ESAT – Ongoing forced displacement of the Amharas still continuing in Gura Ferda

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  1. From what heard Some Oromo regions also presently calling for deportation of the amharas from their regions. There is nothing the ethiopian government can do to change the course history, since the Amharas still considered as invaders in many non Amharic regions, in the past the Amhara governments have promos land and gamble as land to Amharas, now the oromos and gamble as awaken to demand the stolen land. Indeed that is the Unfortunate reality today’s reality in Ethiopia today, the present gov of Ethiopia can not correct fix Amhara governments mess overnight. The Amharas trapped within their sociodrama.

  2. @Awasa,
    Really-How funny is that then? in fact i personally welcome it so that “sedeferes literal”! Let me say this you can be a tigray-te egger person or a galla oromo person or still one of the “annasa edattan” political elite from the south-let us take the challenge then-as the galla oromos try to evict our people from the south, the fucken settler galla tribe from shewa and wollo will be send to their kenya border with their camels, this same fate will be the tigraay-they will pack their stuff and go back to their small province from all Gonder,and wollo!!! tegbaban-shutam never nene-tinbatam tigray!

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