Breaking News: Hailemariam Government has given permission for Blue party to conduct Demonstration in Addis Ababa Ginbot 25,2005

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  1. I think this is going to be a political suicide for Blue party because the occasion is very close to most Ethiopian heart, in particular to Addis residents. I believe the timing is wrong and the result will be disastrous for blue party. The Blue party leaders think that political redemption for the country comes from outside political interference which is the main reason why they are calling the demonstration at this time. I say to Blue party leaders this; Ethiopians are the holder of their destiny and understand what the impact of foreign involvement brings to their life. I believe some politician and journalists purposely violate other Ethiopian right and break law under the disguise of their profession and position so that when the government uses force to establish order some opposition members and bystanders get hurt. The oppositions use this kind of tactic to advance their cause in the political circle. Form the timing of this demonstration it obvious that the Blue party’s motif is not far from the reasons I mentioned above

  2. I don’t think the government will allow the Blue Party to carry out the march. This is a strategy used by the government to but time. then when the time comes they will arrest civilains as usual.
    What the govenment needs by now is to shift the attention of the people from the ongoing AU summit so that the plea of ethiopian people won’t reach the ears of wolrd politicians including John Carry.
    No sooner that many people get arrested in the eve or during the very day of the peacfull demonstration.

  3. Hmmm, I smell something. Watch out people we should witness another political betrayal. Those guys in power wouldn’t let anyone to freely speak out let alone give permission to demonstrate against the ruling party. This is clearly EPRDF’s setup. Why would the party wanted to change it’s planned date and venue. It would have been meaningful had the demonstration been held on during the useless AU’s 50th anniversary and in-front of those bunch of greedy leaders.

    They were saying that the party was determined to carry out the protest as planned but then we learnt they had another idea. They made me to be too skeptical of them and am not ready for another heartbreaking bitter betrayal. We had enough of that type of game!!!

  4. I was very much upset when I heard the Blue party changed the date.It is missing the purpose and the goal.The day they planned was the best day. That was the the
    time when you have all world’ leaders and digntries to see what The Waynes beest
    was doing. When you have demonistation you don’t comporomise. Last week I was upset because those 33 parties were relectant to paricipate and now, Lost HOPE…….Wish them best of LUCK

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