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Egypt categorically rejects Ethiopia’s unilateral filling of GERD in letter to UN Security Council

Sami Hegazi
Daily News

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry submitted a letter to the president of the UN Security Council on Friday, to register Egypt’s categorical rejection of Ethiopia’s continuation of filling the mega Nile dam unilaterally without an agreement with Egypt and Sudan on the dam’s filling and operation.

The letter stressed that this is a clear violation of the 2015 Declaration of Principles agreement and a serious violation of the applicable rules of international law, which oblige Ethiopia, as an upstream country, not to harm the rights of downstream countries.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that Egypt has sought during the negotiations that have taken place over the past years to reach a fair and equitable agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), but Ethiopia has failed all efforts and endeavours that have been made to resolve this crisis.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister stressed that while Egypt adheres to the need to reach an agreement on the GERD that meets the common interests of the three countries, the Egyptian state will not tolerate any violation of its rights or water security or any threat to the capabilities of the Egyptian people, for whom the Nile River is the only lifeline.

The foreign minister called on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities in this regard, including by intervening to ensure the implementation of the presidential statement issued by the council, which obliges the three countries to negotiate an agreement on the GERD at the earliest opportunity.

In this regard, the spokesperson of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Egypt had received a letter from the Ethiopian side on July 26 stating that Ethiopia will continue to fill the Nile dam reservoir during the current flood season.

‚ÄúA measure that Egypt rejects and considers contrary to the obligations imposed by international law on Ethiopia,‚ÄĚ the spokesperson stressed.

Egypt retairates its call on Ethiopia to exercise responsibility and comply with the rules of international law and the principles governing trans-state waterways, foremost of which is avoiding significant harm.

The ministry added that Ethiopia bears full responsibility for any significant harm to Egyptian interests that may result from Ethiopia’s violation of its obligations referred to.

Egypt also reserves its legitimate right guaranteed in the UN Charter to take all necessary measures to ensure and protect its national security, including against any risks that may be caused in the future by Ethiopian unilateral measures.

2 thoughts on “Egypt categorically rejects Ethiopia‚Äôs unilateral filling of GERD in letter to UN Security Council”

  1. Subject: “Egypt categorically rejects Ethiopia‚Äôs unilateral filling of GERD in letter to UN Security Council” JULY 29, 2022NEWS
    Sami Hegazi
    Daily News

    Humble Commentary, 29 July 2022
    What ever one does, it is NEVER satisfactory if it comes from Ethiopia. That is the position of Egypt.
    What Egypt wants is to be the Master >the Owner> the Administrator of the NILE NEVER THE BLACK AFRICAN. NEVER! NEVER!

    Egypt is its own victim of its own negative attitude and hatred for BLACK AFRICANS.
    The quasi daily negative attitude of Egypt is glaringly clear to be antagonistic to BLACK COLOURED people. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

    Ethiopia must defend itself on a daily basis against hateful nation determined to have its own way regardless of the consequences. ETHIOPIA HAS OBLIGATION TO PROTECT ITSELF — ITS HISTOR ATTEST TO THAT. i.e. DEFENDING THSELF. THE END

  2. Egypt does not have to worry about the 3rd phase filling because it is being conducted when it raining in buckets. Just look at the radar and the forecast for next several weeks for the entire area where the dam is located. A front is anchored on and around Lake Tana and vicinity. What does Egypt mean by ‘Egypt also reserves its legitimate right guaranteed in the UN Charter to take all necessary measures…? What are all the necessary measures? What those could be? You know, I tracked the route the Blue Niles takes even before reaching the dam and noticed that it goes through some of the roughest terrains anywhere. It goes through hundreds of miles of miles deep gorges. I bet you those who live in those escarpments and close to those deep gorges would love to see the river coming their ways and that can be done with millions pickaxes and shovels in their hands. Then geographers will have awful hard time finding/locating the river. Everyone will be asking ‘Where did Blue Nile go? Can you find it? I couldn’t.’ Then what? What’s up el-Sisi? Someone should highly suggest to him to keep those panhandled F16’s, Mirages, Migs and Sukhois in his pockets.

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