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EFF Takes Strong Disciplinary Measures

The Ethiopian Football Federation announced the strong disciplinary measures were taken after the incidents happened in the 10th week of Ethiopian Premier League when the matches between Dedebit FC Vs Ethiopia Buna and St. George Vs Defense were taking place.
Ethiopia Buna Sport Club received the highest share of the punishments when it is announced that the club will be fined 50,000 birr and will play two home matches without supporters.
The club is fined thus because of the abusive chants made by it’s fans directed towards St. George players and the Federation it self. 40,000 birr fine and one home match behind closed doors is the punishment decided against St. George for almost a same crime. St. George left back Abebaw Butako received a five games ban and 1000 birr for his behavior against St. George fans while insulting him.


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