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Enduring Challenge of Ethiopian Diaspora

December 15, 2023

In professional sports, such as basketball, depending on the foul, removing a player from the game after committing one or two fouls is mandatory. The player will be banned for the season or life for a severe foul. A recent illustration of this stringent disciplinary approach is evident in the NBA’s indefinite suspension of Warriors star Draymond Green. If you do repeated fouls, you are banned. For more details, please refer to the Associated Press article:


Similarly, the diaspora community bears the responsibility to condemn and actively distance itself from individuals who exhibit deceitful tendencies, particularly those embroiled in well-documented political mischief.

The challenge facing the Ethiopian diaspora stems from a habitual pattern of consistent involvement with unreliable association, resulting in efforts that lack strategic impact. Upon closer examination, the intentions of these misleading affiliations become evident, resembling a mere political beauty spectacle akin to the predictable show of the moon in the night sky.

Political experience becomes truly meaningful when it contributes positively to society.

Unfortunately, some individuals misuse their political acumen solely for personal gain, amassing posturing influence and wealth through deceptive tactics. It is crucial to distinguish between those who make genuine mistakes and conniving individuals. It is time to confront the core issue: disingenuous associations in the diaspora obstructing sincere collaboration efforts to narrow the gap between our political differences.

Despite impressive educational credentials, the cohesive talent within the diaspora has failed to make a sustainable impact. It is unable to stimulate ideas based on the value of education and experience to advance an inclusive system. The persistence of divisive ethnic-based ideologies and the pursuit of power and wealth through a blame game and character assassination continues unabated, revealing a systemic issue in how we engage with unacceptable associations. The result of insincere association efforts is as irrelevant as building a bridge that goes nowhere.

The determination to uphold fundamental human rights for all Ethiopians lies in the collaboration of patriotic citizens like Fano in Ethiopia and diligent diaspora participation. Credible individuals need to cease being የጋን መብራት (light inside a barrel) and thwart dubious associations lacking substance that jeopardize the dignified survival of Ethiopia.

The diaspora should prioritize a foundational requirement: rallying behind reputable individuals with a demonstrated futurist spirit and competency for genuine and productive associations. This unified assembly will enable the effort to champion compelling ideas, including the path that lays the groundwork for establishing an inclusive commission, aligning with Ethiopian interests, and propelling feasible strategic initiatives. Subsequently, this credible commission, guided by a reliable moral compass, will be responsible for supporting Fano’s mission.

The intent of this article is to emphasize the urgent need for the Ethiopian diaspora to prioritize and address an enduring challenge – the lack of genuine collaboration and support for courageous and talented leaders with reliable character. Rectifying this persistent challenge is crucial for executing strategic tasks on time, gaining credibility for the collaboration, and establishing a valuable arm to reinforce the Fano movement. Furthermore, it will facilitate forging effective alliances with influential nations and international organizations to enable productive cooperation.


By Concerned Ethiopians

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