ESAT Daily News June 28, 2013

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  1. Aye ESAT! Where is Adama? who told you Adama is legitimate and Nazret is not? Are you telling Ethiopians – the Amhra/Ethiopia colonize Adama and called it Nazret? Does this came from OLF and TPLF and you accepted it as legitimate name change? In this case all names in Ethiopia are gong to go back Before Christ! What a shameful media we got? is it TPLF and OLF disinformation and illegal renaming that you want to legitimized? Is that the message? We are now subjected because of you and TPLF/OLF propaganda disinformation to go back and asses all Ethiopian cities, towns. villages, hills, mountains, hotels, schools, named before Christ’s birth. So now , every name is for re-call in Ethiopia ?! Where is going to be the stoppage of renaming cities, places, hills? So now the each ethnic who claimed was colonized is going to rename every village and every road? Are you too dirty in this politics involving yourself following such ridiculous renamings? Why is that it is crime for you to call the so called “Oromo term Adama” as Nazret? Dirt always followed the dirt. Thanks Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

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