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April 29, 2022
 By Alemayehu G. Mariam/ April 27, 2022
Brad Sherman, congressman/politician for/on sale!

It has been humorously said the word “politics” is derived from the word “poly” meaning “many”, and the word “ticks” meaning “blood

sucking parasites”.

Jesse Unruh, the late formidable speaker of the California’s state assembly remarked, “Money is the mother’s milk of politics”.

Politics is also said to be the second oldest profession.

Brad Sherman (D-CA) is the supreme practitioner of politicks in the tradition of  “blood sucking parasites”.

He gets paid in the blood money stolen by the terrorist TPLF from Ethiopia for more than a quarter of a century.

For Sherman, there is not a difference worth a hill of beans (on Capitol Hill) between the second oldest and first oldest professions.

The only difference is the amount.

Sherman’s average price is $1,190.

Sherman will suck the teats off a donor if he can squeeze a grand or two, or even much less.

For not-so-few-dollars, Sherman sniper attacks Ethiopia from Capitol Hill at will.

He is the true political hit man.

The tag line on his business card reads: “Have legislative gun. Will travel. Wire $$$$ Washington, D.C.”

Sherman’s “Congress World” operates on the principle of “You gotta pay to play.”

Sherman squeezed $27,000 in 2018, $32,000 in 2016, $29,000 in 2014, and $19,000 in 2012 from defense industry political action committees (PACs), including Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

In 2021, the terrorist group in Ethiopia known as TPLF paid Sherman much more than the mighty defense political action committees (PACs) in any given year.

Terrorist TPLF supporters paid Sherman $49,800 to attack Ethiopia day and night.

In 2021-22, commercial banks donated $46,500 to Sherman’s campaign, significantly less than the donations given by terrorist TPLF supporters.

For the 2022 election cycle, the Sherman Campaign Committee Fundraising pulled in an incredible  $1,519,751 !!

For 2021-2022, Sherman had 406 donors who donated $572,060 or an average of $1,409 per donation. individua

Sherman is so corrupt he will squeeze anyone for a buck including his own constituents.

Sherman charged  one of his desperate constituents $5,000 to have a “discussion”.

Sherman is known for preying on well-to-do immigrant communities in his district and squeezing serious cash out of them to help out with immigration problems.

Brad Sherman, mouthpiece of the terrorist TPLF

Brad Sherman has been the public relations officer of the terrorist TPLF.

Sherman’s PR job is twofold: 1) Create positive and sympathetic public images for the terrorist TPLF by gaining favorable media coverage for them, and 2) Demonize, scandalize and ostracize the leaders of Ethiopia as genocidal maniacs.

Sherman has done his PR job for the terrorist TPLF by appearing at congressional hearings, issuing public statements, giving press interviews, tweeting, photo ops with terrorist TPLF supporters and participating in public events.

Sherman’s PR talking points have been:

The Ethiopian government uses “hunger as a weapon of war” causing several hundreds of thousands of death in Tigray region.

The Ethiopian government is committing war crimes by using starvation as a weapon of war and displacing million of Tigreans.

The Ethiopian government is causing genocide by famine.

The Ethiopian government systematically persecutes Tigreans and maintains mass detentions and concentration camps for Tigreans.

The US government should use naval interdiction to force Eritrea to open its ports to deliver humanitarian aid to Tigray.

On October 23, 2021, Sherman called on the U.S. Navy to interdict Eritrean-bound ships:

I’m reluctant to expose American armed forces to risk their safety at any time  but the American Navy could interrupt Eritrean commerce on the high seas at any time, and it would certainly be just to do so – as long as Eritrea blockades humanitarian aid to the people of Tigray.

Eritrea gave a swift answer to ignoramus Sherman:

Eritrea has never blocked humanitarian aid, nor has it become a hindrance to the flow of humanitarian aid into Ethiopia. The supply routes in operation have nothing to do with Eritrea…

The US government should engage in military humanitarian intervention in Ethiopia.

The US government was right in cutting economic aid and imposing crippling sanctions on Ethiopia.

The US Airforce should shoot down Ethiopian planes that may defend their airspace against US sponsored air drops of food (actually weapons) in Tigray.

Amplifying TPLF terrorist Tedros Adhanom’s disinformation, Sherman propagates Tigray is facing world’s biggest health catastrophe.

Brad Sherman should be indicted for “providing material support and resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization”

The TPLF on whose behalf Sherman is doing public relations work is a terrorist organization.

On May 1, 2021, the Ethiopian government declared the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Shene, its sister organization, “terrorist organizations”.

The U.S. government had classified the TPLF as a “tier III” terrorist organization until 2014 when it issued an exemption in a policy memorandum.

The TPLF has long been listed in the Global Terrorism Database for documented acts of terrorism including armed robberies, assaults, hostage taking and kidnapping of foreign nationals and journalists and local leaders, hijacking of truck convoys, extortion of business owners and merchants, nongovernmental organizations, local leaders and private citizens and intimidation of religious leaders and journalists.

The TPLF is also registered as a terrorist organization listed in the Terror Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC).

It is a crime under US law to provide “material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations”.

Under 18 U.S. Code § 2339B (a)(1):

Whoever knowingly provides material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years… To violate this paragraph, a person must have knowledge that the organization is a designated terrorist organization.

The fact of the matter is that Brad Sherman knows the TPLF is a terrorist organization and continues to commit terrorism in Ethiopia.

