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Does crime against humanity & justices differs from continent to continent of a planet?

There has been tremendous and sadness crime against  the right of humanity, justice and natural  dignity of Ethiopians being occurred systematically and hatefully in Ethiopia by those criminal of war against humanity & betraying the nation for more than half  centuries.

People have been massacred only they are Ethiopian & being they are because of their Ethiopian and human nature identity. It is obvious that no being in this planet appeared because of his or her wish and interest but natural.

Ethiopia  had been built by those who are fought and stand up to protect themselves and their beloved country ancestors but still died and isolated ,massacred, killed and harassed since 1991 to date .

There are many displaced, deported, gross killed and buried, miss treated and migrant in their own land Ethiopia but the world kept silent.

As it is said history makes repeat itself the world is advancing to the down fall tip of the mountain.

The western are still in dilemma and misled by those colony night mare with their lord and slavery thinking stopped in 18th century.

Knowing there is over and over tyranny , crime against humanity , betraying the nation ,embezzlement , serious war crime of multi immoral & illegal  which is closely unnatural happening in Africa and Ethiopia since 1991 to now wanted keeping silent and advocates those crime against to continue in their bloody hand to destruct the nation  with its remittance territory and unity .

Where, western tried to accuse Russia for the crime of abduction & deportation of Ukraine living Russian citizens.  What is the guilty of Russia government to keep those people to transfer and to keep safe from war zone to safe guarded area of the country?

If  protecting the natural and human dignity is criminal war by those who interfere by sovereignty nation what to be the whole ups and down incurred because of USA led intervention in Africa specially Ethiopia since 1991 to date.

The world has to choose uniting rather than disunite and being silent while crime against humanity & Justice is abused by those injustice agents.

There is no difference in blood type, race differences man is man and all is human credible created by God and have the amicable    right to live, protect and sustain freedom & existence by keeping his or her sovereignty.


Unity is Power, that  is all!

Allen Amber.





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