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Electricity to the people not money for corrupt rulers !!!

April 10, 2014
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Tedla Asfaw

“Powering Africa” an imitative of Obama Administration  with price tag of 7 billion US dollar  goal is to produce 10,000 megawatt  in the next five years to be implemented in five African countries one of which is Ethiopia. Dr. Kim the boss of World Bank interview on Al Jazeera yesterday said that sub Saharan Africa total electric consumption is equal to that of Belgium at present. No wonder they call us a “Dark Continent”.

 VOA Amharic news yesterday from the conference in African Union, Addis Ababa, in the last 4 decades 1.7 trillion USA dollar  illegally flew out of Africa. Angola and Nigeria blessed in oil must have been leaders in this crime. Ethiopia in the last decade lost 12 billion US dollar due to illegal capital flight. That equals to three “Renaissance Dam” which is 18,000 megawatt.
 Ethiopia at present has completed 30% of the “Renaissance Dam” as was disclosed on the 3rd year anniversary this month  to build a 6,000 megawatt on Abbay/Blue Nile. The aim of this project first and foremost is to bring in foreign currency by  selling  electricity to Ethiopia’s “good” neighbors. Using “Electricity as a source of cash is no different than what Angola and  Nigeria  did with their oil.
 Electricity should bring in power to people not cash for those who are ruling us by force. People who have access to  electricity will improve their lives and  create wealth in their own country.
 There is a big danger of using power of electricity for political purpose. To counter that, accountability, transparency and rule  of law is a must. It is not about building dams, solar panels, wind turbines  but also building ” Working Accountable Brain

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