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Carpenter rapes Ethiopian maid before fleeing

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance handed out life sentence to a carpenter for raping a maid and taking advantage of her while she was alone in the house where he was assigned to do some job. MZJ, 34, was also ordered to be deported after serving his jail term.

According to the records the convict knocked at the door of and the maid, BHN, 35, an Ethiopian, opened the door and allowed him to enter the house.

“On my way to the hall, the carpenter blocked my path and said something in a language that I do not understand. All of a sudden, he took hold of my scarf and pushed me into the hall. I fell on the floor,” the victim testified.

Thereafter, the man assaulted her sexually before leaving the house.

Forensic report confirmed the man had raped the maid.

MZJ confessed his crime before prosecutors but he did not enter a plea when he appeared before the Court.


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