Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia Urged to Reach Mutually Acceptable Solution on GERD

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Addis Ababa 20/2020 (ENA)  Russia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia has urged Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia to reach mutually acceptable solution on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) through dialogue and in compliance with international law.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin said his country has friendly relations with all the tripartite countries and is closely following the negotiation process.

He reaffirmed that Russia’s position with regard to the dam remains unchanged.

“It is necessary to reach mutually acceptable solution through dialogue between the countries, considering the parties interests, and in strict compliance with international law.”

Ambassador Terekhin stated that Russia supports the calls of UN Secretary General António Guterres and AUC Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat to continue efforts towards political settlement on the remaining differences.

AU’s effort to resolve the outstanding issues among the three countries through negotiations and discussions is appreciable, he noted, adding that “we believe this might be the best platform to find solution.”

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“We reaffirm our continued position on the importance of resolving this problem through negotiations within the existing frameworks and in accordance with the spirit of the Khartoum Declarations of Principles of 2015,” the ambassador said.

According to him, the entire range of issues and the water use regime should be coordinated to respect the Nile Basin states national security interests and socio-economic goals.

“We hope that the parties declared interest in continuing the search for solution will allow them to achieve concrete results in a trilateral format,” Ambassador Terekhin pointed out.

Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has now reached 74.5 percent and water filling is expected to begin soon.



  1. Subject: “Egypt.Sudan, Ethiopia Urged to Reach Mutually Acceptable Solutions GERD, July 20, 2020”

    Commentary, 20 July 2020
    Let us not continue to kid ourselves for eternity. Super powers and other powers are only interested for their own interest. It has always been so and will continue to be so. The best example, of course, for classical deception is Black Africa. WE are destined to be ponies of political chess game. The World is full of examples of how Africa was manipulated, still being manipulated, will, for ever, be manipulated by every passer-by to its bones.

    What is so sad in the above crusade, to emaciate Africa to its bones, is the shocking fact that African Leaders are effective participants in the the killing of Africa!!! Hard to believe, had not been our daily experience in open field. Our leaders think of us mass of junkies!!! With that fact, ORDINARY BLACK AFRICANS are never taken seriously (1) — and will never be taken seriously by the World community. AFRICA will continue to be the play ground of international communities.

    Let us take Egypt — with respect to the world famous NILE, which originates in BLACK AFRICA.. Egypt made an international agreement with the so-named “Great” Britain, a colonizer of so many countries around the Globe. Egypt was proud to have an agreement with Great Britain over the Blue Nile with complete disregard of the ORIGIN of the Blue Nile — ETHIOPIA, which is hstorically well known African Country for its ancient history and Independence in a Continent infested by European maurauders. In a “civilized” atmosphere the Egypt-Great Britain agreement should have been termed bright day light robber criminals. Under the circumstance, there is no other appropriate terminology other then BRIGHT DAY LIGHT ROBERY. What I so laughable the ROBERS called themselves as CIVILIZED SOCIETY. And their victime being labeled as BACKWARD SLAVES!!!! Amazing, the audacity of the two robbers calling themselves ‘civilized’.

    Fast foreword to 2020. First, Egypt is adamant and give a damn to the well-being of the Ethiopian people. This attitude is well demonstrated by Egypt. And its colaborator of yesteryears, the Grand Great Britain, the custodian of Civilization, Liberty, Freedom, Democracy, Justice, Equality, Fraternity is SILENTLY MUTE — completely oblivious of its Immoral and illigal Action of Yesteryears. It is still the dominant member of the Untied Nations Organizations. It is a joke!!! It is really hilarious joke. — criminals of yesteryears are founders and custodians of world body and example of decency!!!!!! It is a charade.

    Sadly, it is in the above atmosphere that Ethiopia is facing itself against a WALL of arrogance and deaf ear to its legitimate, rational, and natural case. Egypt does NOT care if the oral squabbling goes on, and on, and on for ever and ever. It has the Nile water, all for itself — and does NOT care a bit for the essential and urgent need for economic development of the source of the water I.e. ETHIOPIA.

    Ethiopia is wasting TIME, at a horrendous consequential effect upon itself, by wasting TIME against a country dedicated to the ‘disintegration’ of Ethiopia to a point that talking about the Blue Nile will simply fall onto simple murmur — I.e. Ethiopia will NOT be in position to do anything upon the Blue NILE. To put bluntly: Ethiopia will find itself disintegrated, within itself, to do anything about the flow of water. That is what Egypt is aiming at — total fragmentation and squabbling of Ethiopians into various pieces >>> Amara, Oromo, Somali, Tigrai, five separate Southern States etc . THE END >>>> and the Blue Nile may even be named as Alexanderia Nile. ——————————————
    (1) American emancipators in their struggle to establish freedom, liberty, democracy, human rights etc were completely oblivious of their own practice, in their own house hold, upon their trusted SLAVES in their own Homes. It was taken for granted —- without malice !!! — the BLACK RASCE was meant to be eternal loyal servitude in the household Founding Fathers. In fact, it was not unusual for a LIBERATOR WHITE AMERICAN to own a dozen and more LOYAL SLAVES foe their entire LIFE. NOW, in the 21st Century, we see the demolition of statues of the SLAVE HOLDERS. Their ancestors are shocked.

  2. I believe that the Russian diplomate suggestion is the closest to what Ethiopians were saying by far. I strongly belive that Ethiopia destiny is close to Russian destiny as they belive in real God and very ethical. I believe that Black Africa and Black people around the world needs a permanent sit in the UN Security Council having veto power for repersentation and Ethiopia is the best candidate for the job. For this cause, Ethiopia can rally billions of people around the world. Black lives matter! Black people of the world Unite!

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