practice. Beware of it!!!

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