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Character Assassination and the Current Situation in Ethiopia: Dr. Aklog Birara

September 22, 2023

Allow me to commend Habtamu Assefa of Hibre Radio for asking me  first to clarify a) misrepresentation of facts and circumstances echoed by Habtamu Ayalew of Eth. 360 and b) discuss my assessment of the current situation in Ethiopia.  .

For those who understand Amharic, I have explained fully that Habtamu Ayalew is wrong and needs to retract his unfounded statement concerning my relationship with Prime Minister Aby Ahmed and his government.  Habtamu Ayalew alleges and draws a parallel wrongly between the festival in celebration of the Ethiopian New Year held at the Ethiopian Embassy that I did not attend and a technical briefing session days before on the 4th filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) to which  I was invited and attended.

Clearly, for Habtamu Ayalew attending a technical briefing on the GERD is the same as supporting the Abiy regime. This is preposterous and scandalous.

I leave the judgement to you and the Ethiopian people.

On the more substantive side on which I am pending a great deal of time, I highlighted  7  important developments:

i) Why does Abiy’s army exit from the Amhara region?

ii) If Abiy’s army is leaving the Amhara region, why is the regime using drones and military aircraft and attacking Debre Markos and other cities and killing civilians?

iii ) What prompted the UN Security Council to discuss the human rights and security situation in Ethiopia?

iv) What prompted the UN Human Rights Council to update and release a 21-page report on the need for accounability for war crimes, crimes of rape, crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Ethiipia?

v) What is the quality of demographic data monitored and collected by the United States using Satellite imagery? What is the end goal?

vi) What will be the assessment and conclusion of the UN Human Rights Council  that held a hearing  today on Ethiopia?

vii) What is the implication of Oromia Special Forces attacking the Somali region?

I also discuss Ethiopia’s vulnerability from attacks by the terrorist Al-Shabab.

I conclude by urging all Ethiopians to support the Fano movement for justice, freedom and democracy.

Here is the Hibre Radio link

September 21, 2023
Dr. Aklog Birara


  1. Dr. Aklog,

    Is this really the time for a squabble of “he said” – she said” type at this moment? I think Habtamu A. was carried away by a wrong information he got and mentioned it out of dissapointment over the behaviour of some complicit Amharas while Amharas face the worst time in their history. Loud and clear, you’ve said he was wrong in his report. We’ve heard you and reinstated your reputation – if at all it was damaged by the report in the first place. Furthermore, since Habtamu is not insisting his report was correct, wouldn’t his silence amount to admission that his report was erroneous?

    I’m surprised you’re threateing Habtamu A. with legal action? I doubt you’ll succeed if you seek legal solution. As Habtamu claims there is First Amendment Freedoms of Speech and Press right which might protect him. Laws governing defamation – slander – are fluid – sifting an opinion from a fact is tough. To establish slander you need to show at least negligence on Habtamu’s side. If he has taken some care to verify the information he received, he might not be held “liable”. I say “liable” because defamation is about receiveing “dmages” from the Slanderer. Are you seeking damages – money – from Habtamu? I don’t think you do. So why threaten with the law?

    Dr. Aklog! You and Habtamu are standing for the same cause. To end genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes on the Amhara people. It might mot be petty for you but, given the huge challenge Amharas are facing, it’s time you bury the hatchet and move on. Habtamu might not be perfect, he’s doing his part for the struggle nonethelss and needs support than getting him bogging down in costly legal action. In fact, such action might hurt your good name than help you reinstated.

    Having said this, it might as well be good if Habtamu mentions the error in one of his shows. Even retract it with an apology. Whatever is said about Dr. Aklog applies to him as well. Needless to say, Dr. Aklog is an asset to the Amhara people. He also needs encouragement in his work for the Amhara people than a distaraction.

    Dr. Aklog and Habtamu seem big in ego. Is this an Amhara thing? Living in the U.S. should have taught you to forget and forgive so much false stuff being said about each other. Look what politicians, governors, mayors, etc. are being called. They IGNORE all of it and it goes to garbage. They don’t have time calling names for false stuff.

    So, you two – Don’t let ego get in you way!

    If one or both of you need a lawyer, open your wallet wide and call me.


  2. QUOTE: “If one or both of you need a lawyer, open your wallet wide and call me.”

    Humble Commentary, 23 Sept 2023
    a). FANTASTIC !!!
    b). I LOVE and LOVE and LOVE the above line .
    c). Especially, >>>> “open your wallet wide and call me.” i.e. don’t waste time
    d). I JUST LOVE IT.
    Thank YOU, VERY MUCH, Chachissa.

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