With full knowledge the TPLF is a terrorist organization, Sherman provides material support to them as their de facto public relations officer.

On November 4, 2020, a day after the TPLF terrorist attack on the Ethiopian Northern Command, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated:

The United States is deeply concerned by reports that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front carried out attacks on Ethiopian National Defense Force bases in Ethiopia’s Tigray region on November 3…

What kind of attacks?

Terrorist attacks by the TPLF!

On November 15, 2020, Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy tweeted,

The United States strongly condemns the TPLF’s unjustifiable attacks against Eritrea on November 14 and its efforts to internationalize the conflict in Tigray.

What kind of “unjustifiable attacks”?

Unjustifiable terrorist attacks by the TPLF!

On December 1, 2020, Nagy gave an interview to the BBC and laid out the reasons for the TPLF terrorist attacks:

It is important to remember here there is not equivalency.  There are not two states which have been belligerent with each other. You have a sovereign government on the one hand Ethiopia, and on the other you have a region of Ethiopia the leadership of which basically started a conflict against the government.  And interestingly enough, the Ethiopia Constitution has provisions for a region to secede from Ethiopia but, you know, the best evidence is that the Tigrean leadership did not want to secede from Ethiopia. They wanted to use the opportunity basically to overthrow the prime minister and return to the type of privilege that they had enjoyed within the Ethiopian state for the last 27 years…

How did the TPLF try to “overthrow the prime minister and return to the type of privilege that they had enjoyed within the Ethiopian state for the last 27 years”?

By using terrorism and terrorist tactics!

Suffice it to say, there is a prima facie case (apparent) to investigate and indict Brad Sherman for violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2339B (a)(1).

Does Brad Sherman give a rat’s ass about Ethiopia or Africans?

For Brad Sherman, politics is business.

You gotta pay to play!

In 2021, after getting paid at least $49,800 by terrorist TPLF supporters, Brad Sherman fought like the M4 Sherman Tank to protect and defend the TPLF terrorists.

What is fascinating is the fact that Sherman in the quarter of a century he had been a member of Congress, he introduced no legislation whatsoever to help Africa or any African country economically, socially or politically.

In his 25 years in Congress, Sherman introduced 269 bills, none of which had anything to do with Africa or any particular African country:

Year                        Bills Sponsored by Sherman                 Bills on Africa

2021-22               21 bills in 117th Congress                                                     0

2019-20              37 bills in the 116th Congress                                               0

2017-18               11 bills in the 115th Congress                                                0

2015-16                8 bills in the 114th Congress                                                 0

2013-14             4 bills in the 113th Congress                                                   0

2011-12               9 bills in the 112th Congress                                                  0

2009-10             17 bills in the 111th Congress                                                  0

2007-09            17 bills in the 110th Congress                                                  0

2005-06            9 bills in the 109th Congress                                                   0

2003-04           15 bills in the 108th Congress                                                 0

2001-02            8 bills in the 107th Congress                                                   0

1999-00            4 bills in the 106th Congress                                                   0

1997-98            10 bills in the 105th Congress                                                  0

Sherman has served on various subcommittee, e.g.,  on Asia, the Pacific, Central Asia; Middle East, North Africa and International Development.

In 25 years in Congress, Sherman has never served on the Subcommittee on Africa. Based on seniority, he could have requested assignment to the Africa Subcommittee. But he never did because he was nto getting paid!

In 25 years in Congress, not once has Sherman criticized or lifted his voice against the terrorist TPLF when they were in power or out of power.

Today, Sherman wants to swagger as a human rights defender in Ethiopia.

The truth is Brad Sherman is a political whore who will sell his services to the highest bidder.

He will gladly sell his grandmother if he can get a buck.

The TPLF bought Sherman’s services for a documented $49,800, at the very least, and possibly much more.

So the question is, “Does a political whore like Brad Sherman have the moral stature and authority to lecture Ethiopia on human rights and international law?

Talking about political whores, Joe Biden, unlike Brad Sherman, was at least honest!

Video Player

Brad Sherman is 68 years old and he has been prostituting himself to big donors and small ones for the last 25 years!

Dig this!

No political whore is going to lecture Ethiopia on morality or human rights!

Support Arika Rhodes kick Brad Sherman outta Congress in November 2022 and restore decency to the people’s House.

Remember, remember 8th November 2022 DD Day– Drive democRATs and democraTICK party outta Congress day.



  1. Al Mariam,

    you are laughable. yes, this man is a blood sucker parasite politician. What about your body Abiy Ahmed that you serve him day and night more than Getachew Redda served Melese Zenawi?

  2. Watch it now!!! Brother Al will be labeled Anti-Semi. He must be one of those Amharas or their collaborating Oromos who hate Jews, we will be told!!! You watch!!! That has been the most efficient device used to shut up/muzzle honest and innocent writers/commentators.
    Meanwhile, there are a few ‘campaign’ contributions that stood glaring almost blinding my eyes. The $6,000 by one ‘executive’, $5,800 by a certain ‘pharmacist’, $3,900 by a ‘scientist’ $2,500 by a ‘driver’, $2,900 by a manager and others like these. A scientist? Someone is cruising to Mars soon with a ‘driver’ at the wheel and Sherman in tow!!! Somebody must have started spending those $30 billion+ pilfered from the coffers of one of the poorest nation on earth between 1991 and 2018 like there is no tomorrow. Excellent find by soon-to-be Anti-Semi Brother Al.

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