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Crisis In Ethiopia: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the War In Tigray

Crisis In Ethiopia: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the War In Tigray

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  1. Thank you BT for speaking the truth. TPLF reason to come out strong during the Derg era stems from the rest of Ethiopians hating the Derg regime not from the strength of TPLF alone. That gave TPLF the advantage in addition to other Ethiopians not knowing TPLF selfish and greedy agenda that says TPLF only eat and loot Ethiopia.

    TPLF for 27 years massacred, tortured, looted and finally ousted for its abusive, ruthless and greedy nature.
    Now every Ethiopian are united and stand strong which proves disliking and disapproving what TPLF had created with evil intent and plot.

    Dr. Abiy now for the first time in Ethiopian history is elected in a peaceful and participation of all people from all corners.
    TPLF stands no chance against PM/Dr. Abiy who is very popular and accepted by the vast majority of Ethiopians.
    The West should realize what Ethiopians want and stay friend to Dr. Abiy who Ethiopians elected that will not not allow TPLF to come back with even more cruelty, evil and revengeful plans.

    Sadly TPLF has penetrated under the UN, and all humanitarian organization who are now standing with TPLF, who knowingly that TPLF is the culprit of the war, using human shield, Child Soldier, massacring the National Army and innocent Amhara people.

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