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Chinese doctors provide free medical services in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, July 30 (Xinhua) — Chinese doctors on Sunday provided much-needed services to about 240 workers at the Eastern Industry Zone (EIZ), about 40 km south of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

A total of 36 doctors from the 24th batch of the Chinese medical team in Ethiopia, the ninth batch of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Medical Team in Ethiopia, as well as the Chinese-invested Addis Ababa Silk Road General Hospital participated in the event. The free medical treatment was provided under the theme “We Care: Ethiopian Workers’ Health.”dd42 q

Tariku Mamo, a translator working at a food processing company at the EIZ, said “For long, I have been suffering from knee pain and today I received treatment from the Chinese doctors with the help of imaging service. They told me that it’s not a serious issue. They also advised me what to do to help alleviate the pain.”

“I am very thankful for the service and their dedication in terms of helping us safeguard our health. This means a lot to us,” he added.

The free medical treatment was conducted by Chinese doctors who specialize in neurology and neurosurgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, cardiology, ophthalmology, dentistry, urology, gynecology, as well as traditional Chinese medicine, among others.

Mame Yadeto who works at a textile factory in the industrial part said “the free medical treatment is very important for us. Some of us have been struggling with underlying health problems while some others are simply checking their overall health conditions. The Chinese doctors are indeed providing much-needed treatment for us.”

Chen Zhaoqi, leader of the 24th batch of the Chinese medical team in Ethiopia, said in addition to the free medical support, further medical examination and follow-up treatment will be carried out to the people at the Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital where his team is based. China has been sending medical missions to Ethiopia since 1974.

“We will provide our support for the Ethiopian people and do our best to provide the best medical services for them,” he added.

(Xinhua) 13:59, July 31, 2023

3 thoughts on “Chinese doctors provide free medical services in Ethiopia”

  1. Yirgalem Yitayachew

    It is quite gratifying to hear such wonderful news, and our sincere sympathies go out to everyone who has valiantly fought against various illnesses.
    Dear Chinese Doctors ,
    On behalf of all those who receive your medical support, We also want to express our gratitude and admiration to the selfless and generous medical professionals who have dedicated their life to the welfare of others. Your dedication, skill, and compassion are simply amazing. You are the unsung heroes of our society, brilliant lights of recovery.

    Beware of “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” or practitioners who pose as help when they are really there to conduct experiments on Africans and treat them like lab rats. They may also ask you to donate blood for patients in critical condition while secretly planning to sell your blood for plasma. This conclusion is supported by study and data; it is not, however, false information or propaganda. Your undertanding is very much appreciated. Protect those vulnerable elders and youngsters especially who have no clue about this. There is no free blood donation and most organizatiuon are selling your blood for companies , for example in Swizerland etc

  2. Very interesting. How come Chinese doctors who don’t speak Oromiffa were allowed to give medical care services in Oromiya while Amharic speaking doctors were banned from being able to render their professional services there?
    TPLF said the Sudanese are closer to us than other Ethiopians, is the OPDO/OLF saying Chinese are closer kin to Oromos than other Ethiopians?

  3. Subject: “Chinese doctors provide free medical services in Ethiopia”

    Humble Commentary, 2 August 2023
    a) I have nothing against the Chinese Doctors or other doctors on the Globe.
    b) The cardinal question is: when will Ethiopia — the ANCIENT liberated country in the World — stand on its feet ??????
    c) When will Ethiopia be FREE and help itself from head to toes??????
    d) Otherwise, what is the purpose of having an independent, free, self-supporting country??????
    e) Please, please, please help me to understand the meaning of INDEPENDENCE.
    f) Dear Reader: Thank you, in advance, for your help. THE END

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