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Disarming an Amara is turning point of denial & betrayal Ethiopians & Ethiopia

Though there are prizes and medals deserves for Ethiopians who devoted all what they had to secure their sovereignty and rescue their country from disintegration by those anti Ethiopians since 2021 October to date it had been to the contrary.

Of course not all heroes are praised but not to be fooled and denied then and now. If we are reluctant to accept the truth on hand it is possible not to deny and obliterate it.

Unfortunately the Amara nation had the lion share of national devotion throughout history of constructing, paving, defending their mother land Abyssinia to Ethiopia they never and ever thought to change their ancient Ethiopian identity and unity even with in so many hardships of the last 30 dark death times.

It is not questionable that from ADAWA, 2nd invasion of Italian after 40 years, Ethio Somalia war , Ethio Ertirea , and war to protect from aggressive invasion and destruction of TPlF  the Amara nationality played great role that even grand enemies of Abyssinia /Ethiopia know and testify .

If disuniting, terrifying, and disintegrating of such sovereign nation is the intention and dream of those historical enemies of Ethiopia & its nation why it was intended to disarming those who are Ethiopians and courageous to their survival, sovereignty, unity & identity.

If we Ethiopian know disarming those Amara nation is to disarm Ethiopia and it is obvious to deny and obliterate Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

Allen Amber

Unity is strength.

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