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Delusion of Oromo and Pseudohistorical of Emperor Menelik

January 15, 2014

By Rosa Abadir

Unfortunately, this happen to be a typical culture among various racist individuals/groups where we have noticed that a chauvinistic Tigrian TPLF sympathizers are branding those innocent Tigrians who rejects the TPLF tribal dogma as if they are Shabia minions and so on, and the same thing with racist Amhara who doesn’t accept their hate towards others are branding anti-Amhara, and the same symptom appears on to the racialist Oromo’s who thinks that an Oromo is not those progressive rational Oromo’s who strives for equality, justice and freedom, but instead to them an Oromo is he/she that hates and insult Menelik, Amhara and Christian. No doubt I am automatically labelled as Amhara or other now just because I clash with their crippled tribal dogma.

The recent reckless attack on Emperor Menelik and the crippled approach to portray Emperor Menelik as a devil by using unjustified fabricated stories by relentless crusade Jawar Mohammed and his alike naïve few diaspora based Oromo’s is laughable but at the same time irritating. They are digging every possible hole and climbing every mountain to multiply their lies in order to deceive the undeceivable society by screaming all over the planet day in and day out. Indeed, so much they are incapacitated to differentiate the patriotic Ethiopians from the enemies. Regardless, in the eyes of most real proud Oromo Ethiopians these few toxic ill-mannered individuals are almost unknown.

At present, a few Diaspora gullible Oromo’s whose minds are infected by tribal virus are apparently blind folded by the carefully crafted deceptive agenda that is orchestrated by TPLF/Weyane mastermind leaders; are using to justify their hate and crime and intended to revenge the current Amhara and Christians who had nothing to do with it. They are still restlessly screaming purposefully or mistakenly with the intention to unearth Emperor Menelik and his cabinet in order to face justice; however what they are doing right now is unwise and damages the popular struggle and endangers the survival of their own people and will hurt their own future dream and multiplies their enemy. Their distorted unjustified debacle about Emperor Menelik seems very ridiculous and shows how much they are driven by emotion and prejudiced and a fresh product of the divide and rule politics of TPLF.

Their reaction towards Emperor Menelik with distortion and unjustified accusation is understand why these few naïve Oromo’s are in such extreme agony trying to find an exit from the house of lie they have been lied and trapped for so long. Just because the TPLF evil gangs have fed them bunch of white falsehoods about Emperor Menelik and install a disguising statue to easily deceive their retarded minds doesn’t mean they are able to alter the apparent reality about Menelik. Surly, we can’t force these bonehead elements the truth as the truth shouldn’t be forced on people, but it should be available to people who need it. First of all, people like Jawar and his alike have failed to realize that history is not a fiction or ideology that they could enforce it with gun point or MECHA to make the subjects believe, but it is a past happening need to be told as it is and transferred to the coming generation. Apparently, they feel that they could twist or fabricate history to fit their imagination or wishful thinking.

However since most of them are driven by emotion and act like a rabid dog they are embarrassingly failed to understand this simple fact. Thus, they have no shame to tell us 5 million Oromo’s were killed by Emperor Menelik while the fact shows that the entire Ethiopia didn’t have that much population during the reign of Emperor Menelik. They have been unsuccessful to recognize that they cannot be correct by thinking or saying that they are correct instead they have to prove it with supporting evidence and convincing data, otherwise regardless what kind of method they use to represent their own idea as if it is correct, doesn’t make any sense because wrong is always wrong no matter what. We have seen that those who are trying to twist the fact and rewrite history to fit their false claim never been successful, but their lie uncovered by those who have the firsthand experience. They are unable to know that a thousand lies cannot formulate one truth. These few sick minded retarded elements who are accusing Emperor Menelik what he had done are either ignorant about world history or their judgment is merely distorted by tribal dogma. Let us put their endless unjustified falsified accusation about Emperor Menelik to the side but every country or society around the world established by expansionist or those who are looking for better place to settle, so what Emperor Menelik did is not different.

