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Congratulations Ethiopia on the 2021 Election

Semaneh Jemere
June 22, 2021

On Monday, June 21, 2021, Ethiopia, the origin of mankind, went to the polls to choose its leaders for the next five years. According to the Ethiopian Election Board about 40 million people cast their ballots across the nation.

Ahead of the election, 65 registered political parties were engaged in civil political debates ever seen in the country’s history. Simultaneously, prior to the election-day, many unsubstantiated criticisms and characterizations tried to pollute the election scene. Unfortunately, such occurrences often originated in some western countries and international media outlets which claim to be a beacon of democracy.

This is indeed regrettable at best and short-sighted at worst. At the very least, the EU and G-7 countries should have had the audacity of sending observer missions to witness the election to rectify their own misgivings. Unfortunately, those nations missed a regrettable opportunity for life.

When the US State Department issued on June 11, 2021 a press statement on Ethiopia’s election, and political rapprochement it was considered as a positive move. Regrettably, the State Department took a confrontational approach aimed at the Government of Ethiopia.

Nonetheless, Ethiopia went ahead to holding the election without G-7 and EU observers. The election was conducted peacefully and successfully thanks to the wisdom of the people of Ethiopia and the competence of the institutions. According to the AU observer mission and domestic and international observers and media outlets, the election took place in an atmosphere of peace, freedom and fairness contrary to the previous five elections of the TPLF minority rule.

Ethiopia, a nation of three thousand years, has once again demonstrated to the world its level of civility and love of freedom. The people have spoken to their leaders and by extension to the international community that peace and democracy are indispensable for an aspiring African country of over 115 million people. The country is liberating itself from the bondage of the twenty-seven-years of TPLF’s apartheid rule lynched on the premises of ethnicity.

This election is the coming togetherness of Ethiopians which is an indispensable ingredient to realize their aspirations for sustainable development and creation of a free society. They become together during an election season to resolve their TPLF instigated differences, which is equally essential for their harmony, self-reliance and independence.

From here on, Ethiopians are looking forward to fundamental reform of TPLF’s ethnic constitution to protect their fundamental rights, the rule of law and inclusive democracy.  With their votes, they have once again shown their desire for a lasting peace, security and stability not only in their own country but also in Africa and beyond.

No matter who wins the election, Ethiopians have voted peacefully and chosen their leaders for the next five years. In the writer’s view it is democracy, freedom, peace and independence are the winners of the 2021 election. That said the decision of the Ethiopian people should be respected and supported throughout the country and friends of Ethiopia. After all, in a democracy people get the government they deserve and that is what democratic election is all about.

Congratulations Ethiopia for a free and fair voting exercise which can be an example for many in Africa and beyond.

Semaneh Jemere

Ottawa, Canada
June 22, 2021

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