Apparently, most of them are claiming that they are concerned to Oromo’s but the fact shows contrary to their words and they have been inactive in the struggle except coming out from their cage once in the blue moon in order to insult Amhara and Christians while their own people have been killed and tortured everyday by TPLF tugs. Even today the saddest part is that they have inadvertently still fixated to Amygdala politics (based on what happened in the past) and blame Amhara, Menelik and Teddy Afro while their house is plundered by the TPLF gangs. Seemingly, they are unable to see the reality behind the curtain and identify the sheep in wolves clothing character of TPLF gangs. Moreover, for these racist individuals who are driven by emotion, ego, vanity, megalomaniac and self-serving behaviours nothing is important except giving a temporary empty fantasy to their moronic mind. That is why they have been unable to defeat their formidable enemy TPLF/Weyane and have been moving backward instead of moving forward.

In addition, the other fundamental problem with individuals like Jawar is that they like to climb the saddle with the expense of others, instead of taking a risk and lead the followers by being example. As a result currently Jawar seems to be entertaining himself by being glorified by his naïve followers; and he doesn’t want to be challenged, but he tends to preach about democracy while he is the one who is destroying the possibility of democratic process as he publicly declared that he will be using any weapon including MECHA in order to slaughter anyone who doesn’t buy his tribal fiasco.

Anyway, Jawar and his backward alike are a kind of nonsense individuals who are making empty loud noise and expecting to collect the pot of gold at the end of rainbow and no one wouldn’t be misled by their nonsensical voice except a few retarded arrogant gullible Oromo’s who are unable to see the things beyond their tribal line and being acting like a freaking confused mad dog. And individuals like Jawar and Lidetu Ayalew; are not only confusing our people but they are very dangerous for our popular struggle. They speak with forked tongues, which is of course half-truth and half lie in order to mislead the citizens.

The truth is that we cannot change the past, or change the fact that people acted in a certain way by insulting Menelik except exposing one’s callout and savage character, but we should use the past to guide us in order to understand the present and foresee the future. The past is over, so we should not clutch tightly as if it solves our present problem. Thus, the remaining smart Oromo politicians should understand this simple fact and instead of focusing to the ghost of Menelik and intend to revenge the current Amhara, Teddy Afro and Christians the crime nothing to do with it, they should focus on the TPLF gangs who are sucking their blood and eating their flesh, and forced them to wretched of poverty in the mid of plenty.

Anyway, we all know that most Ethiopians including the vast majority of Oromo’s have identified their enemy and hopefully our struggle would focus towards the common enemy. Therefore, we should promote & encourage the real Oromo politicians to reevaluate their dogma in order to know that the current Christians and Amhara people are not responsible for what had happened hundred years ago, but what should matter it what is happening today and should stop repeating the same detested motto and expecting different result. Regardless of the unjustified allegation against Emperor Menelik, the truth is Emperor Menelik is highly considered as a wise leader for mobilizing every Ethiopians to fight and defeat the extremely modern weapon mechanized Italian foreign aggressor at the 1896 Battle of Adwa followed by a disputed treaty knows as Wechale. In addition, he was widely known for introducing the country to modernization.

Whether they like it or not, the ground fact is that the future of the Oromo youth is not different to the future of either Amhara, or Gurage or other Ethiopian tribes’ youth including the Tigreans; their future is in danger and of course the TPLF gangs who make life intolerable and dreadful are responsible. TPLF is deliberately creating as well as inflicting hate among Ethiopian tribes, otherwise it would not survive without dividing as well as weaken our power, so true and real Oromo’s should not fall in its trap by playing its part of divide and rule political schema. On the other side other Ethiopians should also show their willingness to work with them, instead of failing on TPLF’s divide and rule trap. We have common enemy so we should be able to coordinate our struggle instead of splitting words and widen the bridge among us. Apparently, we have spent so much time degrading each other as “Ante Amhara vs. Ante Oromo” and it would not important to continue as such, because if we do so the enemy would benefit more than anyone of us.

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